This is my version of the 3rd season. And seeing as how people seem to create their own characters I decided to follow that tradition

I don't own ace lightning but I do own Diana so don't get any ideas on stealing her.

It had been 2 frustrating months since that terribly day. Since lady illusion sacrificed herself to save the man she loved, ace lightning. Since kilobyte was forced into the 6th dimension, and since he trapped his former master there.

Mark and chuck where no closer to finding lady illusion and rick Hummel then they were before. And lord fear was still m.i.a.

But they were about to meet someone that would change the fate of this battle.

Chapter 1

The new girl in town

"I've looked threw everything I could and still nothing" chuck grand

"We need to keep trying" mark said


"Alright settle down everyone" Cheseborough's substitute Mrs. Smith said "we have a new student today, from fountain Colorado" Just then a girl appeared.

She was fairly tall and wore a black shirt with dark denim jeans with short black hair and an ankh.

Mark just gawk at her. For she reminded him of someone

"This is Diana dean Munroe." Mrs. Smith announced

"A pleasure "Diana said with a sharp yet small smile.

The way she holds herself mark thought the way she's built.

He then noticed something on the coaler bone, it was a tattoo. But it wasn't just any tattoo; it was one he saw before

My god…she's almost like him he thought

"Diana, why don't you sit with mark over there?" the teacher asked politely

She nodded and made his way towered the sit

Oh grate mark thought.

The whole time mark couldn't stop staring at her, it was almost watching a lenient timeron a time bomb, you knew it would explode but it was just a matter of when.

What if she was his sister and she was out for blood?

Or what if she was meant to take his place?

Still the similarities where too common. Her mouth curved the same way his did and her eyes where the same pale blue his ware, but her shoulders where sharper, however they were the same width. She had almost pale skin, emotionless face, and long agile legs. All throes details possibly where affected by gender but still

"Is there something wrong mark?" Diana asked

"Um…no. Not at all" hindering e said "I was just wondering about your ankh"

"Oh this old thing?" she said with a chuckle. Mark noticed that there was amusement in the quiet laugh

"I've had it since I was 8. But it is my talisman"


"It does well to protect me" she explained

"Do you have one?" Diana asked

"Something like that" mark said and he showed her his piece of the amulet.

"It's pretty" Diana said calmly. But the look on her face said something else

"Admiringly it's broken, and the pieces are missing"

"Then I wish you success in finding them and repairing it" she said with a smile, it seemed to show true warmth. But still something was not normal about this girl and after illusion infiltrated his home he learned not to take any chances

I'd better tell ace about this

Then there was p.e

As the girls went to change Kat Addams decided to introduce herself

"Hay, I saw you with mark. Diana right? I'm Kat and I was wondering what you 2 where talking about"

"Nothing really. Just about my ankh, and a little about each other" Diana responded "I'm sorry if I made things awkward between you and your boyfriend" she said


"He told me when I asked if he was seeing anyone"

Just then she took her top off reviling more of the tattoo. There were swirls and spirals that went around her neck in a solid black color

"Cool ink" Kat said. But Diana's face dropped

"Would you laugh if I said that this is actually a birth mark?" Diana said somberly

"Huh?" Kat was confused by that

"I know that it looks unnatural, but everyone said that it wasn't made by ink of any kind" Diana explained.

"Weird" Kat said

"You're absolutely sure kid?" ace asked over the phone

"She told Kat that it was a birth mark, and given how it's fashioned I believe her" mark told him

"You said that you showed her the amulet. What was her reaction to it?"

"It was almost like she had seen it before but couldn't place it. She didn't seem to want it though even wished me luck on finding the pieces"

"For now we'll have to call her a neutral. But keep an eye on her, if she has any ties to kilobyte or the other evils we need to be ready if things get ugly" ace instructed

"Right, we'll see you at thunder tower after school" mark said. Then hung up the phone.

He then relished that Diana wasn't in the cafeteria. Then ran into Bret

"Bret have you seen Diana?"

"The new girl?" Bret asked as if mark was crazy "trust me man you don't want to see her right now"

"What? Why?" mark asked

"Well…" Bret started

Diana was just walking to her locker to put away her books and get her lunch bag. But just then Wayne fisgus introduced himself in an unfriendly manner

"Hay new girl, what's happening?"

