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Abby's makeup was smeared across her face when Tony went down to visit her one day around lunchtime. Everyone else had gone to a local cafe, but he had been the one nominated to stay behind and run the current case, keeping Abby and Ducky both on task and at work. They held the keys to unlocking any lead in the investigation.

"What's wrong?" Tony asked, bluntly throwing the question at her as if would fix anything. He carefully put one hand on her shoulder in the same fashion as an older brother would.

The young woman's body shook with a painful sob as she looked to the agent that was putting in a weak attempt to comfort her. She was grateful beyond belief, but Tony couldn't help. "It's nothing," she told him, really wishing it was McGee down there helping her through the hardest times in her life. He knew exactly what to say in the worst times. "Don't worry about me."

"You're part of this team as much as anyone else," said DiNozzo. He managed to walk her to her desk and get her to sit down in the soft chair. "I'm only here to help, Abby. You don't have to tell me, but talking usually helps."

She looked up at him, a thin and weak smile touching her pale features that remained highlighted by her gothic clothing and ebony-colored tattoos. "It's just that..." Her voice faltered for a minute before she regained her speech. "All your fathers have been coming back recently. DiNozzo Senior, Eli, Jackson. It's just so hard seeing how you guys struggle with your parents..." Another tear slid down her porcelain cheek, staining it an obsidian color. "My dad isn't around anymore. And you guys can just blow yours off."

Tony's eyes had become deeply sympathetic to the young woman. His hand remained soft on her shoulder, giving a gentle squeeze for support.

"I really just wish I could do that with mine." She fingered the tip of one of her long raven-colored pigtails. "I miss him."

Quietly, Tony kissed Abby's forehead in the same way that Gibbs would do when he was proud of her or comforting her. DiNozzo gave her a silent one-armed hug. "Don't worry, Abbs," he told her gently. "You'll always be a daughter to Gibbs."

A soft smile touched Abby's lips, making her seem at least a bit cheered up. Her heart swelled for a long moment. "Thanks, Tony," she said, looking up to him.

"No problem." He stood up again, his original composure coming back to his features. "I didn't bring any Caf-Pow right now, but I can place bets that Gibbs will have one for you later, alright?"

She nodded and wiped one tear from her eye before Tony silently disappeared back into her main lab. Then he vanished into the elevator.

Abby found herself in the office again, her gaze finding a picture of her and Jethro together, him holding her in a fatherly way. She could see the faint glitter in his piercing blue eyes and she knew Tony was right. He almost always was. "I'll always be someone's daughter," she murmured to herself before easing back into working once more.

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