Jack didn't bother explaining what he said he only walked out and slamed the door lweaving everyone awstruck. The scilence went on for a few secounds until Sally spoke in her happy tone.

Sally-"Tea dear?"

Alexandra- "Uh, yes please."

sally left to the dinning room to get her family some cups of tea . She came back with a kettle, some plates and cups, putting the kettle on a burner.

Sally-"Sarah?" she asked motioning to the kettle

Sarah-"Sure mom." she uses her pumpkin fire her father taught her to light the burner when the kettle began to wistle Sally started pouring some jasmine tea for everyone.

Sally-"Why is it I've never met you before?"

Alexandra-"As you saw, Jackson and I don't get along. Well, Jackson never really got along with anyone in the family, he burned his briges a long time ago. I was supposed to bring this to whoever the pumpkin king is, I had no idea that, that would be my big brother" pulls a wax sealed scroll from her bag "But I don't want to talk about it, please I want to hear about you, I won't have gessed I'd have a sister-in-law or a neice and nefew."

Sally-"Well, I was raised by Dr. Finklstein the resident scientist, and like every other girl in Halloween town I admired Jack, but not the same as he got from the witches and other female monsters in Halloween Town. No, their intentions were not innocent, not the mine were but I loved him in a different way. All the girls admired Jack because he was the Pumpkin king, but I loved him because he was Jack Skellington."

Alexandra only patted herself on her chest where her heart should be hoping her sister-in-law would go on,

"About a year before we he peropossed, Jack didn't want to be pumkin king anymore he wanted a new holiday he found Christmas town and it was just what he wanted. He just decided to take it and had three trick-or-treaters to lock up the original owner."

Alexandra pinched the bridge of where her nose should be showing what Jack did wasn't that surprising to her in the least.

Sally- We'll grt you settled in for your stay Alexandra, do you know how long you'll be here?

Alexandra- Thank you, really but I think it would be better if I just left.

she tried to get up but but Sally and Sarah held her down

Damian- Aunty Alex at least stay tonite dad will come around.

Alexandra- Okay but only tonite.