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Chapter Five: BPOV

Christmas Eve.

"OH! OH! GOD! FUCK ME! God, that feels fucking AMAZING!"

Yeah, suffice to say... sex with Edward is fucking amazing.

"Bella! That's it, baby! Come for me...I want to feel you around me. God I love this! I love how you feel!"

"Shit! BABY! Unf... holy shit!"

The only other sounds besides our unintelligible grunts and moans are the soft melodies drifting through his bedroom. Nat King Cole crooning about chestnuts and open fires.

It's an unpretentious space, with muted colors and a huge, comfy bed in his bedroom. That's all that really matters to me. I've spent more time in his bed than I have in my own in the last month. Not to say that my place is no good, or that we haven't christened my bed at all- God knows we've pretty much done it in every space in my apartment. But it's a little more cramped than his, so I opt to stay at his place when we can.

It's currently where I'm experiencing immense sexual bliss at the moment: straddling him while he sits up on his heels and directs the movement of my hips with his strong hands. They're the hands that I've been obsessed with since I first saw them a month ago. Those fingers now know every inch of me inside and out and holy smokes are they talented.

I surprised him tonight by wearing the same bra and panty set I wore on Black Friday- the day I sent him a picture of me in it. I also wore a little red bow and a Santa hat. Needless to say, he was pleased. He was currently showing me his gratitude... several times over.

"Ah! Baby! I'm gonna come...I can't hold it any longer...come with me!" He groans as one hand snakes between us and expertly rubs against my sweet spot. The sensation is enough to push me over the edge of sanity and I come fiercely, holding on to his shoulders for dear life. I've never been loud in the bedroom until I met Edward. Now it's difficult for me to keep quiet- much to Edward's joy.

"Yes! Bella! Ungf!" he grunts against my neck as he joins me on the other side.

After a few moments of stillness, our heavy breathing mixed with classic holiday music, I lift my head to see his eyes boring into mine with adoration and satisfaction. I look at the digital clock on his nightstand that flashes 12:01 A.M. and turn to face him again, caressing the light stubble on his face, our foreheads connected.

"Merry Christmas, baby."

"Merry Christmas, my Bella. You're the best present I could ever ask for."

My thoughts exactly.


Once Christmas was over and people were going back to their daily routines, there was still the issue of New Year's. Alice was adamant about throwing a huge shindig that included everyone from work, some of our clients, friends and family. Edward and I had decided to spend Christmas together instead of seeing our respective kin, which prompted his parents to fly in for New Year's for the party. I called my dad back in Forks, already knowing he'd probably stay due to work. The job of the police chief was never done, and now that he was remarried, I knew he'd be staying put. I wasn't bitter. He and I were never sentimental with each other. I loved him very much, and I know he loved me. We never needed to say it to know.

Which brings me to my current predicament.

Edward and I have spent every free moment with each other, and not just having sex. Well, there's been a lot... A LOT of sex.


We've also gotten to know each other quite a bit. We made it a point to talk, share, even argue. Okay, so the arguing was really silly and it was about movie trivia, but it was by definition an argument. We still text each other all day. Some sweet, some not suitable for work, but the one I'm staring at right now just makes me melt.

Do u know how much I love being with u? -E

It's been like this for the two days. He tells me how much he loves being with me.


Two days ago, after Edward left me panting and spent lying next to him, I realized I'm in love with him. I also realized that what we had done wasn't just fucking. We were slow, deliberate, deep, worshipping. We never broke eye contact except when he'd lean his head towards the crook of my neck or chest to place open-mouth kisses, to swirl his tongue around my nipples. No, I'm lying. Even then, his hooded turquoise eyes would gaze intensely into mine. No words were spoken. No words were needed. We were making love.


Hmm. Not sure. Maybe u need 2 remind me ;) -B

This is the little game we've been playing for two days, ever since my revelation.

I'll remind u all u want, baby. Over & over & over again. Where do I start? -E

Start from the beginning. Always works 4 me :P -B

Smart ass. Ok. From the 1st time I laid eyes on u that nite at the bar, It was like u were the sun drawing me into u & I was ur satellite... -E

Oh, this man.

