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I was pacing back in forth with my mom's favorite white china plate in my hands. On the plate I baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes decorated with blue frosting. I actually made the frosting from scratch. I had to look up a specific recipe and go out and by the right kind of food coloring to get the right shade of blue I wanted. I know I must sound anal about this, but to impress Courtney it's worth it.

I had to come up with a good idea to get Courtney to come around and not be mad at me anymore. My first idea was to make her a batch of cookies, but then Geoff told me that I should make her cupcakes instead. Then I wanted to totally bail on the plan since a 'You Suck' cake got me into this mess in the first place. Geoff convinced me that Courtney would totally dig the cupcakes and that these are her favorites.

So Sunday night I spent five and a half hours making the perfect batch. It's well worth it. I stopped pacing and shut my eyes and took a breath. My relaxing techniques help me when I need them most. I looked down at my cupcakes that had the plastic wrap on it perfectly. I set the plate down right in front of Courtney's locker and the bell rang.

I hung back for a second and looked down the halls for Courtney, there was no sign of her. If I know Courtney, and I do know Courtney, she is never late. She's never absent ever. She has had perfect attendance since Kindergarten. And I know Courtney would never miss school over a boy. Especially if that boy is Duncan. She would never give him the satisfaction of knowing how much he upset her.

I took a step back, and loosened the strap on my shoulder bag and started walking to my first period class, having high hopes that Courtney would forgive me. She can't stay mad at me forever; she wouldn't. Sure she can hold a grudge, but she knows how sorry I am. With one look of those cupcakes she'll forgive me.

Well, I hope she forgives me.

Like I read in a Sarah Dessen novel, life is an awful, ugly place not to have a best friend.

I headed to my first class knowing that Courtney would come around, and that this idea was a sure fire plan for her to forgive me. Besides I hadn't done anything wrong. Courtney was really upset because her ego was damaged. Nothing too serious. I bet my lunch today, we'll be best friends again.

An hour later I had walked back to my locker, my heart breaking a little at the sight. The second period bell was ringing obnoxiously louder than usual and I couldn't bare to notice all of the kids walking to class, but slowing down to stare at the scene.

My lock was picked off and thrown onto the floor, and my locker door was open. The books and notebooks were sloppily thrown around and dropped onto the floor, most of the papers looked torn and crumpled.

The cupcakes I spent all of that time making, five and a half hours baking, were thrown onto the grown, smashed and crumpled on the ground. Frosting wiped all over the inside of my locker, and the outside of my locker door. Chocolate cupcakes were all over the floor and it was hard to avoid stepping in it.

The worst part was that my mother's china plate was smashed all over the floor in front of my locker.

My mouth was left slightly ajar. I felt a dry lump forming in my throat, so thick I had to cough to try and get it to go away. Instead it came out as a choke, and tears rolled down my face. I rushed to the bathroom ignoring the stares, ignoring the huge mess, ignoring the fact that I'm hated.

I shut the bathroom stall door, and pulled my feet up against my chest so no one would see my feet under the stall. I quietly cried just to let it out. Because we all need a good cry every once in a while, even if we don't know why we're crying in the first place. I was in the stall for only a few minutes, and I was missing my biology class, I could care less though.

I wiped my tears using the sleeve of my comfortable light purple hoodie, and took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I have two options walk out of here and go to class, or walk out of her and just go home. I really love the idea of going home right now. I can't go home, I have to take a person like Courtney by the horns to get her attention. And that is what I'm going to do. As soon as I see her, I'm going to make her see me.

I came into biology late, tear-stained and quiet. My teacher didn't say anything and continued teaching like she didn't see me even though it was clear that she did. I'm thankful for that moment. I dreaded English, and I almost died from boredom in math. It was so difficult to concentrate when I could only focus on what I would say to Courtney. I explained to Geoff what happened at my locker, and he agreed that I should confront Courtney. My last class of the day was history, and I had to wait until then to find her. I was hoping it would be before then.

On my way to Spanish I stopped in the hallway seeing Courtney at her locker. She wore a pair of corduroy pants and brown clogs for shoes. She had on a white cashmere sweater which looked entirely too warm for this weather. I narrowed my eyes and walked up to her. When she closed her locker, she jumped at the sight of me, and then glared.

"Hey." I said sort of angrily.

"Hi." she says sharply.

"Look, I'm not going to play this game with you Courtney. So either you talk to me now or you turn around and walk away and this friendship is over. I didn't do anything wrong and you know it. So quit taking your anger out on me and start acting your age instead of totally trashing my locker and breaking my mom's china plate."

Courtney scoffed and rolled her eyes, and started to turn around and walk away from me. I dropped my books on the ground, "Hey!" I called out, furrowing my brow.

I took four strides toward her, and spun her around placing my hand on her shoulder. "Hey!" I said again when I spun her around. Courtney looked shocked, and kind of scared for a brief second. "Don't touch me, Bridgette." She snapped. "You ruined my life."

I rolled my eyes and stepped back. "Quit being so dramatic, Courtney! Get real. C'mon I didn't ruin your life, I warned you that this kind of thing might happen if you pretend to have fake feelings for someone you have real feelings for. You're just mad at me because I was right, and you were wrong! You can't take being humiliated in public, so you feel the need to take it out on me because you like to push people away, Courtney." I started shouting a little.

Everything was just coming out of my mouth like word vomit; it was uncontrollable. "And you can't get mad at Duncan, because you know if you did he would probably just humiliate you again. Stop being so scared and just get over youself. You're exhausting to keep up with." Then the bell rang for class, and I turned around leaving Courtney's struck expression of shock on her face. I picked up my books and started walking to class. I don't know what I'm feeling right now. Regret? Maybe a little. Sad that the friendship may be over? I guess. Remorse? None. I pulled the door open to Spanish class and took my seat toward the back wall.

A week and a few days later I hadn't talked to Courtney. Geoff and I hung out just as much and he continually tried to make me feel better about what happened. It was a lost cause. I didn't feel bad about what I said because I couldn't fix it. I don't want to apologize because I shouldn't have to. Maybe I overreacted a little. But it's too late for that now. I miss her and I can't change a thing about it.

Saturday dad was working, and mom had the day off. I slept in and tried to make most of my weekend since I had exams coming up very soon and I barely cracked a book open. I mainly spent my Saturdays relaxing in bed reading, or going for long walks to clear my mind. Today was a little different. I pulled on a pair of denim shorts, a white tank top and a gray hoodie that was decorated with a pink floral pattern. I was gardening in the back yard with my mom for a few hours and she asked questions about Courtney and how come she hadn't seen her around for a while.

I explained what had happened, and mom simply said "She'll come around." and I could only hope that she was right. Two hours after weeding the flowers out and placing in new seeds we took a short break to make lemonade and have lunch.

In the kitchen I pulled out the lemonade mixture and a large pitcher and began filling it with water.

"Bridgette!" Mom called from the front door. I shut the water off and responded, "Yea, mom?" Mom didn't answer me back. I sighed and walked toward her and she wasn't at the door anymore.

The door was left wide open and in front of the door was a small glass vase filled with an arrangement of pink and yellow violets and pink Gerber daises. There was a small card sticking out and I knelt down to pick up the arrangement.

I shut the door with my foot and read the card. "Sorry. Can we be friends again? - Courtney." It said simply in Courtney's perfect hand writing. I gave a weak smile and placed the arrangement on the coffee table in front of the couch.

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