Author's Note: SPOILER WARNING for episodes that have aired in the UK thus far. Again, I was inspired to add an extension to an episode of Merlin. This one, episode 3.10, Queen of Hearts, takes place almost immediately after the final scene. Reason for this extension? Since the powers that be decided to swap 3.08 and 3.10, we were all left a little confused as to Gwen's feelings towards Morgana. So, I have decided to add a few scenes that may bridge the gap. In addition, I may also delve into Uther's mindset regarding Arthur and Gwen. Seeing as Uther is so quick to charge people with sorcery, I can see how he may be oblivious to Arthur and Gwen's true feelings for each other. But it baffles me that he has been king this long while being so oblivious to his surroundings. Even Morgana caught onto Arthur and Gwen in 3.06. Is the King of Camelot really that blind?

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Queen of Hearts, Extended (Part One) – by AudiRox

Freshly bathed, Merlin is proudly walking in the palace hallways. What he had accomplished in the past couple of days had been astronomical seeing as he got a glimpse of what he'd look and feel like as an old man, in addition to saving his dear friend's life! "Gwen," he thought. "Lovely Gwen. Oh, how I wish I could share my secret with you." He wanted so badly to tell Gwen how happy he was that she was saved and how he had gone about accomplishing it. But no, not yet. It's too early. Besides, he wasn't sure how she'd react if he were to tell her that he had magic. He, in fact, is magic. It is thanks to magic that she was saved. "I can't risk it," he thinks to himself as he continues to walk down the hallway. "Of course, if I were to share it with anyone, it would be Gwen. Arthur? No! Not after the way he treated me after I saved his true love!" He frowns as he thinks of his master, and then he sighs. "In his defense, he hasn't a clue who I really am. It's not his fault." Merlin shakes his head. "He's still a selfish, arrogant, baboon-faced, prat! Sometimes I wonder what Gwen sees in him."

Merlin was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed Gwen walking towards him in the hallway.

"Merlin!" she whispers loudly.

A huge grin appears on Merlin's face as he sees her. "Gwen!"

Without a thought, he gives her a hug so tight that it almost looks like he's about to carry her and throw her in the air.

Gwen is pleasantly surprised and starts to chuckle. "Merlin!"

He lets go of her, but cannot stop himself from grinning. "I'm sorry but it's so good to see you, Gwen." He sighs. "I thought for sure Uther would've gotten his way."

Gwen sighs as well. "Thankfully there was some old sorcerer lurking about trying to enchant me and Arthur." She shrugs. "I don't think he was very good, actually." Merlin frowns. "I mean, his enchantment had no effect on us."

Merlin bites his tongue. "Well, what matters is that you are alive and safe."

She smiles, but a sudden expression of confusion takes over her face. "I'm still very confused about the whole ordeal, actually."

Curiously, Merlin asks, "What do you mean?"

Gwen looks around to make sure that no one is nearby and then she whispers, "What about Morgana? I mean, if this old sorcerer was responsible for the whole mess, what about Morgana? I thought for sure it was her doing."

Merlin speaks softly, "I still wouldn't trust her, Gwen."

She shakes her head, "Oh no, Merlin. I know better than to trust her. I've finally figured it out."

Merlin echoes, "Figured it out?"

Gwen sees a couple of guards passing in the hallway adjacent to theirs. "We can't talk about this here, Merlin. Come by my house this evening?"

Merlin nods in agreement, "Of course."

Gwen sweetly smiles and leaves.

Later that afternoon, Merlin enters Gaius' quarters. Also known as Merlin's quarters, the place which he now calls home.

Gaius is reading a book of medicine as the young warlock enters.

"Hello Merlin." Gaius goes back to his book. "Already done for the day?"

Merlin walks straight to where Gaius is sitting and takes a seat across from the table. "Gaius, I need your advice."

Gaius rolls his eyes and sets the book down. "Oh no, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"

Merlin makes a face, "Nothing." Gaius raises his brow. "I swear."


"Gwen's starting to suspect Morgana and I think she's starting to piece things together."

"What has she told you?"

"Nothing yet, but I am to meet her later." Merlin sighs. "I couldn't tell you how much she knows."

Gaius nods. "She knows quite a great deal, Merlin."

Merlin curiously looks up. "What do you mean?"

Gaius sighs.

"What is it, Gaius?"

"Gwen knows of Morgana's connection to Morgause."

Merlin is completely surprised. "How? How do you know this? And how come you didn't tell me?"

Gaius nods. "I'm sorry, Merlin. I should've told you sooner. She came to me frantically one night. She had witnessed Morgana consulting with Morgause in the market and later using magic when Arthur was on his quest. I advised her to go about her work without another word to anyone of the matter."

