After returning from the house fire, the crew finally cleaned up all of the boxes. As promised, Cap vacuumed up all of the tiny green pine needles. As Marco and Mike made hot chocolate in the kitchen, Johnny, Roy, and Chet hung up the stockings and other Christmas decorations.

"Joanne was thinking that we should tell Chris about Santa Claus this year, but I think that 8 is too young to not believe in Santa anymore." Roy hammered Marco's stocking in place.


Chet Smirked. "Come on, Gage! You mean your parents never told you about Santa?"

Johnny frowned at the grinning, robust fireman as the vacuum quieted.

"Speaking of Santa," Cap said, "There was something I was meaning to ask you. All area fire departments are doing a toy drive and for the day of the distribution, we need somebody to dress up as Santa. Are any of you willing to do it?"

Both paramedics instantly looked to Chet with a smile.

"What?" Chet replied. "Why are you all looking at me?"

John playfully poked Chet's robust stomach. "You've got the shape for it!"

He slapped at John. "Cut it out! I'm too handsome to dress up as any old Santa Claus!"

Marco poked his head in the doorway, smiling with amusement. "What's this I hear? Chet's going to dress up as Santa Claus?"

"No!" Chet got to his feet. "No way! Never! I'm not going to do it!"

"Come on, Chet," said Roy, smile persisting. "Think about the kids, they'd love it."

"Yeah, Amigo. You'd make a classy Santa Claus!"

Chet's frown deepened as he turned to face Marco. "Then you do it! I'm not going to!"

Cap studied the other candidates and scratched his chin, thoughtfully. His gaze then returned to Chet. "Johnny's got a point, Chet. You are built for it."

"Oh no. I've already told you, I'm not doing it!"

Cap crossed his arms and exchanged glances with Roy, smiling. "Oh?"