OK i know that pretty much we all HATE Sophie But i gotta say its not only the girls fault i mean when you have a boyfriend like that wouldn't you make occusations. Thats pretty much why i decided that i would tell just listen in her point of view , the whole story

So enjoy because here is :

In my eyes


Too me that day was a day that I choose to not remember because not only was it the day that my whole life started to change but it was also the day I lost my best friend or at least thats what I thought she had been .

I can still remember following Will, seeing him enter a room with a girl pressed against him , I remember the fiery anger boiling up inside my stomach. Bitch was my first thought. Didn't she know who she was hooking up with ? I took a slow drink from the beer in my hand then opened the door. There on the floor was Will and Her . I shook my head, slut, thinking she could get away with this nuh uh no one messes with Sophie or her man. I took a step closer and almost choked. From up close I could see who was the girl . Too my horror I knew her Annabelle!

Suddenly her eyes stare back at me , I felt like slapping her. Of all the people I would have never guessed that she had the nerve to do this to me ? Suddenly her mouth forms something but I dont hear it Tears are threatening to come out. I turn and start yelling at Will.

"Someone had better tell me whats going on here!" My eyes fall on Annabelle , her hair is knotted and her face flushed . I glare at her daring her to tell me .

"Annabelle ? Will ? " Wills eyes look unfocused he quickly lifts himself up and stares disgustingly at Annabelle then comes to my side .

"I swear ,I- she threw herself at me ." I feel my fist clenching and unclenching, suddenly I turn to look at her she just stares back guilt written all over her face . One word leaves my mouth Slut .

I cross the room Ignoring the crowd already forming , I reach for my purse and leave the party.

This is why I try not to think back to that day because every time I think about it I feel the betrayal all over again . The worst part was that she lived near me . Of course that didn't stop me from ignoring all her calls and countless times she came to my house. She was different, no longer my friend she was my enemy.

She was forever marked in my brain as a slut. It didn't matter how many times she said sorry what she had done was just unforgiving. It was something a friend would never do. It went past crossing the line . I mean yeah I had caught Will with other girls but they were different girls I didn't know them . I took a drag out of my cigarette and looked outside the sky was a perfect shade of blue. It was so cheerful something I would never be.

I take a step back then grab my towel and head back inside , I check voice mail 6 messages 3 from Will asking me if I wanted to go with him somewhere and the other 3 from Emily. Emily had been introduced to me by Annabelle. At first I wasn't quite fond of her but after what happened that day I needed a new friend so I started hanging out with her. Emily was fine and I knew that she would not ruin everything with me. So we became friends. Of course with one understanding to not repeat what happened with Annabelle.

I turned on the Tv and saw a commercial , I glared at the girl in front of me. There was Annabelle all dressed up wearing some stupid cheer leading costume modeling some type of brand . Pathetic I thought. She was so pathetic seriously f it wasn't for me she would have never been cool . Although that didn't matter , not anymore soon that would be taken away from her . School would start next week , it would only take one second for the rumors of that night to spread.

You can say that along I knew that something bad would happen . All that modeling had finally made her a bubble head , ignorant and stupid.

I ignored this and picked up my phone leaving the Tv on not bothering to turn it off. I pressed the numbers and waited while it dailed all the while one thought circling in my mind.

I would never admit this but what made me more mad was knowing that Annabelle never tried to deny this. I had hoped that she would yell tell me that Will was wrong. That would have been acceptable.

After all she had been my best friend.

Oh well nothing I could do , just wait until school started . The joy.

I smiled to myself as a voice finally come from the other end .

"Hello ?"

"Are you ready " I examined myself in the mirror and smiled at the girl staring back at me.

"Yeah sure Sophie , I'll pick you up in erm 2 minutes ok ?"

"I laughed lightly into the phone before saying OK and hanging up.

Time to go out, no more Annabelle I told myself before grabbing my makeup bag and reapplying the finishing touches, nothing was better than going to the latest parties. For me it was a way for me to escape and right now that was exactly what I needed.

Finally I turned off the lights and waited outside for the usual car.

5 minutes later it arrived.

Soo what did you think ?

I liked it and well its different next chapter will be the beggining of the school year . Drama !