As the months passed and summer became autumn and then winter Severus and Hermione's relationship grew and blossomed. By Christmas Severus was sure Hermione was the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. He had professed his love for her one night after a very passionate and intense lovemaking session. Hermione showered him with kisses and told him she loved him also which led to more intense pleasure. On New Year's Eve Severus took Hermione to Times Square in New York City. At the stroke of midnight while everyone else was cheering and kissing he got down on one knee and proposed. He wasn't the first man to propose to a woman in that spot and he wouldn't be the last but to Hermione it was just perfect. She said yes.

So wedding plans were made and dresses and suits were bought. There were two ceremonies; the first was a traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles. Another more private ceremony was performed by Albus; it was a traditional bonding and was attended only by Hermione's parents and Minerva.

The reception was one great big party attended by two hundred of the couples closest friends and family. Remus attended with Emily, the two had grown close and had even traveled to Greece together for the Olympics. She understood about his lycanthropy and how to deal with the change every month. They were dating for a while now and Remus had decided he was going to pop the question soon.

Sirius Black had come with his new girlfriend; you see he was serious when he talked about looking for his own lady love. Actually he had already had his eye on someone but didn't know how to approach her. You see a very pretty young woman had moved into number 10 Grimmauld Place. She was obviously a muggle and being a muggle could not see that there was a number 12 between her house and number 14. She had joked to her friends that number 12 was the alley in between.

One ordinary day Sirius was walking back from a short trip to the muggle liquor store when he stumbled, literally into his new neighbor. Rose Ketterly was born in England but raised in America. Her father was English and her mother was an Italian American. She was a citizen of both countries and was recently hired by the British Museum as an expert in Ancient Egypt. They struck up a conversation and Sirius made sure to bump into Rose often until finally he asked her to dinner. One date led to two and two led to more until one evening Rose invited Sirius into her home and asked him to spend the night. He knew after two months it was time to tell her the truth. A very honest conversation with Severus made him realize that keeping the truth of his magic from her would only lead to problems. Severus had shared the disaster of his parents' marriage with Sirius and made him realize that if Rose was serious about their relationship she would accept him; if not, a well placed obliviate would remedy the situation.

Sirius had asked Rose to come for Sunday brunch at his home to meet his family; he told her he would pick her up. When he led her only a few meters to the space in between number 10 and number 14 she looked at him as if he was insane. When he led her to the alley and she saw a front porch appear she became curious and when the number 12 showed up on the front door she was completely intrigued and looked at him for answers. Other women would be frightened but Rose trusted Sirius and knew he wouldn't lead her to anything dangerous.

Once inside they made their way to the kitchen where Remus, Emily, Severus and Hermione were waiting. Sirius introduced them and then launched into an explanation and well, demonstration of magic. Rose of course was shocked but as an expert in Ancient Egypt she knew there were things in the world that could not be explained. Instead of being appalled as Sirius had imagined and had nightmares about, his girlfriend bombarded him with questions. When Sirius asked her to take an oath not to repeat anything she learned to muggles she agreed and then asked more questions.

A year later saw everyone once again gathering at another wedding, this time Remus was marrying Emily. He put up with the good natured teasing from his friends about how he better make sure he treats the daughter of England's former top spy well. He was truly happy and knew this marriage was for keeps.

The wedding was much the same as Hermione's and Severus's but with more muggles invited as well as high profile government officials. Hermione and Severus enjoyed having the attention on someone else and joined their friends and family in congratulating the new couple. They also joined in teasing the best man, Sirius Black in being next after he caught the garter. He made sure he caught the garter because Rose had caught the bouquet that Emily tossed almost perfectly into Rose's hands. Sirius was not going to let anyone else put the garter on her leg, he had seen what happened at Hermione and Severus's wedding when George Weasley caught the garter after Parvati Patil caught the bouquet. There was no way he would let that happen to his love.

A few months after that wedding everyone was gathered once again to celebrate the nuptials of Sirius Black and Rosaria Amelia Ketterly. The wedding was not held in England but in the states where Rose's family lived. Sirius had no idea he was marrying into such a large and fun family. There were her aunts and uncles, cousins who were more like siblings and extended family. Most of the family was from her mother's side, her father had fewer relatives but one could see how close Rose was to all of them. When Sirius threw the garter he barked out a laugh when Albus Dumbledore himself caught it. Since Minerva caught the bouquet he was determined not to let the Weasley twins or that pest Moody get a chance to view his ladyloves assets.

Later that night Severus pulled Hermione out onto the dance floor as the band played the song they had danced to at their own wedding. He grinned when he heard the lyrics again.

It had to be you
It had to be you
I wandered around and finally found
The somebody who
could make me be true
Could make me be blue
or even be glad Just to be sad
thinking of you

He was brought out of his stupor by his wife, "Severus what are you thinking?"

He looked down at the beautiful woman he shared a life with, the woman who gave him his two incredible children. "Just how much I love you Hermione, just like the song says, it had to be you because nobody else would do."

Hermione giggled, "Did you wander around until you finally found me Severus?"

"Aimlessly, but nobody else gave me a thrill, it had to be you Hermione, wonderful you."