Laying it on thick today aren't we? ;) -B

LOL. U wanted me 2 tell u, so I'm telling u. Ever since then, I can't stay away from u. I love being w/u. Pure & simple. -E

U sure r winning some brownie pts. How will I ever show my gratitude? -B

Oh, I'm sure we'll think of something. I'll C U 2nite baby ;) -E

I love y...

Shit. In the heat of the moment I almost type out I LOVE YOU and send it to him. I'm out of my fucking mind. I quickly delete it and type out a more appropriate response. I refuse to say "I love you" for the first time over text. Just... No.

Ok. Now leave me alone, some of us have work 2 do :P -B

Hey, I have work 2 do, I just don't have 2 leave my house 2 do it :D Bye baby -E


The next few days fly by amidst getting the guest list together and making sure everyone RSVPs. I also go shopping for a dress with Angela. I'm able to snag a cute little black number, but not before trying it on in the fitting room and, of course, sending Edward a picture of me in several degrees of undress.

U r killing me w/this. If this is gonna b a tradition w/us, I'm all 4 it. WTF r u wearing? -E

Ha! He finally noticed. We're having fun with garter belts lately. He loves them. I'm starting a collection.

U like? Something 2 look forward 2 for NYE ;) -B

Fuck. grrr. -E

Oh I really hope so ;) -B

I love how u tease me. I can't wait 2 ring in the NY w/u. -E

Damn it. There's that word again. Does he realize he's using it a lot lately? My stomach quickly somersaults. Am I making too much out of this? God, I'm such a girl.

New Year's Eve rolls around and I'm dressed and waiting for Edward to pick me up. Alice did a fantastic job of planning a semi-intimate party at a really wonderful restaurant in the city, complete with private balcony for the revelers. I helped her with the invite list, so I'm well aware that, along with our most loyal clients, some of our closest family members are attending. That means I'm meeting Edward's parents tonight. I'm trying not to flip the hell out.

I don't have much time to dwell on the impending introductions before there's a familiar rap at my door. A smile forms on my lips as I open to find my very dapper and hot boyfriend.

"Well, hello there, pretty girl," he says as his eyes rake up and down my body. "You look absolutely stunning."

He leans in and gives me a short but sensual kiss on the lips.

"Thank you. And may I say that suit make me want to do all kinds of dirty things to you. You look very, very handsome." Seriously. I'm about to just drag him into my apartment and just blow the whole party off. He's wearing a very fitted, single-breasted black suit. No tie, just a nice, crisp white button-down shirt, the two top buttons open to reveal a little chest hair. I want to lick it, But I'll refrain... For now.

"See something you like?" He's smirking. Damn him and his smirks and crazy hair. I snap out of my Edward Haze back to the present.

"I see a lot of stuff I like, but unfortunately I can't do much about it right now. Let's go before I change my mind. I'm kind of nervous about meeting your parents.

"Aw. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. They're going to love you, Bella. Trust me. My mother will be naming our children before the night is through," he whispers, pulling me into a warm embrace. His arms feel strong and protective around me, and without ruining my makeup or staining his perfectly white collar, I gingerly nuzzle his neck and place a little kiss there. Internally, I'm flipping the freak out.

I try not to show my sudden anxiety at the thought of children with this man. We both freeze after he speaks those words. Edward then slowly moves to his forehead to mine as we exchange an intense, knowing gaze. How can I possibly be feeling an inkling of excitement and hope at the prospect so early in the game? I want to tell him how I feel so badly at this very moment, but I bite my tongue and save it for a better time.

"It doesn't matter. They might love me, but I can't shake the butterflies in my stomach. I think it's just my natural reaction to meeting people who care about you and want you to be happy. I'm going to be on display tonight, under their scrutiny, they're going to be wondering if I'm the right girl to make their son happy..." I whisper within our little warm space. "You are happy, aren't you?" I ask, suddenly unsure.

Edward cradles my face between his perfect hands. "Bella. I couldn't be happier if I tried. I want you on display. Fuck, I want everyone to know I..." He suddenly stops himself. My heart hammers away as I wonder if he was going to say what I think he was going to say.

