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I'm kinda madish right now. Cause my parents said that we were going to HP World next month. They had a change in plans -.-

Eh. Anyway, inspired by a fb group (I'm so cool xD).

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"What description of a girl do you think is most beautiful?" Rose giggled, sounding a little nervous, as she plopped onto my lap, kissing my cheek quickly.

"Hm… tall, blonde, blue eyed, and well developed, if you know what I mean." I answered swiftly, winking at her. She fidgeted uncomfortably.

"Why don't you just go see Victoire then?" She muttered, getting ready to stand up.

"Cause you never asked for perfect." I whispered, grinning, putting my hands on her waist, pulling her down for a kiss.


Yayz! Eh. Still kinda pissed off -.-

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