Do Opposites Really Attract?

Hi everyone! This is my first one-shot! Yays! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it cause to be honest I cried not because of the story, but of what happened while I typed this the first time. Enjoy!

And if any of you don't know what Franticshipping is, it's the awesome pairing of Sapphire and Ruby from the Pokemon Adventures manga!

Sapphire: I saw what you typed up there! *growls*

Me: Don't worry Sapph, Ruby is all yours. In fact, I think I hear him walking this way.

Sapph: I don't like him! He's too much of a prissy for me!

Me: Suuure :)

Sapph: That's it, GO TORO!

Me: Poor Sapph, do you not know who I am?

Sapph: Yea I do. I don't like Ruby in that way at all!

Me: *Flips back to manga* Read this.

Sapph: *Major blush!*

Me: Exactly. You just CONFESSED you like him!

Sapph: . . .

Me: And did you forget the time where he made you clothes, out of HIS OWN?

Sapph: . . .

Me: Also including the fact that HE was the one who saved YOU from that Salamence.


Me: Awwe Sapph! And can you tell me why?

Sapph: Well I guess it's cause when he acts all girly and all it sorta fills in the little girl part in me, since I'm so. . .

Me: Barbaric? :P

Sapph: . . . Yea. . .

Me: I know Sapph! I have a present for you turn around!

Sapph: Okay

As she turns on her heels, her heart felt like it had just sank to the depths of the ocean.

Sapph: R-Ruby?

Ruby: Yea, I was just walking and I ended up here and then. . . I heard you.

Tears of hate, sadness and embarrassment welled up within her eyes. She closed her eyes and took a step in the direction that would lead her to the exit.

Ruby: Wait Sapph! We have to talk!

Sapph: There's nothing to talk about Ruby! You already heard, you know we're complete opposites and there's probably even a girl who likes fashion just as much as you do.

That last part had just set off his inner calmness, and anger raged through his veins. He grabbed her shoulders and looked at the young girl with ruby red eyes.

Ruby: Who the hell told you that shit!

Sapph: R-Ruby?

Ruby: Dammit Sapphire! After I saved you when we were little, I vowed to find you again! And when I did, you weren't the same little girl you were back then. . .

She shut her eyes as he moved closer to close the space between them. His arms wrapped around her in a comforting embrace.

Ruby: You're much more than that.

His voice was soft as he whispered those five important words into her ear. Tears came out again, but these ones were full of happiness, love and pure joy.

Sapph: R-Ruby, I-I-I love y-you.

Ruby: And I always have.

He placed his lips upon hers and they felt like they were floating in a dream where no could go but them.

Their lips parted, and at the same time they thought, opposites really do attract.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Me: *clicks off camera* Perfect.

So did you like it? Review it if you'd like! Oh, and if you were wondering about the first time I tried to type this up, inbox me and I'll tell you cause it's a little awkward :P plus this is a Franticshipping story! See ya next time nyaa~! Desu!