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The wind shook the trees and blossoms littered across the quaint little house in the middle of the forest. It was one of those really special days when the world seemed at utter peace—well not the whole world.


The door splintered into pieces as Kyo's body flew across the deck. He hit the grass with a grunt and rolled. Pain echoed through his body and he grunted as he tried to lift himself up.

"Kyo!" Tohru squealed and pressed her fists against her mouth as she leapt up from the table.

"You're guard is pathetic, as always." Yuki gracefully ducked through the gaping hole in the door as a smirk played across his lips.

"Yuki, that's enough. Leave Kyo, be," Shigure chirped from the other side of the double paper doors.

Humiliation coursed through Kyo. He squeezed his eyes shut and blocked out the pain emanating from his ribs. Something was broken. Somehow he just knew it. Why can't I just hit him? Just once. Never mind, he'd work on his strategy (or lack thereof) later. He couldn't afford to lose face to that stupid rat, so he heaved himself up as fast as he could and ignored the slicing pain shooting down his abdomen.

"Screw you," he winced and walked away, hoping to hell it was in the general direction of the forest.

"Is he going to be alright?"

Tohru's cry tickled Kyo's ears and another wave of humiliation crested over him. Clenching his fist at his sides, he concentrated on every step. The quicker he got out of sight, the quicker he could sit down, and the quicker he could rid himself of the sour taste of shame in his mouth. Though truth be told, he should've been used to it by now.

Later that Night….

Yuki yawned, rubbing a towel over his damp hair as he started across the deck toward the front doors. He had school tomorrow and for some reason he was exhausted. He went down a mental list of things he needed to discuss at tomorrow's student council meeting as he pulled open the newly patched door. To his surprise, Tohru stood, waiting for him with a steaming cup of tea cradled between her palms.


"Yes, Mrs. Honda. Is there something I can do for you?"

Her gaze dropped to the tea in her hand. "No. I mean yes. I just…"

He crossed the distance between them and gently touched her arm, "Yes?"

"Well," her voice shook a little and her grip on the mug tightened. "I can't find Kyo," she finally blurted.

Yuki quirked a brow and dropped his hand from her arm, "Don't worry about that foolish cat. He'll be fine. He's probably on the roof or something."

Shaking her head, she bit her lip and his eyes widened as a single tear splashed into her tea.

"No, I already looked. I checked his room, the roof. I even went looking for him in the woods but I couldn't find him. I'm so worried."

Yuki titled his chin up so she couldn't see him roll his eyes.. Of course, the one night I'm dying to go to sleep, that idiot runs off. It doesn't matter whether he's here or not, he's a perpetual pain in my ass. Silently cursing Kyo, he pinned up his nicest smile and touched Tohru's shoulder, "How about if I go look for him?"

Tohru looked up from her tea, her eyes were wide and lined with tears. She really was worried. Yuki kept his expression serene as an odd combination of adoration and annoyance shot through him, "Go to bed. There's no use in you sitting up all night worried. Really. I'll find him. I promise."

She smiled a small smile and sniffled, "Thank so much. I really am grateful."

"It's no problem," he lied. "I should probably go check on the base anyways. I haven't had a chance these last couple of days."

"Are you sure?"

He nodded and gave her a little push towards the staircase. "Don't worry, I'll find him."

She bowed and scampered off upstairs.

Yuki's façade fell the moment she disappeared. Oh, I'll find him. And when I do I'm going to skin the foolish cat…one orange hair at a time.

A Little Later On…

A branch crunched under Yuki's shoes and for some reason the sound pulled his last little thread of patience thin. It'd been nearly an hour and still no sign of that damned cat. At this rate, it'd take him all night to find him. He contemplated just turning around and going back home, but an image of a tearful Mrs. Honda nipped that idea in the bud. Though sometimes he found her overly emotional behavior a tad annoying, he admired her kind and open personality.

He sighed. It just wouldn't be right to break his promise to her.

The wind picked up cutting through Yuki's flannel pajama pants and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep his teeth from chattering. Shoving his hands in the pockets of his black coat, he thought back to earlier that day. If his memory served him correctly, Kyo had been wearing a light blue hoodie and a pair of cargo pants. Wherever he was, he didn't have a jacket on. He was probably freezing. Yuki smirked; if he was lucky that idiot's privates would frostbite and shatter.

