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Have you ever be in total bliss. Or at least ever been so content. What I mean by that is, have you ever felt as if you have zero problems, like totally nothing to worry about. No major homework crisis, no family drama, no boyfriend drama, no friend drama? If you haven't, you should totally try it sometime, or strive for it. Once you get there it's so relaxing and worth it. Happiness is definitely one of the greatest emotions out there.

But don't be surprised if it doesn't last very long.

My front door swung open and slammed against my back wall. I yelped, and jumped off the couch, and turned around. My heart was pounding, I suddenly had a headache, and my body was semi-shaking with fear.

"SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE." Courtney's voice roared angrily into my house. Her voice bounced off the walls and left an echo. Thankfully, my parents were working and didn't have to witness this insane moment. I try and relax myself, telling myself that Courtney is just being way too melodramatic.

"Ever heard of knocking?" I ask weakly, my voice not finding its own strength quite yet. I slowly walked around the couch, my legs still a little weak and jittery and shut the door quietly. I examined my wall, mentally noting that there was no mark whatsoever.

"I'm too angry to knock!" She shouted, throwing her hands up.

"What-what's going on? Sit down, let's talk it out." I led Courtney to the love seat, and sat on the couch next to hers. This way I can prevent any kind of damage that she might cause when explaining her story.

Once I calmed myself down by counting backwards from ten, Courtney began to talk.

"Duncan is a fraud." She said monotone.

I blinked, trying to make my facial expressions very relaxed so she couldn't foreshadow what I was thinking. "Come again?" I ask.

"Duncan." She said once again. "Duncan. Duncan. DUNCAN. DUNCAN. DUNCAN!" Her voice grew increasingly louder and angrier with each repetition of his name. It also included her hands flying around and swatting the love seat.

See? It was a good idea not to sit near her. I don't make this stuff up.

"Yes, yes I know, Duncan-

"Don't say his name." She bit off clenching her teeth.

"Oh, okay." I blinked. "What's your problem with um...what's-his-face?" I say slowly.

"He. Is. A. LIAR!" She said her voice slowly shouting each word again.

I winced, "Okay, how?" I ask my voice whining a little from the pain.

Courtney grunted. "Don't even get me started on more ways than just one! I'll just talk about how he has been totally planning to screw me over and no one, not even my BEST FRIEND decided to tell me!" She shouted out the words 'best friend' which stung like wiping peroxide on an open wound. I decide to keep quiet, and wait for her to go on. Suddenly, I knew what she was talking about. The only thing I don't know is how she knows that I knew.

She crossed her arms. "That's it." Her regular voice settled back.

"That's it?" I repeated.

"Yes! I'm mad at you! Can't you tell?" She says in disbelief.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "No! Not when you're screaming Duncan's name and how he's a liar in my house. God, if you're mad at me you wouldn't be here, now would you?" I challenged.

Courtney crossed her arms. "Not true," She says snottily. "I have no one else to talk to anyway. So we might as well get this sorted out. I don't play those petty mind games girls do in high school with each other. I prefer a direct approach." Courtney says firmly.

"As do I." I tell her just as firm. "Since when are you so offended that Duncan is hurting you since you were planning on doing the same exact thing?" I ask.

"Since it involved embarrassing me in public!"

My expression changed from angry to sympathetic. Courtney continued, "Duncan decided to take me out on another fake date, or whatever. We were at Patsy's Pastry's which in retrospect is a really stupid name for a desert place. It's so hard to pronounce. God, what if you have a stutter? No sympathy in this world. None." Courtney shook her head as she rambled.

It was so unlike Courtney to go on and on about unimportant details. She was usually, no she was always direct and to the point. I guess when you throw a guy into the mix of things, that can totally change a girls point of view. Talk about unsettling.

"Okay, then what happened?" I ask.

"Well, Pasty's Pastry's is a little uptown, not really anywhere near here, so I can assume you haven't been. What you do is dine, and you order a desert that you design yourself. You pick out a desert, a flavor, a color of frosting, a wording of choice, and then you add in details like if you want frosted flowers on it, or balloons. There are countless options." Courtney told me, and then her eyes blinked, and hitched. Suddenly, there seemed to be little droplets of water forming in her dark brown eyes.

"So Duncan thought it would be a good idea to just go in there and design a desert or something." Courtney's voice started to crack a little. I got up and walked around and passed the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a tissue box. I ran back to Courtney and handed it to her, and pulled myself over and sat on the seat next to her.

