A/N: As I am rather a worldly McQueen on and offline, I've become aware of many crazes. One of these crazes is haul videos. I dedicate this fanfiction to ForeverKailyn of YouTube fame, for she is amazing and my absolute favorite.

Sam Makes a Haul Video
Deanie McQueen

Sam sat in front of his computer and stared into the camera fixed to the monitor. He smiled nervously and ran a quick hand through his hair.

He cleared his throat.

"H-hi," he said, testing out the word. He cleared his throat again. And said, this time with more confidence, "Hi, YouTube! It's Sam again, here with another haul video."

This was super exciting. Sam had been watching haul videos on YouTube for months now, and he'd been waiting to make one forever. And just last week, he made his first one, and it was a hit. He got 3500 views and 58 comments and everyone loved it. Well, except for the haters, but they could sidle right on to the left.

You're super cute! a good few of the comments exclaimed.

Which was true, Sam knew. He was super cute. And haul videos? Super exciting.

He already mentioned that, didn't he? That's fine. Sam was nervous in front of the camera, and therefore repetition of phrases and descriptions was to be expected.

"I'm going to show you guys what Dean and I got from Goodwill today," he announced proudly, picking up a generic plastic bag full of used clothes and shaking it temptingly in front of the camera. "We got some really awesome stuff."

He picked a heather gray T-shirt out of the bag. "This is Dean's. It's pretty good for a used T-shirt. There's a few holes at the bottom, but Dean doesn't care because he's a slob. None of my stuff has holes. Um..."

He threw the T-shirt behind him onto one of the motel beds and picked out the next garment, which was a surplus jacket, which they already had at least five of, but could always do with more. "This is a new jacket! We never checked to see if there was stuff in the pockets, though." Sam fished through the pockets and found something, held it up to the camera. "Oh, hey. Spermicide. Dean!"

Dean was in the bathroom, and he called back, "Yeah?"

"There's spermicide in the jacket."


"Dean appreciates spermicide," Sam told the camera. "You shouldn't use it, though, because it can give girls infections. That's bad. Dean!"


"Spermicide can give girls infections!"

"Well, that sucks! Throw it in the can!"

"The can as in the toilet or the trash?"

"I see no difference."


Sam threw it in the can. But which can? It shall never be specified.

"Okay, so that's that. And that's pretty much all we got today. Tune in in a few days and I'll make another haul video on what we get from some convenience store on the outskirts of some deranged town we get kicked out of. Bye!"

Sam turned off the camera. YouTube viewers everywhere were saddened by his quick departure.