When he reached the edge of the dense forest and came upon the lake, his jaw clenched. Where is that damn cat? Weary, he dragged his feet across the slightly sandy bank and peered out across the water. The moonlight shimmered across the water and it seemed to be glowing under the pale shards of light.

"Well, I guess this wasn't a total waste."

Something moved behind him, but before he could turn around, it tackled him from behind and slammed him back against the cold sand. Shocked, Yuki blinked up at the shuddering figure that had pinned him down. "Kyo?"

"That's right, you…you damn…rat," his breath was harsh and Yuki couldn't make out his face. "I finally got you."

Kyo keeled over and collided on the ground next to him. Did that just happen? Sitting up, Yuki brushed the hair out of his eyes and rolled to his knees. Kyo's arms were wrapped around his mid-section and his breath was shallow.

"Kyo," a little ribbon of panic welled up inside Yuki as he brushed Kyo's hair out of his eyes. Kyo didn't answer and Yuki clamped down on his emotions and grabbed his shoulders, "Are you hurt?"

Kyo mumbled something incoherent and Yuki swallowed hard. He seemed exhausted or maybe he was hurt, but if he was hurt, why wouldn't he have come back to the house? Maybe he couldn't. Maybe he was attacked. Yuki opened up all of his senses and surveyed their surroundings. Or maybe…He looked down to Kyo as a breeze feathered through his burnt orange hair…his being hurt is why he didn't come back to the house.

"Foolish cat." Standing, he heaved the taller boy up over his shoulders, "Now I have to carry you all the way home."

Kyo mumbled something and a bolt of rage lashed through Yuki, and his jaw clenched. "Shut up, you fucking idiot."

Halfway back to the house, Yuki's legs started to wobble. Not necessarily from Kyo's weight so much as the dense exhaustion. A bitter amusement crossed his expression as he ground out his words, "Where's a woman when you need one. At least then all I'd have to do is carry a fuzzy hairball back to the house."

Kyo mumbled something.

"What was that, you ignorant cat?"

"Put me down, you damn rat."

Damn rat? Damn rat? DAMN RAT?

Yuki stopped in his tracks and dropped Kyo unceremoniously on the leaf covered ground, "As you wish."

Anchoring his hands on his hips, he looked down at Kyo while the other boy groaned and attempted to sit up. Kyo came up half way and winced.

Yuki kneeled next to him, "Where are you hurt?"

Kyo said something under his breath as he dragged himself backwards and propped himself up against a tree.

"What was that?"

"I said," he huffed out a breath, "I'm fine. Leave me the hell alone."

"You most certainly are not fine. You can't walk."

"Leave me the fuck alone!" Kyo nearly screamed. "I don't need a fucking mouse to hold my hand! I can do it on my own!"

"Fine," Yuki stood in one fluid motion. "If you freeze to death you'll have no one to blame but your own ridiculous pride."

Kyo flung a fist full of dirt and leaves at Yuki. "Leave! Go! Get the fuck away from me!"

All Yuki could do was blink. He knew Kyo hated him, but he'd never thought he hated him enough to risk freezing to death.

Grasping blindly at the earth around him, Kyo heaved another fist full of mulch. "I said get the fuck away from me!"

That handful barely even grazed Yuki, but he took a step back anyway. He couldn't understand why, but the louder Kyo screamed the further he backed away and the more it…hurt. Kyo kept screaming and throwing patches of soil at him, until finally Yuki turned and walked away his thoughts trapped in an odd maze. Am I that bad?

A Little While Later…

Something rustled in the forest and Yuki lifted his head from on top of his knees. Kyo appeared seconds later, leaning heavily on a tree with his one of his arms banded around his midsection. Shock stapled Yuki's eye lids wide open as he watched from the deck. He couldn't believe it. He'd made it back all by himself, and walking no less. Kyo flung himself forward and clutched onto another tree. Well, almost walking.

Kyo's chest heaved as he looked towards the house, his face contorted in a cocktail of pain, determination, and relief. Yuki stood and watched utterly horrified as Kyo's legs gave out from underneath him. He hit the floor. Yuki leapt from the deck and ran across the yard. This time Kyo had completely passed out. The wind sung through the trees, nipping at Yuki's legs through his pajama pants as he knelt down next to his cousin, the stupid…stupid…brave cat.

