A.N. - bellathedisenchanted asked about a chapter about James' reaction and I decided why not. So here it is.

Lily was walking down to breakfast the morning after she forgave Severus when James walked up to her.

"Morning Lily."

"Morning James."

"So how are you on this fine morning?"

"Fine. Now what do you want, I'm starving?"

"Let me walk you down to breakfast then." He smiled and held out his arm for her to take.

"You may want to be careful Potter." They heard a voice say from behind them.

Lily and James turned around and saw Severus walking toward them.

"And why's that Snivellus?" James asked, lowering his arm.

Lily gave Severus a huge smile as she walked up to him. He wrapped his arm around her waist when she stood next to him.

"Oh you can't be serious?" James practically yelled. "Please tell me you're not going out with him. A week ago he called you a . . . a . . . well you know."

"Yes we are going out." Lily replied. "You have no say in whom I can and cannot go out with."

"Yeah, but him Lily. You could do so much better." James protested.

"What like you?"


"Oh give it a rest Potter. She's made her choice." Severus said, pulling Lily closer to him.

"Stay out of this Snivellus." James sneered taking a couple steps closer to the couple. "I'm talking to Lily."

"ENOUGH." Lily yelled. "This is why I don't want to go out with you James. You are an arrogant, pig-headed bully who thinks he is better than everybody else. You are constantly hexing other students and picking on Severus when he has never done a thing to you. I love him so you better get used to seeing us together."

James stood staring at her in shock. "What? You love him. How in the hell can you love him. He is so pale, scrawny, has greasy hair and calls you bad names."

"He wouldn't have called me it if you had not been picking on him."

"WHAT? You're blaming me for him calling you a Mudblood."

"Yes. For some reason you have been nasty to and constantly picking on him since you laid eyes on him and I have asked you to stop many times. I don't know why but you don't. He never hexes you or anyone else just for fun like you do. He doesn't start the insults with you and when you hex him he doesn't even hex you back."

When Lily is done James just stars at her. He couldn't believe what she was saying. He had thought that showing off might show her that he was a strong wizard and could always protect her. Now it looked like it might have cost him instead.

"Bye James." Lily said as she grabs Severus' hand and they walk away to the Great Hall.

James just stands in the hallway thinking back and how he should've listened to her and then maybe it would've been him holding her hand on the way to breakfast.