Chapter 10/10

Chapter 10/10

Fuzzy static, then zoom out from black to Duo Maxwell.

"Hello everyone. It's been a fun filled night for all, hasn't it? Well, maybe not for the guys back at the safe-house, but hey, gotta keep 'em on their toes, right?"

Duo seems to have addressed his last question to something off to the right, beyond the camera's field of vision. He pans the camera right, perhaps for a response. A giant mechanical foot is now visible, and the camera gradually moves up to find the robot's head.

"I think the funs over though, buddy," said Duo. "We've got a mission to clear up, and the guys need time to cool off. So until next time, loyal viewers, this has been Duo-cam. Signing off."



-Black screen-

The pilots, having untangled Wufei from the bushes, make their way to the clearing where they have hidden their Gundams. Where Deathscythe had been there was now an empty space with a sign posted in the ground. The sign read:

Gone on a mission to destroy OZ weapons storage facility,

Nice seein' everyone again.

Don't go in the basement.


"Curse him," muttered Wufei, fists clenched at his sides.

"Don't think of it as defeat, Wufei," suggested Quatre brightly. "Think of it as an opportunity to plan your revenge."

"What does he mean 'don't go in the basement?'" Wondered Trowa.

Heero had already started back for the safe-house.

"Heero, where are you going?" Yelled Quatre.

"To find out where the baka's mission is. I'm going to find him and strangle him with his own braid," vowed Heero.

"I'll help," said Wufei, jogging over to join Heero.

Quatre and Trowa hung back in the clearing, watching the retreating backs of the other pilots.

"Duo might be better off if OZ captures him on this mission," Trowa said.

"Yeah," agreed Quatre with a smirk. "I sure wouldn't want to deal with a pissed off Heero and Wufei. Oh well, lets see if we can find something un-tampered with for breakfast."