He checks himself and sighs before continuing. "I want everyone to know what a lucky bastard I am. I won't leave your side at all tonight, okay? Now let's go, before we're late. Alice will have a shit fit and blame me." He chuckles lightly as he pulls away, but not before placing a very gentle kiss on my lips. He's trying not to smudge my lipstick. He's so considerate.


The party is perfect, of course. Alice's micromanaging tendencies work for this stuff, but shit, I can't stand it when she does it at work. But I love her fiercely, so I overlook the work stuff and focus on the fantastic job she's done tonight. Twinkling lights everywhere, warm candles, small, elegant centerpieces and an overall comforting atmosphere—everything is beautiful without being stuffy. People are laughing, chatting, carrying on. And yes, I'm promptly introduced to Dr. and Mrs. Cullen about five minutes after arriving. I already want to take them home and adopt them.

Esme, Edward's mother is nearly perfect. She wears her honey-colored hair neatly pinned up in a french twist, appraising me with hazel eyes and a huge, welcoming smile. She looks like she just won the lottery.

"Oh, Bella, dear, it so wonderful to finally meet you. Edward has told us so much about you," she gushes as she takes both my hands in hers and squeezes gently. Oh my God, I love her.

Edward wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me against him. I glance to find him grinning like a fool and I narrow my eyes at him teasingly. His goofy smile makes me giggle.

"Well, all positive I hope. I will say Edward's always talking about what a great childhood he had and how proud he is of you both."

Yeah, I'm winning points with potential in-laws. Wait. What?

Before I have a chance to mentally chastise myself for even thinking about future in-laws, Dr. Cullen chuckles, taking my hand and covering it with both of his. Ah yes, I can see where Edward gets the good looks. Hot. Edward has a hot dad. The DNA is off the charts. Dr. Carlisle Cullen, chief of surgery, is what I imagine Edward will look like in about twenty years.

Yeah, me.

"Bella, don't listen to anything my son says. He probably never told you how much he hated us when we grounded him for skipping school in the tenth grade."

I try not to laugh as I assess Edward's reaction.

"Well, well, well, seems Mr. Perfect Son left that little tidbit out," I tease, swatting his chest playfully.

"Hey! That was one time, and I was such a chicken shit I never did it again." He rubs where I hit him in mock discomfort.

"Oh, don't get me wrong, Bella. We're quite proud of Edward's achievements, and it's obvious he has very good taste... just like his old man," Dr. Cullen says, wrapping his arm around his wife, mirroring his son's possessive body language.

See? DNA. The Cullen men and their cheesy, swoon-worthy talents.

"Well, it's plain to see he was raised right, Dr. Cullen."

"Please, call me Carlisle..."

"And call me Esme, dear. We're not very formal in our family," Esme adds.

"Okay. I'll remember that." Are these people for real? I really, really hope so.

Small talk continues as Alice, Angela, Rose and their respective partners join us. Alice and Jasper have seen each other once and spoken over the phone a couple of times since Christmas, but still haven't gone any farther. Alice is still a little wary of getting too close too soon, so until she gives him the signal, Jasper continues to woo the pants off her. It seems to be working, although Alice will never admit it. She's enjoying all the attention.

Rose and Emmett, on the other hand, are pretty much joined at the hip. It looks like they're falling hard for each other, just like Edward and me. I was surprised how quickly Rose came to Edward's defense and set up our encounter when all the shit had hit the fan. Since then, she and Edward have forged a very interesting relationship now. It's like they've got each other's back. It makes me smile.

The girls take me aside and inquire about whatever happened to Victoria. After the huge mess she made between Edward and me, he still had to be in her presence during another meeting involving his clients' account. She apparently tried to apologize for everything she'd done and wanted to make amends. She was pretty forward after the meeting ended and attempted to shamelessly flirt with him. He, of course, shot her down.

"So what was her reaction to that?" Alice asks.

"She threw a hissy fit and threatened to screw up their business deal. Little did she know her boss, Edward's client, heard it all while walking out of the conference room."

