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"I can't decide if its more lovely when the cherry blossom blooms or falls." - Kamiya, Kaoru


A girl with long blond hair was relaxing with a cup of tea after a long day in the hospital, she eyed the letter she got from her cousin. She set her tea cup down and picked up her cousin's letter after opening it, she was surprised to see Negi with a bandage on the bridge of his nose, and she could make out the a small bruise on his forehead.

"I guess you're wondering why I seem to be banged up? You don't have to worry Nekane-onee-san I'm trying my best to be able to search for father as well as protect my new found friends here at the school."


The child teacher was breathing hard as he got up from another attack by the head of security. The child teacher, now wearing a white training Gi and a black Hakama launched another attack at the older boy using his magic to enhance his own strength. The blond merely side stepped the teacher while grabbing his arm and flipping him over.

'I need you to get stronger Negi.' These thoughts ran though the blond's head as he was training the younger teacher.

After what has been dubbed as the "Rage King incident" the blond head of security has been prohibited from doing his normal patrols and left the responsibility to the agents enlisted in the security department. Naruto was temporarily suspended after the incident and was shackled to his desk by the mass amounts of paperwork that needed to be done, but that did not hinder Konoka from visiting him everyday. Setsuna tries to lighten the blond's load by taking care of some of the paperwork, to which the blond was grateful for. A week later after the incident Negi approached him for training, the blond just sighed at the boy's request and responded to Negi 'I have no style to teach, I only teach my philosophy in fighting.'

Now the red headed teacher was on the ground panting,after the gruesome training he did with the blond. Naruto walked to Negi and dropped a towel on the child teacher's forehead. Negi just smiled

"We're done for the day Negi, hit the showers and I'll escort the four of you back to your dorms." Negi gave a weak nod as he weakly tried to stand-up but was suddenly surprised that the older blond was offering him a hand, Negi gladly accepted and stood up and followed the blond in the locker room. As the two were walking down the hall Negi looked at the older boy with both fear and admiration. Fear for his uncontrollable ability and admiration for the strength in which the doll master Evangeline acknowledged as well.

"Ho…How did you become strong Naruto-san?" The blond stopped walking making Negi bump into him, causing the younger boy to fall on his rear. Naruto turned around and looked at Negi in the eye, the younger boy saw many emotions out of the blond's eyes; anger, fear, regret, sadness but out of all the emotions that stood out Negi saw something in the older boy's eyes… The desire to protect. Naruto offered his hand to Negi and in turn the boy accepted the hand to help him up.

"As a great leader once said 'Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.' tell me Negi what do you do when you come across an enemy that has you choose to kill an unknown person or to kill your cousin, who do you choose? ." The red head's eyes widened at the older man's question.

"I…I." Negi tried to answer but Naruto just put his hand on the younger boy's head ruffled his hair.

"You choose the third option where you save them both." Negi's eyes sparkled in admiration as he looked up to the blond, to which he return with a smile of his own.

"Now let's get freshened up, before you go home so you don't give Asuna-san and Konoka problems." Negi shivered and tried to run but it proved futile when the older boy just grabbed him by the collar of his gi, and began carrying the struggling boy towards the bathroom.

*End of Flashback*

"Naruto-san has been a great mentor for me, teaching me more than just martial arts, but sometimes when I see a profound sadness emanating from him. Don't worry Konoka-san, Asuna-san, Setsuna-san and myself are working hard to lift that burden of and I know that in time we'll all see him show his true smile." Nekane just smiled as she saw Negi gave him an earsplitting grin. The blond girl neatly folded the letter and released a breath of relief that her cousin was in capable hands.


"Konoe-san, I heard about the school trip that Negi-sensei is planning."

"Yes, Yes, unfortunately due to some budget restrictions as well as some problems we are unable to allow this trip to proceed." The principal answered the blond without looking at him and working on his current enemy, more bureaucracy in action.

"If its the money then here." The blond pulled out a small checkbook from his coat, upon seeing this the principal raised an eye brow on his actions.

"A blank check, how much money is needed to proceed with that trip, and for protection I will personally make sure that my sisters and the rest of their class will not be harmed." The dean was taken aback by the offer but then looked at the blond right in the eye.

"That's very generous of you Naruto-kun but if I may ask why are you interested in this trip? Are you finally going to visit home?" The blond looked down and sighed.

"That's one part of it, another is I have to get in contact with one of my informants there and finally there is something I needed to confirm with my own eyes. "

"I understand." The dean grabbed the previously rejected proposal then stamped his sign in there to approve the trip.

"Arigatou Jii-san." The blond took the form from the dean's hand and was about to exit the office when the dean called out.

"Naruto-kun. How are you holding up these past few days, I know you've been slowly waining off the drug these past few weeks." This made the blond stop in his tracks, then rolling back the sleeves of his current attire showing the dean the wounds as well as the black markings appearing on his skin.