The breeze swept across Kyo and Yuki touched his fingers to Kyo's dirt stained face. He was burning up. He had a fever. Once again that little ribbon of panic welled up inside Yuki and he clenched his fists at his sides in an effort not to smack the idiot boy across the face. That could wait until later. Right now he needed to get him in hot bath to chase away the chill Yuki was sure had seeped into his bones. Heaving him over his shoulders, Yuki walked as fast as his legs would carry him across the yard, up the stairs and into the house.

Sliding the door closed with his foot, he started up the stairs and once again using his foot slid open the door to the wash room. He set Kyo down on the ground, carefully so not to wake him, and tried to catch his breath. He needed to call Hatori. He was positive Kyo had hurt himself somehow but first he need to find out just exactly how he'd hurt himself. Kneeling next to Kyo, he unzipped his jacket as quietly as could, not only because he didn't want to disturb Tohru, whose room was on the other side of the wall, but also because he wanted Kyo to rest…he was less of a pain when he was asleep.

Yuki made quick work of his hoodie and pants. Sweat trickled down the back of his neck and clung to his bangs, and Yuki shrugged out of his jacket and shoes before cutting the water on. Steam quickly rose from the tub as he pushed Kyo's shirt up over his tight, toned stomach. His mouth went dry as his eyes traced the light trail of hair that disappeared into his boxers. Yuki unconsciously licked his lips and slid the shirt up a little higher over his chest before maneuvering it over his lightly muscles arms.

It was then that Yuki saw what had been hurting Kyo so much. A large purple bruise had spread across his rib cage the size of hand…no more like the size of a…His eyes widened as this afternoon's fight flashed through his mind.

"…a foot." The words fell from his lips and echoed through the bathroom. A twinge of guilt speared through him even though he knew these things were to be expected when two people fought but still, he hadn't meant to kick him so hard. It didn't matter right now. He'd feel guilty later. He needed to hurry up and get Kyo into the bath so he could go call Hatori.

That stupid cat had run off with what looked like a broken rib or two. What the hell had he been thinking? Tossing the black tank top over with the other filthy clothes, Yuki stood and cut the water off thinking back to the way Kyo had made it back to the house all by himself. He turned and looked down at Kyo. That had to have taken sheer force of will. Despite his normal hate for his cousin a strange feeling of admiration flickered to life inside him. He shook his head, in attempt to rid himself of the odd feeling.

He crouched down next to Kyo and for some reason couldn't seem to stop looking at him. His eyes roamed down Kyo's corded neck, muscled chest and tight stomach. He really was…handsome. Yuki's groin stirred and his eyes widened as his cheeks heated. What the hell is the matter with me? I just need to get him into the bathtub. That's all. Almost out of its own accord his fingertips drifted over his belly button, down to the waist of his boxers.

Hooking his fingers in the elastic band, he tugged them down slowly, relishing every inch that was bared to his eyes. The slope of his midriff. The subtle "v" shape his pelvis and hips made. The orange curls. He cocked his head to the side and licked his lips. Hmm, I would've figured he shaved…

Kyo stirred and Yuki fell back on his ass and back pedaled until his back collided with door. He lifted his offending hand, and stared at the creased skin like it had betrayed him. What the hell am I doing? Scrambling to his feet, he left Kyo lying in the middle of the bathroom and rushed towards the phone.

A Month and a Half Later…


"But…I…I…read they're good for colds," sputtered Tohru, her cheeks turning pink as she set the tray down on the floor next to Kyo's futon.


"But," interrupted Hatori, "you do have mild fever and a couple of fractured ribs. Leeks are nourishing and are a natural healing remedy."


"So eat the damn soup, Kyo."

Yuki watched from a small crack in the door as Kyo rolled his eyes and fell back on the bed. "When am I going to be better? I can't take lying in this bed for another week!"

Hatori dropped his stethoscope back in his brief case, " Your ribs have pretty much healed. As long as you take it easy for the next couple of days you'll be fine. I've brought you some more pain medication, just in case," he made a move that suggested he was about to turn and Yuki flattened himself against the wall, "oh, and eat the damn soup."


"Doctor's orders."

Yuki heard Hatori's footsteps over Kyo's griping, leapt away from the door and pinned up his coolest expression.

The door slid open and he pretended to just be walking down the hall.

"There you are, Yuki."

"Hello, Hatori." Yuki responded calmly and looked the older Sohma in the eye, "How is Kyo doing?"

Hatori's expression, as well as his voice, lacked any animation as he closed the door shut behind himself, "He'll be fully recovered in no time."

"Well, that's….nice."


