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Sophie Pov ;

"Oh my gosh Sophie you look stunning in that outfit . " I studied my image in the mirror and smiled , Emily was right I did look stunning but somehow stunning just wasn't what I needed at this moment . So instead I took the delicate pale dress off and put on my clothes.

"Sophie? why didn't you buy it ? " I turned around and was met with Emily's pale blue eyes . Swiftly I fixed my hair then looked at the dress in the back of the dressing-room

" I didn't like it OK?" I rolled my eyes and left her alone , right now I didn't want to deal with Emily's pathetic attitude. I mean I really didn't need to tell her everything after all it was my life.

"Wait Sophie , Are you mad at me ." I sighed and leaned my head against the door frame , goodness what was up with Emily ? I mean lately she had become irresistible.

"Gosh Emily , just leave me alone ? Don't you have other friends , just stop following me around already okay ?" I rolled my eyes and left the store. All the while rubbing my temple , I was getting a huge headache. Just what I needed. In about 2 days school would start. I had already gotten my schedule , and as fortune would have it Annabelle was gonna be in two of my classes. Which if I thought about it wouldn't matter seeing as by then everyone in school would be against her. Just the thought of that brought a smile to my face.

Swiftly i took out my phone and checked for any texts. 12 new texts 6 were from Annabelle and the other 3 were from Kyle a boy i had given my phone number too at last nights party. Total mistake giving that guy my number. It had been an attempt to shut him up and get rid of him , but by the looks of it he hadn't gotten the message at the party. I sighed an clicked block person. Seriously did i have to do everything here.

"Miss would you like to try this face cream ? " I looked chocked at the women standing there offering me cream.

"Excuse me ? " I took a step forward until I'm practically eye level with her.

"Are you nuts ? Have you not noticed how smooth and zit free my face is? I doubt that your stupid cream works . " With that said I turned around and kept walking all the way to the parking lot were a small car waited for me.

~ ~ ~OoD~ ~ ~

"Hows the party so far Sophie ? Having fun yet ? " i lifted my beer to my mouth and took a long gulp before smiling at Denny one of my former groupies.

"Hey " i nodded my head at her and just like that she plopped herself right next to me.

"How you holding on Soph ?"

In that minute i didn't know how to respond to that so i just blinked and looked around the room. Before I knew it i was crying. I tried stopping but couldn't, god this was so embarrassing.

"Its okay Sophie. " And then i was being hugged. I guess that's all i needed because i instantly began to calm down.

That's when i faced her and asked her the million dollar question.

"Why ? Why did she have to risk our friendship ? I thought we were becoming great friends. " I stared at Denny's clear green eyes and waited for her to respond but there was nothing. She was staring across the room at something. Judging by the look she was giving the person i decided to turn around and that's when i felt my body harden., there a few steps away was her, smiling as if everything was fine. Slowly i turned back around and was greeted by a pair of concerned eyes.

"Hey you wanna go somewhere else? " I nodded once before getting back up and making my way through the mob of people not once daring to look at her.

" SOPHIE ! " a pair of hands grasped my shoulders.

"Let me go Annabelle or i swear i am going to scream at the top of my lungs bitch ! " Slowly my shoulder were released and i kep on walking until i reached my car. Getting in i turned on the ignition key and kept going.

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