¬Chapter 1/10

­Chapter 1/10

Fuzzy static, then zoom out from black to Duo Maxwell. He's smiling that Shinigami smirk of his that could send Godzilla running in fear. There is a digital clock in the shot. The time reads 11:00pm

"Hello. My name's Duo, Duo Maxwell. You may have heard of me: Gundam pilot 02, wanted on Earth and all the colonies?"

He stands, seemingly waiting for a response. Not receiving one, he frowns and continues.

"Well, maybe not…anyway, welcome to my world. You are witnessing the first ever Duo cam. I'm gonna bring you the inside scoop about us Gundam pilots, and our extra interesting lives. Actually, my life isn't so interesting just now, cause the guys seem to be ignoring me. So the first edition of Duo cam is henceforth entitled; How to exact revenge. My way. Mwa ha ha ha, (insert Shinigami laugh here), be afraid guys, be very afraid."

Duo walks towards the camera and picks it up so we can't see him anymore.

"Well, here we go!" he chirps.

Duo starts walking out of his room, carefully avoiding the clothes that are strewn strategically around, the piles of mangas and the few CD's that he owns. At the door he stops and makes a sweep of the area with the camera. It's rather small and the floor is hard to see under all Duo's stuff but from what little carpet is visible, you would guess it was blue. There's a twin bed in the corner situated under a small window with a couple of trees right outside. It looks like a stormy night. A table near the bed is full of framed pictures of people, the walls have been decorated with the posters he hauls around to every safe house and opposite the bed is a dartboard with some newspaper clippings of Treize, Zechs, and a couple pictures of Wufei. There are lots of holes in them.

"This room's mine. We're staying in one of the nicer safe houses so far…I think it's too big, but it doesn't matter, I got the smallest room anyway," Duo comments rather dryly, giving the room one last sweep with the camera before turning.

He exits the room and walks into a narrow hallway, with some windows and closed doors on either side; the windows are streaked with rain.

"Here we go…let me see, who should we visit first?"

Camera shakes a bit as Duo chuckles evilly, swooping around the hallway, glancing at the closed doors.

"Choices, choices…well, looks like Wufei's room is closest…sorry Fei-chan," Duo smirks, not sounding sorry at all.

Duo walks towards a door with a sign that reads, 'Do Not Enter. This Means You, Maxwell. Wufei.'

"Aww, that hurts Fei-chan," says Duo, not bothering to restrain a smile.

Duo opens the door a little, silently. He waits a couple seconds then peeks around the corner. Duo can barley contain the slightly manic giggle that bubbles up at the sight that greets him. Wufei is apparently asleep, lying on his back on the top-cover of his bed, sword on the other side of the room. Duo is VERY relived at this. He didn't really care for that sword, and neither did his braid. Wufei had his headphones on and was obviously listening to something.

'Probably classical,' Duo thought.

"Well, well, look what we have here…" whispered Duo, taking great care not to wake Wufei.

"This is almost too easy," he muttered, shaking his head in mock sorrow, causing the camera swish around. He creeps into the room, giving the bed a wide berth.

Duo looks around with the camera, giving the viewers a nice shot of the room and Wufei.

"White walls, white carpet…geez Wuffers, you really ARE boring, aren't you? Well, never fear! Here I come to save you, nay, the WORLD from boredom!" Whispered Duo, placing the camera gently on the pristine white carpet before striking a super hero pose.

Duo's feet exit the room silently and returning a second later, softly dropping two cans of something on the floor before picking up the camera once again.

"Don't worry, Wu-man, I'm gonna brighten this room right up!" Said Duo, laughing quietly, swinging the camera back over to Wufei, who was sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware of the intruder standing not five feet away from him, camera and paintbrush in hand.

Duo snickered silently once more, reaching for the camera.

The view changes as it is carefully placed on a shelf where the entire room, including Duo, can be seen. Duo walks back over to where he put the two cans down, swinging the paintbrush slightly. He opens the first can of paint that he had been keeping under his bed for just such an occasion. Dipping the brush in, Duo stirs it around while he looks for a good place to start. He finally shrugs and lifts the paintbrush out; careful not to spill any on the floor, and starts splashing the neon green paint where ever the brush decides to go. When he is satisfied that this color has been adequately applied to all the wrong places, he opens the other can and drops the brush in without cleaning it. Duo stirs up the paint again, and takes out the brush when it is full of bright pink paint, which manages to clash with the green exactly. He covers most of the rest of the room, then as a finishing touch liberally drips flecks of pink paint all over Wufei's white shirt and pants, smiling manically all the while.

"Well, that should do it, I think," whispers Duo, dropping the paintbrush back into the green and looking around to make sure he hadn't missed anything.

"Oh yeah, how could I forget?" He muttered, smiling, picking the paintbrush up once more.

In big, green letters he spells out, 'Duo Was Here,' right above wufei's bed.

"There," said Duo, a satisfied smile gracing his lips as he surveys his handiwork for a second, before dropping the brush again and turning away.

"Now for the clock," muttered Duo, reaching for Wufei's digital alarm clock, and, finding the reset button, quickly makes it twelve noon. Doing some simple calculations in his head he sets the alarm, which should have the delightful effect of waking Wufei up, loudly, at 2:00 in the morning.

Duo then proceeds to Wufei's desk, where his laptop sits unobtrusively. He lifts the cover and calmly brings up the background, deleting it and downloading one he had saved on a thumb drive in his pocket, the one of Nataku, painted pink and holding a parasol. He'd spent many a sleepless night photoshoping that particular picture. He closes the computer once more.

Duo wasn't quite done yet, though.

His trusty super glue in hand, (he always carried it with him,) he opened a drawer in Fei-chan's desk. He spread the glue all around the edges, and then silently slid it shut. He repeated the process with the rest of the drawers in the desk, and went on to glue all the drawers in Wufei's room.

"There, that oughta do it," stated Duo, his gaze sliding over Wufei once more, to make sure he was still asleep.

Duo picks up the paint cans and leaves, returning shortly for the camera. He disappears behind it once more and retreats quietly out of the room.

"You really shouldn't leave your door unlocked, Wu…no good can come of it," Duo mummers as a kind of apology, before moving gleefully on to his next victim.