An awkward silence hung between them and a little spark of annoyance fluttered inside of Yuki. Hatori was one of the few people he couldn't read and it irritated him. It was like talking to a wall. Finally, he smiled lightly, "You'll have to excuse me. I have a big test tomorrow and I was on my way to study."

"Very well. I'll see you soon during our next appointment."

Yuki slightly bowed, "Yes. Of course. Thank you, for your time. Now, please excuse me."

Hatori made a noncommittal sound as Yuki turned and with a practiced calm slid his door open and disappeared into his room. He slumped down against his door and pulled his knees up to his chest. He'd made it a point not to skip a beat since the entire incident happened.

He hadn't even told anyone what had actually happened. He'd lied and told them he'd woken up in the middle of the night and found Kyo passed out in the bathroom. He had yet to confess to being the one who carried Kyo inside from the forest, and he'd never confess to being the one who'd stripped him almost naked. He hadn't even gone to visit Kyo. He couldn't. Instead, he'd left his care up to Tohru, Shigure and Hatori.

An image of Kyo's body sprawled out across the bathroom floor flashed through his mind and his cheeks lit up like two red lamps. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about the way seeing Kyo's body had made him feel. Not only that, he'd been afraid to fall asleep since the entire incident happened. Every night Kyo's body somehow made it into his dreams, and every morning since, Yuki had awoken with an aching erection and a wet spot on his sheets. He buried his face in his kneecaps, and forced back the wave of tears that threatened to spill. "What's wrong with me?"

I need to stop obsessing over this. It's only going to make things worse. He stood and sat at his desk. Opening one of his black notebooks, he started to go over his neatly organized notes from the last student council meeting.

"Yuki!" Shigure's voice interrupted Yuki's reading, "Yuki!"

He rolled his eyes. Even his voice is annoying.

Slamming his notebook shut, he went down stairs to Shigure's office. His older cousin was seated behind his desk, a quill ready in his hand as he scribbled down edits on the margins of a manuscript.

Yuki kept his growing impatience in check and stepped into the room, "You called?"

Shigrue set his quill down as his usual easy smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, "Yes. I went to the school today and picked up this week's assignment's for Kyo. Could you take them upstairs to him?"

Yuki wanted to say "no", but he knew Shigure would find that unusual considering Yuki always tried to be mature enough to do whatever was asked of him. His heart raced at the idea of facing Kyo, and t a minor blush creep into his cheeks. He lowered his chin so Shigure wouldn't see it.

"Are you okay?" Shigure's voice was oddly serious.

Yuki banked his growing panic and kept his voice even. "Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know. You seem a little…uncomfortable."

"I'm not." He set his notebook on top of the neat stack of assignments and cradled the short tower. "Don't worry about me."

His heart hammered against his chest as he took the stairs. What am I going to say? I'm not going to say anything. I'm just going to give him the notebooks. The less I say, the better. Even as he formulated his plan of attack a little tremor of excitement raced through his veins. He hadn't spoken to Kyo in over month and for a reason he was almost positive he didn't want to contemplate; the idea of spending time, even if it wasn't a lot of time, with Kyo had his thoughts in jumble. His bottom lip started to tremble and he bit down on it as he slid Kyo's door open with his foot.

Tohru and Kyo immediately stopped talking as he entered the room, and their sudden silence piqued his curiosity even as a blush heated his cheeks. He was used to people looking at him but still, for some reason he started to feel self-coconscious. He hid his face as he set the stack of books next to Kyo. "These are this week's assignments. Shigure asked me to bring these up to you. It wouldn't be wise for you to fall anymore behind."

"Oh, well isn't that nice of you Yuki," Tohru's voice dripped with her usual sweetness. He heard her shift next to him, "I'm going to take your tray down stairs. I still have to finish dinner for the rest of us. I'll come back upstairs to check on you before I start my homework. Okay, Kyo?"

"Yeah, whatever."

Chills broke out all over Yuki's body. Why does he make me feel this way? "I...I..." he cleared his throat, "I'm going to go, too. I have homework I need to get done."

"Whatever. Why are you telling me this? I don't care what you do."

Yuki squeezed his eyes shut unaccustomed to the sting of pain Kyo's words caused him. Usually, he could care less about the insults Kyo hurled his way. Why did they suddenly hurt?

He murmured, "Excuse me."

He stood and left, eager to lock himself in his room where hours of mindless school work awaited him.