The girls gasp. "Oh shit!" Rose half-whispers.

"Yeah. needless to say, She was fired and replaced with another attorney a week later."

"Wow. Aren't you afraid she might go all psycho and seek revenge or something?" Angela asked, sipping her champagne.

"Nah. Edward saw her a week later walking down the street arm-in-arm with some suit a week later. Looks like she's moved on and is sticking her claws into some other guy."

"Thank goodness. Now you and Edward can put that behind you and move on," Alice said. The girls nod in agreement and the conversation quickly changes to more pleasant subjects.

The party goes on as the champagne flows, and the noise makers are passed out among the revelers. Edward takes me out to the dance floor and shows off his smooth dance moves.

"Look at you, Twinkle Toes. Who knew you were so nimble on your feet?"

He stretches out his arm, my hand in his, as he leads me in a twirl. I almost look like I know what I'm doing. It's all Edward, though-he makes me look good. His beaming smile disarms me once he draws me back against him.

"I'll have you know I won second place in the Munchkin Ballroom competition back home when I was seven, thank you very much. My mom wanted me to be well-rounded, and explained that if I could dance I'd get in good with the ladies," he says, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. It makes me giggle.

"You're a dork. Always an ulterior motive. It's all about the ladies then?"

"No, just one lady in particular." Then, he kisses me so slowly and so seductively, I'm positive my panties are exploding.

"Here, let's move to a quieter spot," he murmurs in my ear, guiding me to the balcony which is covered in glass, displaying an amazing panoramic view of the city. Most of the party goers have moved inside for the countdown, so we have the area to ourselves. He continues to lead our movements to the rhythm of the music, which is now muted through the closed French doors.

These are the moments I want to engrave in my memories. These little minutes of utter happiness. I inhale, nuzzling his neck and wrapping my arms around him, my fingers lacing themselves through his hair. He smells so good. I love the feel of his warm breath against my neck, the sporadic little kisses he places on my skin. Everything is just perfect.

"Mmmm. Bella, you have no idea how content I am at the moment. Can we just stay like this?" he whispers.

"I feel the same way, baby. Hard to believe it's only been a little over a month. Do... do you think it's too soon to be feeling this way?" I immediately wish I hadn't broken the spell with my word vomit. Damn it.

He halts our movements and pulls away enough to see me. His expression doesn't give too much away. "Do you think it's too soon?"

There's a pregnant pause as we mull over the words.

Too Soon. Hmm.

But just like that, the moment slips away. We're both so in sync that the realization hits us simultaneously. It might be too soon, but it's just right for us. We both smile in recognition.

"Nah," we say together, smiling at the silliness of it all.

We can hear the guests inside as the energy buzzes for the countdown. Edward looks in the direction of the doors, then to me, silently asking if I want to return.

"Not a chance. I want to stay right here."

Edward holds me tighter, touching his forehead to mine as the countdown begins.


I love this man. I know it.


His eyes are intense, sharing a wordless emotion I recognize but can't verbalize.


I want to verbalize it, though.


His hands flex and grab at my waist possessively.


I can't look away as our breaths mix in the small bubble we've created.


God, he's looking at me like he wants to say something. What is it, Edward?


I massage his scalp, urging him to share.


So much I want to say... How would he react?


Shit. Maybe it is too soon. What if he's insecure? Or not ready for all this?


Fuck it. I can't keep it too myself. Everything about us is unconventional. I'm throwing caution to the wind.


"I love you."

Wait. Who said it? I thought I said it out loud, but I heard him say it.

Our eyes lock and for a split second we're both trying to figure out who said it. I realize, we both did... together.

His lips crash into mine, ceasing all thought processes. All I think about is our lips, tongues, the need that erupts in me, and the words. His words... our words.

I love you.

He loves me.

The kiss quickly gets out of hand, as is common with us, and he reluctantly pulls away from me, panting. His smile. God, I love his smile. He looks as blissed out as I feel.

"I love you so much. Happy New Year, Bella... my Bella."

"I love you too, baby. Happy New Year."

Yep. I think it's going to be a very good year.

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