So here it is: the final chapter of My Other Half! It's kind of bittersweet. I really enjoyed writing such a fluffy and fun story for Geoff and Bridgette. Especially since I usually write for Duncan and Courtney. And my stories are usually in more than one P.O.V. This is my first story fully written in just one characters POV. I'm proud of this story, i feel like with every one i write i improve in my writing somehow. Though it isn't my most successful I do have you amazing reliable reviewers who always give me such nice comments and some feedback for me to work up on. So thank you all, this last chapter is dedicated to you guys.

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Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

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This Time - Carrie Underwood

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I woke up on Sunday morning, mom had moved the floral arrangement from Courtney onto my bureau, the colors really added to my room. I spoke with Courtney last night, it was really quick and awkward since she isn't so good at apologizing. I didn't drag it out, and now we're friends again. The strong friendships go through everything. The ups, the downs, the crazy middle parts and even the most painful experiences. Those things make a friendship worth it in the end.

Courtney and I originally had plans to hang out today, actually. But this was before the whole fight thing, so when the plans were off Geoff and I decided to head over to the small movie theater that isn't so far away from here. I've never been to the movies here yet, of course when mom and I took some drives downtown once or twice I've seen how big and bright everything is. But locally it's pretty laid back.

There is something about Sundays that just relax me. Even though Sundays are bittersweet because I have school the next day, I always feel so calm and serene on Sunday mornings. I like to take Sundays easy; shower, get dressed, wear what I want, do what I want and have a beautiful day. It would be amazing if every day could have the same feeling that I feel on Sundays. Stress free. Just happy.

I brushed my hair straight, and used a butterfly clip to part my hair back so I could see my full face in the mirror. I rarely push my bangs back, but today I just feel like it. I pulled on my pair of denim shorts, and slipped on a pair of silver flats. I put a white lacy tank top on underneath my purple raglan top which is so comfy and worn it. I love it. On Sundays, and everyday mostly, little things make me happy.

In my accessories box I decorated myself with a long silver polished necklace with three layers connected, decorated with a silver key hanging at the bottom, and a heart on the second chair, and two bows on either side on the first necklace. I slipped on a beaded bracelet onto my right wrist, and two rings onto my left index and ring fingers. I was just about ready, all I had to do was get my stuff together before Geoff got here to pick me up.

"Bridgette! Geoffrey is here!" Mom called from downstairs. I shook my head, my mom loved to use Geoff's real first name.

"One second!" I called back, and grab my cell phone and wristlet. I put my phone in my wristlet and made sure that I had enough emergency money just in case.

I jogged downstairs, and smiled when I saw Geoff leaning against the doorframe, nodding his head at conversation my mom was making with him. Geoff was wearing a cowboy hat, why he chose to wear that hat is beyond me. It's out there, and random, but so totally him.

"Have a nice time you two." Mom says rubbing my shoulder quickly before turning her attention to the kitchen and began cleaning the inside of the refrigerator like she likes to do once a month.

"We will, bye mom!" I called opening the door and stepping out.

"Yeah, bye Mrs. Benson." Geoff said shutting the door behind us and pulled me close to him but putting his arm around my waist and we walked to his car together.

"So what movie do you want to see, Bridge?" Geoff asked me on our way to the movie theater. Our windows were rolled down and there was hardly any traffic on the roads, total relaxation.

"I don't really care, anything is good. I love movies, like I love being able to say 'hey I saw that movie too!' you know?"

Geoff chuckled, "Yeah I get what you mean."

"So do you have any idea what's playing?" I ask him.

"Nah, but we can just figure something out when we get there." He smiles at me, and it's like his smile can just make all of my problems go away. It's like when I'm with him I sort of feel complete, and whole. Like nothing can wreck me or bring me down. Sure I can have my problems and I hurt and I cry. But at times like these I look at his face and his smile is so beautiful, nothing even matters.

When we pull into the parking lot of the movie theater, there were not many cars there. I guess because it was so nice out people figured it would be a good idea to spend some time outdoors instead of in. I totally get that but I'm already set on seeing a movie. I roll up my window and unlatch my seatbelt releasing myself from the car.

Geoff gets out too and locks the car by throwing his arm up and clicking the alarm twice to make sure it was locked. He walked hand in hand into the theater together and approached the box office.

The girl in the box looked entirely bored, her straight hair in a side pony tail chewing her gum loudly and snapping it as she turned the pages of the magazine she was reading. She glanced up at us and I couldn't help but notice her heavy eyeliner.