"And then we started picking out what kind of desert we wanted, I picked out a chocolate cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles with my initials on them. I decided to keep it simple." She says, and she blew her nose into a tissue. "Duncan was so clever. He ordered something too. And then when our server left us, Duncan said he would be right back, and that he wanted to fix something on his order." Courtney closed her eyes and mumbled something like "How could I be so stupid?"

"Then he came back to the table, we talked...I even think he was flirting with me for a while. And when the time was right our servers came back, a whole bunch of them actually. They started singing 'For She's A Jolly Good Fellow' and I was totally confused. Then they clapped, and placed a large cake in front of me. I looked at Duncan, who looked more smug than ever. He was leaning back in his seat. The servers clapped, and the whole attention of the restaurant turned to look at me. Then I looked down at the cake. And I couldn't believe my eyes." Courtney paused. "I didn't need to read what the cake said out loud because one of the waiters did for me. The cake had said 'You've been fooled, you've been screwed, see ya Princess.' When I looked up at Duncan again he was slipping that waiter a twenty dollar bill. Then he walked passed me and said "You're a loser." And walked out."

Tears started falling one after the other now. They weren't dramatic tears, just small ones streaking down her cheeks. Her eyes were becoming tired and weary, and my heart was slowly breaking for her. I could have prevented all of this.

"I've never been more humiliated in my whole life. Everyone there was watching, some people were laughing. Even worse, some people were muttering their sympathies for me." She rolled her eyes. "As if I'm so pathetic, I need someone else's sympathy to feel better." She says flatly with sarcasm.

I patted her shoulder, and she blotted her eyes and wiped off her make-up with another tissue.

"When did all this happen?" I asked.

"Like, an hour ago." She shrugged. "And I know you know. So spill. Why didn't you say anything, Bridette? Seriously, you promised and swore that we were best friends." She glared suddenly. Her emotions undertook a whirlwind, and changed.

I tried to utter something, anything. I couldn't. The only thing I could say was, "How did you know?"

Courtney wiped away the last streak of mascara under her right eye and said, "Does it matter?"

We both knew the answer to that.

"I didn't want to get involved?" It came out like a question, not a statement.

"Bullshit." Courtney snapped. "We promised to tell each other everything because that's what best friends do." Courtney got off the couch and stood, limbering over me.

"Oh, so you're lecturing me on how a best friend should act?" I stand up too, eye level. "You tricked me into coming to your house to talk to Geoff. Remember that?"

"Yeah, and if I do remember correctly you and Geoff got back together and now you're happier than ever!" She said with a cheerful sarcastic voice.

"So? It was still a lie."

"Oh my god, Bridgette you are the biggest hypocrite I've ever met in my life, and you know what? You suck, and you are not my best friend anymore!" She shouted.

"Well, then get out!" I shouted back, pointing to the door.

"It would be my pleasure" She shouted and stormed out of my house, I slammed the door behind her. I angrily clenched my fists, and counted until one hundred to calm my nerves. And when I was calm I tried to figure out what I did wrong.

When I was ready I climbed up into my bed, and laid back and stared up through my sky light. The clouds were moving slowly and the sky was going to be setting within the hour. I dialed Geoff's number into my cell phone and waited for him to answer.

"Hey Bridgette." He answered, and I heard his smile break open.

"Hi Geoff, um are you at home?"

"You got it babe, why do you wanna drop by?"

"No thanks, I just needed to make sure you weren't with Duncan. We have a problem, well I have a problem."

"Shoot." He responds.

"Courtney freaked out on me because she knows that I knew about Duncan having false feelings, and he humiliated her in public and I didn't say anything to her." I explain quickly.

Geoff was silent.

"Geoff!" I cried into the phone, because I knew he wasn't telling me something.

"Well, I don't know how Courtney found out. But I did tell Duncan that Courtney was fooling him." Geoff tells me.

I bite the inside of my lip and think. "Do you think Duncan maybe told her that I knew?" I suggest.

"It's possible. But, I didn't tell him that you-oy!" The sound of Geoff hitting himself in the forehead and cringing imaged in my mind. Bingo. I rolled my eyes.

"So Duncan told Courtney that I knew, to make matters worse to her already awful day." I fill the blanks dully. "This sucks. He sucks." I muttered and shut my eyes to think.

"I'm sorry, babe." Geoff says softly.

"For what? You just did what I should have done; tell the truth."

"I'm just sorry you have to go through this." Geoff tells me.

I sighed. "You're a really, really good guy, Geoff." I tell him.

He chuckled, "Thanks, babe. Don't worry about Courtney. She'll come around. Promise."

After a while of talking to Geoff we hung up the phone and I tired to think of a plan to show Courtney how sorry I really was. But nothing, and I mean nothing, was coming to mind.

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