"Poor Gwen." Merlin says as he looks down at his hands. "So she knows enough." He contemplates…

Gaius notices Merlin's expression. "Gwen is a very strong young woman, Merlin. She can handle a lot more than anyone gives her credit for. But all her life, she has been told magic is evil and all she has seen is the bad that magic has brought her world. While we both trust her, I advise you to be cautious if you're planning on sharing your secret."

Merlin sighs and shakes his head. "It's too early."

Gaius nods in agreement.

Thoughts of Arthur fade into Gwen's mind as she tidies her house. She smiles to herself and goes about her chores until a knock on the door interrupts her. Merlin peeks in.


"Merlin. Please come in." She quickly puts away her things.

Merlin sniffs the air as he closes the door behind him. "Something smells nice."

Gwen walks over to her kitchen area and starts to serve some food into a bowl. "I made lamb stew."

"Mmm, stew."

As she sets the food on the table, "I hope you haven't eaten."

With a grin, Merlin takes a seat. "I have, but I always have room for stew."

Gwen smiles, "Good."

Merlin takes a big wooden-spoonful of stew in his mouth and he mumbles, "Oh my heavens! This is delicious!"

Gwen takes a seat opposite Merlin and watches sweetly as her dear friend stuffs his mouth with bread and lamb stew.

A few moments later, Gwen's sweet expression turns into worry. "Tell me, Merlin. What do you know about Morgana?"

Merlin stops himself from taking another bite out of the bread. "Oh…"

Gwen tilts her head. "I'm sorry to put you on the spot, but it seems as though you know a lot more than I."

Merlin nods as he swallows the last remaining bits of food in his mouth. "Unfortunately, I do. But from what Gaius tells me, you've witnessed a lot."

"A lot more than I wish I had." She continues, "I still think she had something to do with the recent events, Merlin."

Although Merlin agrees, he decides to let Gwen keep explaining what she knows. "Why do you think that?"

"Just before Arthur and I were to spend the day together, Morgana asked me about him. Asked me whether I've spoken to him." She sighs, "She wanted me to confide in her, and I would not."

Merlin stays quiet but encourages her to go on.

With a lot of worry in her eyes, Gwen continues, "I've seen her consorting with Morgause, Merlin. And I've managed to piece together whatever information I have." Gwen searches Merlin for answers, "It was she that told Cenred about Arthur and I, wasn't it?"

Merlin nods, "I have reason to believe the same."

Gwen continues, "Also, when Arthur returned from his quest, I remember…" Her voice breaks.

Merlin reaches out to Gwen, "Remember what?"

"I remember her face when she saw Arthur had safely returned." She shakes her head, "It wasn't an expression of joy. She didn't want him to return."

Merlin nods.

"After I saw her using magic, I looked all over for you, Merlin. Finally, I went to Gaius. I had to speak to someone about what I had seen." She looks up at her friend. "Where were you?"

Merlin confesses, "I was with Arthur on his quest."

"I knew it!"

"So was Gwaine," Merlin adds.

Gwen is surprised, "Gwaine?"

"Morgana had given Arthur a bracelet with the Eye of the Phoenix. It was enchanted. It would've made Arthur weak and ultimately killed him."

Gwen gasps. "How could she?"

"She wants the throne, Gwen. She wants to rule Camelot with the help of Morgause."

Gwen is confused, "But how? She has no birthright to the throne."

Merlin sighs and explains, "She is Uther's daughter."

Gwen gasps again, but this time, it is loud and she takes a deep breath.

Merlin gets up from his position, walks around and takes a seat next to Gwen. He puts his arm around her shoulder as he sees how upset she is.

"I know it's a lot to take in."

"Arthur," she whispers, "knows none of this?"

Merlin shakes his head, "No. He hasn't a clue that Morgana is trying to kill him every chance she gets. And now that she knows of Arthur's affections for you, she will do anything to destroy what you both have."


Merlin subtly smiles, "Anyone who spends enough time with you both knows how you feel about each other. Morgana has seen how much Arthur cares about you, and the past couple of days have only made her realize the depth of his feelings. And that in itself guarantees that when Arthur is king, you will be his queen. The queen of Camelot."

This is all a lot for Gwen to swallow so they both sit still in silence.

"We must warn Arthur!" She lets out a little louder than she had wanted.

Merlin shakes his head, "No, Gwen. Not yet. He will not believe us." He adds, "Arthur will have to see it for himself, like you have."

Gwen isn't happy that she has to hide something from Arthur, but she sees Merlin's point.

"How could Morgana harm those she once loved? Arthur has always treated her well, as if she was his own sister."

"Well, she is his half-sister. Of course, he doesn't know that." Merlin adds, "Hatred for Uther has blinded her, Gwen. And with Morgause by her side, I don't think we'll ever see the sweet and kind Morgana we used to know."


Gwen's eyes start to tear up, "I miss her."

Merlin nods and holds onto Gwen.

Scene fades.

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