The girl clicked a button turning on her microphone so we could hear her through the box. "Welcome to SF Cinemas, today is our Sunday special where we have special viewings of movies that came out in the 1980s, such a 'Back To The Future, parts one two and three-

Geoff and I immediately looked at each other and grinned.

"We'll take two tickets for all three movies." Geoff said pulling out his wallet.

The girl in the box raised her eyebrows in surprise, and clicked the button for her microphone. "That will be thirty-three eighty." She snapped her gum again and printed our tickets as Geoff passed the money over.

Geoff took the tickets and wrapped his arm around me and we headed toward the theater. "Snacks!" he said suddenly, and dropped his arm.

"Oh yeah, I can get those. Go inside and save us a seat. I have money." I waved Geoff off and he grinned a little. "I like sour patch kids." he told me.

"I know." I smiled back at him and he went into the theater and I approached the short snack bar line.

There was a petite brunette standing in front of me, and I swore I recognized her. "Excuse, I asked for a diet cola. This is clearly regular." The voice in front of me said annoyed, and I rolled my eyes. I knew it was Courtney, of course.

I tapped Courtney on her shoulder and she turned around with an annoyed expression which changed when she saw me.

"Bridgette! What are you doing here?" She asked surprised.

"Movies with Geoff. Are you here alone?" I asked her.

Surely she wouldn't be here with Duncan, right?

Courtney blushed lightly, I cringed predicting what she would say next. "Court, don't tell me you're here with-

"I'm not! I'm not. I promise." She assured me.

I waited for her to continue. "I'm not here with anyone, actually. I'm just…alone." She added quietly.

"Well, you're welcome to watch the Back To The Future movies with Geoff and me." I offer.

"Yuck, I hate old movies." Courtney shook her head. "But thanks anyway." Courtney turned around when she heard the young boy behind the counter say, "Um, miss?" Courtney took her new soda and stuck a straw into it.

"Before you go into your movie, I was just wondering…so what happened with uh, Duncan?"

Courtney sipped her drink momentarily. "Nothing." She replied.

"Nothing? You haven't talked to him?"

"Nope. Well, he tried talking to me but I didn't respond. I figure to get his attention, which I don't exactly want, I would just ignore him. This way it gets him mad. He's been trying to talk to me since the whole 'incident' because when he tried to ruffle my feathers about it again I simply ignored him. I've been doing that ever since." She tells me proudly. And I was sort of proud of her. Why feed into Duncan's negative energy? It so isn't worth it.

I patted her on the shoulder. "Good for you Court." I smile.

"I guess I figure now I can just spend some time and focus on myself. And when the time is right, I'll meet a guy well worth my time." She says as-a-matter-of-factly.

"That's the way to go." I agree.

"Ok, I think my movie is starting soon. Talk to you later?" Courtney started walking around me toward her theater door.

"Totally. See you." I wave goodbye and she walked into her movie theater. "Oh, and Courtney?" I call before she steps completely inside all the way. She turned around, with the weight of the door leaning on her back. "Thanks for the flowers." I say, and she smiles in return and lets the door hit her on the way in.

I turn back to the snack bar and order two drinks, candy for Geoff and popcorn for me. While the guy is getting my order, I can't help but think about how far Courtney has come to finding herself. Surely, she always knew who she was to an extent. But I can't help but feel that she even knows more about herself now.

The snack bar guy handed me my order and I paid him off with a few bills and some spare change. I entered the already dark movie theater, and it was practically empty. There were a few heads in the front, and some in the back. I spotted Geoff almost right away, his hat just stands out. I smiled and scooted into the blue clothed seat and passed Geoff his candy and soda.

"Hey babe, just in time. It's about to start." he whispered to me, and kissed the side of my head. I smiled, and got goose bumps all over. The cool air conditioner from the movie theater kicked in, and I slouched down in my seat and rested my head on Geoff's shoulder as the trailers for upcoming attractions showed on the screen.

"Hey Geoff?" I whispered to him suddenly.

"Yea, baby?" He whispered back.

"This." I pause, and smile. "This is kind of perfect." I tell him.

Geoff used his fingers to lift my chin up and he turned his head and said, "You are my kind of perfect." And then he kissed me.

When he kissed me it felt like the first time, and all of the history we now had between us made it that much better. It felt as if he was truly my soul mate. Like I was definitely meant to be with him, and at this moment I realized that Geoff is my other half.

Short, I know but I wasn't totally sure how to end it, I wanted to give Geoff and Bridgette that cute couple ending they always seem to have. Anyway, thanks again for everything. Love you all so much

- Johnna