Chapter 3

Friend or foe?

The 6th dimension, half an hour ago

Kilobyte was, dare he say it, pissed.

For the past 2 months he had been given several different locations by his creator as to where a portal back to the mortal realm.

All where proven to be dead ends. He felt like he was on a wild goose hunt, something he was not fond of.

But he still had one last rescores to use. And whether he liked it or not, the programmer was going to help.

"You have given us yet another fatly location programmer" kilobyte snarled "And my minions have looked everywhere else in this world"

Rick hubbul trembled "that is the last place I can think a portal out would be" he trembled

"But lately I have been thinking that It's not something that will send us out, but someone" kilobyte said

Rick went pale at the mention of that "I-I don't know what you mean"

Kilobyte had no patents for this. He then sent one of his tentacles threw the bars of the cage and put it around his neck and brought him to his face

"You know too well slave" he growled "where is she? The girl called 'Diana'?"

Rick managed to chock "o-on the other side…of the rift" 'dame' kilobyte thought.

Rick took a gasp of air and then continued "doesn't matter…doesn't know about me…or you… or the others"

Kilobyte was now confused "if she doesn't know you or me then why do you have data on her?" he grip tightened

"S-she would have known…made her myself…"

Kilobyte then dropped rick so that he could continue

"What do you mean? Is she you child?"

"Something like that" rick gasped "like the others I programmed her. She would have been your apprentice if it wasn't for…" he stopped mid sentence

Kilobyte was shocked.

How could there be any one else form this world? From what he was told lord fear, a small grope of his minions and lightning where the first to come to earth.

"If it wasn't for what?" Kilobyte asked impatiently

"You probably saw when you hacked into my main frame that I was working on the game 17 years ago, when…"

Before rick finished they where teleported back to the mortal realm

Conestoga hills high school

Everyone was waking up from the effects of the energy drain

"Man what a wipe out" sparx ground

"I'll say." Lady illusion said

"Where's kilobyte and fear?" asked mark

"They both must be long gone by now" chuck said "and one of them took Diana"

"Ten bucks says kilobyte took her for a joy ride" Kat betted

"Then we need to get her back" ace told them

"Right" mark agreed

"Hold on a second" chuck interjected

"What is it chuck?" asked ace

"It's just…are we sure that that's a good idea?" he started "I mean if what she's saying is true, she's the one who summoned kilobyte. If it was just lady illusion I'd believe her but… summoning a guy like him"

"There's no real rules set in stone with the amulet chuckdude" ace defended

"What do you mean?" chuck was a little confused

"The only thing that's a solid rule is that the summoning are based on the side your on, now that's shattered too thanks to the new girl" sparx said

"But lady illusion summoned the lightning lanes when she was on fears side. And it seemed to work in bringing you back from the 6th dimension" mark protested

"The lanes was summoned when her loyalties changed, and it was pure luck when we got sparx" ace said

"The thing of it is, no one really knows what they're going to get when they use the amulet" sparx added

"No one is really sure how it works because back in the dark ages of the 6th dimension nearly all of the documents about the amulet where destroy in the crusades and battles"

"It could have been that because she had some connection with kilobyte that he was brought back" lady illusion pointed out

"That could be it" ace agreed "but no matter what she is still an innocent. We need to save her, any ideas of where he would take her you 2?" he asked mark and chuck

"Probably rick the master programmer. If anyone could make it so she would be on his side it's him" mark suggested

"Do you know where he is?" asked ace

Mark nodded

"Then we'll follow you. When we get there we'll keep kilobyte busy while you chuck and lady illusion take her back to thunder tower. We still have some questions to ask her"ace informed

But lady illusion did not like the plan

"Ace I want to help you" she protested

Ace took her hands into his, making the familiar sparks

"Illusion, I lost you once already. I don't want to lose you after I just got you back" he said soothingly

She smiled at him kindly "you'll need more help than just sparx, I'll teleport the girl to thunder tower while you take on kilobyte" she offered

"Alright" ace agreed "let's go guys"

While everyone was egger to help their new friend chuck still was bothered by something

"If she wanted to help us then why did kilobyte come back?"

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