"I'm managing, the urge is still there but I needed significantly less and less ever since I got this necklace Negi used to seal off my…. other half." The blond replied with no emotion but he started to fiddle with the necklace around his neck. When the dean first saw the necklace he was amazed by its power to actually seal a beast of that power and magnitude, whoever made the necklace knew who their target was and what they are dealing with. The dean just nodded and wordlessly dismissed the blond from his office.


The blond was walking through the school's hallways after he exited the dean's office, his thoughts focused on the necklace around his neck. The fingers feeling the texture of the amulet.

"Kyaa!" The blond was shaken out of his thoughts as a girl crashed on to him, making her fall on her rear.

"Gomen jou-chan." The smaller girl was about to glare at the man but stopped when she saw who it is, a small grin found its way to her lips. The blond offered a hand to the girl then noticed the smaller girl's eyes.

'White eyes'

"Oii Onii-san!" The blond was snapped out of his stupor when he saw the girl calling his attention. The boy pulled up the smaller girl up, but she could not help but tease

"Hooooo Onii-san seems to admire that necklace a little too much, is it from a lover?" The boy smiled knowingly at what the girl was trying to do.

"You could say that." The girl had the decency to blush upon hearing this reply. The bell rang, taking the girl out of her stupor, and bowing to the blond.

"Ah, gomen onii-san, I need to find onee-chan and we needed to report to the principal's office."

"Aa, a transfer student? I'll see you around then." The girl just nodded, the blond began walking away from the younger girl. The girl smiled once more and called out.

"Hyuuga, Hanabi, watashi no namae Hyuuga Hanabi desu. (My name is Hyuuga, Hanabi) "

"Namikaze, Naruto." the blond continued walking away, once the blond was out of site another person called out the younger girl's name.

"Ah Hanabi-chan, there you are."


Konoka was humming as she prepared dinner for her roommates and the swordswoman was helping her with the ingredients, Asuna and Negi did not fail to notice the princess and her bodyguard's mood. The two girls seems to to have a happy and satisfied aura around them. Asuna came closer to Negi and started to whisper.

"Negi, do you know what's up with those two?" The child teacher just shook his head.

"Negi-sensei, Asuna, can you two pick up some soy sauce from the store, we just ran out." The princess, asked, both just nodded and got up at the same time, not wanting to ruin the princess' happy mood. The two wordlessly walked out. Asuna and Negi just sighed as they got out of the room, the princess and the swordswoman's moods are quite…overwhelming, it seems that both are expecting someone for dinner and they know who and that same person is the cause for this happy mood change. The two walked in silence towards the convenience store, Asuna decided to break the silence.

"Neh Negi."


"Have you noticed something different about the Naruto-san?" Negi just nodded.

"His mood is getting better and he is opening up more to the students. I think that he is actually waining off the drug little by little." Asuna could not help but smile at this, from what she learned about the blond, he never openly smiled before but it seems that now seeing him smile and talk to the students more is becoming more and more of a common sight, the downside is that more and more girls are falling for the blond and this leads to him getting stalked by a lot of female students. Asuna had to sigh as she remembered that more and more students seems to have a fascination of passing by the security office and dropping off letters on the mail box addressed to the blond boy.

"Oww." Negi falling to his butt, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Gomen nasai, are you alright?" Negi found himself staring at white eyes. Asuna saw the other girl, and started to blush at how elegant the other girl looked. The girl's pale complexion seems to glow in the night and her raven tresses seems to sway with the light wind that was blowing, overall the both Asuna and Negi were stunned at the woman's beauty.

"H-hai!" The woman just smiled at them and took Negi's hand and assisted the boy in standing up.

"That's good." The pale eyed woman sighed in relief, Asuna saw the bag on the floor and saw that the soy sauce and eggs are now on the ground messed up. The pig-tailed girl bowed in apology.

"Gomen nasai, we seemed to have wasted your grocery." The woman just shook her head and smiled at the two.

"You don't have to worry about those, they can always be replaced." Both Asuna and Negi blushed at how kind the woman was.

"P-please let us accompany you to the store, we will pay for those groceries we ruined." the teacher being the gentleman offered to the pale eyed woman, Asuna nodded in agreement.

"Ara, ara that is very kind of you, I would not mind the company going to the store….." The two blushed as they forgot to introduce themselves.

"Negi Springfield." The boy gave her a rigid bow.

"Kagurazaka, Asuna." The pig-tailed girl gave the older woman a relax but respectful bow.

"Thank you for the company, Springfield-san, Kagurazaka-san. My name is Hyuuga, Hinata." She gave the two a warm smile and the three began to walk towards the store together. On the way the three were sharing stories about the campus and in this both Asuna and Negi found out that the lady was new to the area and began giving her a mini-tour and locations of interest to the woman. Whenever the two would share story, the pale eyed woman would giggle at how energetic both student and teacher are.

"Hinata-san, if you don't mind me asking what brings you to Mahora?" Asuna asked. Hinata's pace slowed down as a sad smile was now on her face.

"I came here to find…. an old friend."


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