Diana bust have had a 6th sense about these things because she was trying to make an escape

"C'mon I'll show you around the school if you haven't had one yet"

It was at this point it was reviled to the others that he was trying to hit on her

"No thank you sir" she said. There was the beginning of a crowd forming

"Now that's no way to treat a further friend" he said grabbing her wrist in vice grip

"Pleas stop that…it hurts" she struggled

Everyone in the crowd felt pity for Diana and shock at Wayne's behavior, he was rude and cruel but something like this seemed unlike him

"Not until I show you around" Wayne insisted

Her face turned form fear to fury in a hart beat. She then swung Wayne around and pinned him to the flour. And if you where close enough you could see a fire of some kind dance in her eyes

"If you ever try this again, you will regret it. Do you understand?"

Just then she snapped out of it. As if she was in a trance

"…then she just ran like she was on fire or something" Bret finished "and I though heather was the only one with that kind of temper"

"Do you know where she went?" mark asked

"Trust me when I say no one is too keen of finding her" Bret assured

"Thanks" mark said, and then went through the hallway to find her

Where would she go? He thought. Then it came to him

She's new, has no friends, a homemade lunch, and almost flattened Wayne. She probably wants some space so she would go on the roof.

He then darted upward and saw her. But the sight shocked him; she was holding a hawk on her fingers and singing

"To the sky form the earth in lofty flight.

To the hills of green in the blush of spring.

So away with thee shall I fly, shall I fly.

Form this place to a land so far away"

He moved closer quietly, but he stepped on a twig and surprised her.

"Who's there?"Diana asked in shock. When she saw how it was she seemed to lower her defenses

"Oh, it's you mark"

"I just came to make sure you where ok" he said "after what happened with Wayne"

"Is he alright?"

"Should be. But I'm more concerned about you"

There was a small silence "do you know how I told you about how my ankh was a talisman?"

Mark nodded

"In actuality, it's more of a seal than a talisman"

"What do you mean?"

"When I was young, I had a violent temper. On more than one occasion I almost killed someone when I was 5. And not just any people, people who where older than me. And I would have only a vague memory of what happened"

Mark gulped, but he did noticed remorse and regret in her voice

Something he would never expires

"I found my ankh when I was 8 and my rage seemed to be kept at bay. But 2 years ago it started to come back in milled forms of rage. I fear it's failing" Diana finished. And then released the hawk

In that moment mark understood her "your use to people leaving you aren't you?" he asked "that's why you're so shy"

She nodded "I am an orphan and I have never been adopted, I have seen many friends leave me and many if not all of them have stopped contacting me" Diana explained "I could not stand it after I turned 17 . So I left before they needed to let me go"

"I see. So you live on your own"

"Yes" she said

"If you want to, you can have lunch with me and my friends. I mean, if you're looking for friends that will stay that is"

She smiled brightly "I'd like that"

Every time mark though every time she smiles I kick myself for thinking that she was anything like him.

He then did something he thought he would never do "can you keep a secret?"

"About?" Diana asked curiously

"My talisman" mark explained "you see it doesn't just protect me, it has an unusual power. What it does is send people or things to help me protect others when the pieces are put back together"

Diana looked amazed "I have never heard of such a talisman" she said

Good mark thought

"If she was created by that rick guy you mentioned chuck she has one hell of a cover" Kat said while web surfing "I have medical records, school registration documents, childhood photographs. All of which are authentic"

"If mark says there's something weird about her then there must be. He's been doing this longer than the both of us combined"

"Didn't he let lady illusion stay in his house" Kat asked

"Well … you still can't argue that he has more expertness" chuck defended

"Hey guy's" mark called. Diana behind him. Kat immediately removed what she was looking at

"You remember Diana right?'

"Oh, yea. Hi I'm chuck nice to finally get to meet you "chuck said, handing out his hand

"Likewise" she said

"So what brings you form Colorado to Massachusetts?" Kat asked

"Just the change of scenery is all" Diana said

They where halfway through their lunch when all of the sudden…


The windows in the cafeteria shattered

"What on-"Diana started

"Kat, chuck! Get everyone out of the building now! "Mark ordered

"What about you?" Diana asked

"Don't worry, I'll get some help" he assured

Before anyone could get out the doors slammed shut on them, their attempts to get out where useless. Everyone turned around to see a skeletal soccer

"Where is he?" he demanded "where is the mortal with the piece of the amulet?"

So that is chapter 1 what did you think?