Fuck this for a fucking bag of stupid fucking peanuts. My fucking phone company has decided to block on my fucking mobile and my twat of a fucking mother – who is not actually my fucking mother – won't pay the fucking £1 charge to un fucking block it! God I want to kick the shit out of something right now. And I have a fucking analysis of performance in show jumping tomorrow which I don't know a fuck about because I'm a stupid fucking dumb blonde and if I get a crap grade I am actually going to fucking stab someone I really am. I'm not even kidding, if someone would give me their credit card number and expiry date I will love them forever and I promise to god I won't use your credit card details ever again because I just really need to unblock and calm fucking down before the hole in my stupid fucking already cracked wall gets even fucking bigger. This rant is not going to be over until I get the site unblocked and I am going to go on hunger strike, fuck it, fuck my stupid whore of a mother I cannot wait to go live with my dad in summer for fucking sixth form and get away from all these stupid fucking twats who need to die. God I want to fucking tear something to fucking pieces right now.

Fuck you all and have a shit day

Oh and fucking review – I can at least get things via email unless fucking O2 decide to fucking block yahoo too.

Alternate fucking Digimon

Oh and realdeal456 I can't fucking do your suggestion about the low fat fucking fat cakes because I don't know what the fuck that is.

Izzy span the bottle and it landed on T.K.

'Fucking hell not again,' he sighed.

'Fine fucking dare me,' he growled.

'T.K I dare you to say giggity, giggity, giggity over and over again for forty-five just like Quagmire from Family Guy,' Davis told him.

'Fucking retarded show. Stupid American slobs. If I wanted to see an overweight prick with glasses I'd just go stare at my stupid fucking teacher,' T.K muttered (yes this is a jab at my cunt of a German teacher).

'Do it or lose your shirt,' Kiriha snapped.

T.K sighed and then reluctantly said giggity, giggity, giggity for forty-five minutes.

Right, there you fucking go. Send me in your fucking suggestions so I have something to do when I've stomped off to my room after yelling at my pussy licking mother.

Good night all, don't suffocate on your pillows

Alternatedigimon –x-