Later that Night…

Kyo stared at his ceiling completely and utterly annoyed. It was a full moon tonight and he was stuck in his bed when all he really wanted to do was climb on top of the roof. Actually he just wanted to climb. He wanted to run and jump and train. The quicker he got the fuck out of this bed, the better. He'd been a slave to Hatori's so called doctor's orders for over a month and he swore if he saw another leek he'd spontaneously combust and kill everyone present.

Someone walked up the steps making them creak a little bit. He knew it was Yuki. He was the only other one who stayed up late like he did. Shigure and Tohru weren't night owls. Just another part of the curse, he guessed. Cats and rats just happened to be on the same nocturnal biological clock.

Rolling onto his side, he came face to face with the stack of assignment's eagerly awaiting his attention. He sighed heavily; he didn't want to fall behind. But jeez, you would think they would've cut him some slack and at least waited until he could walk around before they started torturing him with school again. He wasn't even remotely tired, he might as well start.

Kyo sat up and momentarily marveled at the fact that he didn't even feel a twinge of pain. He rubbed his side. Apparently Hatori had been right, he was almost healed. Grabbing the first notebook on the stack, he opened it and immediately knew it wasn't his. First of all, he wasn't nearly this organized. Second of all, he didn't write like a girl.

He flipped to the first page and found 草摩 由希 neatly inscribed under the class number. He rolled his eyes; he should've guessed Yuki of all people would write like an adolescent girl. He flipped through the notebook; it seemed to be about the student council. Only he would take such thorough notes about something so trivial. He might as well return the stupid notebook before rat boy flew into a panic over it. He contemplated Hatori's words to stay abed for the next couple of days. A trip across the hall isn't going to kill me.

He stood and stretched, relishing the ability to stand without being in pain. He crossed the distance from his room to Yuki's with ease. A noise drifted through the paper door that perked Kyo's ears. What the hell? He slid Yuki's door open just a fraction. Yuki was already in bed. Well, I'll leave it on his desk for him. Stepping in, he closed the door behind him to keep out the draft as his mind drifted back to the noise he'd heard.

If this idiot talks in his sleep, I'll never let him hear the end of it.

Yuki shifted and Kyo narrowed his eyes. Something, Kyo guessed was Yuki's arm, moved underneath the heavy covers. Moonlight spilled in through the paper doors, illuminating Yuki's silver hair as his head lolled from side to side. His eyes were squeezed shut, and he seemed to be panting softly. Kyo's eyes widened as his eyes traced the subtle flush in his cousin's cheeks, down over his covers to where the movement seemed to be concentrated.

Yuki was….Kyo shook his hair out of his eyes, and took a tentative step back…No, he couldn't be. Yuki's back arched as a strangled little moan fell from his lips. Kyo's eyes widened even more as a blush broke out from the top of his head down to his toes. Yuki winced as his arm worked furiously under the covers. A tingle started at the top Kyo's spine and shot straight down to his groin. A thin film of sweat broke out over Yuki's forehead and his breathing became rougher, harder.

Heat flooded the base of Kyo's sex and jolt of sexual awareness so good it almost hurt filled and thickened his cock. His imagination ran rampant, filling his mind full of pornographic images of how Yuki must have been stroking himself underneath the cover, how good it must feel. Out of its own accord, Kyo's hand drifted to his pajama pant clad thigh. He fisted the flannel material and dragged his knuckles up and down his thigh.

Yuki let out a low moan and Kyo's eyes rolled shut as a sexual tremor snaked down his spine and curved around his cock. He released his pants and dragged his fingertips within reach of his growing erection. He winced upon contact and quickly lost all inhibition. Rubbing his palm against his erection, he tuned into the little sounds emanating from Yuki. An image of Yuki's beautiful little mouth wrapping around his cock filled his mind, and he bit his lip and grabbed himself through his pants. The added friction of the flannel sent a shock ricocheting through his groin. Yuki moaned and shifted, and Kyo's eyes snapped open.

His cousin writhed and Kyo let his head loll to the side as he jerked his fist. He watched Yuki's expression tighten. He seemed to be nearing release. And for some reason, Kyo wanted to see him arch and cry out as he spilled himself. He wanted to see Yuki cum. He needed to see it. And just like that, Yuki cried out and arched back, his spine bowing under the strain of his release. Kyo's hooded eyes didn't miss a beat.

Yuki let out a ragged breath, "Kyo."

At the sound of his name something primal and sexual in him wrenched up, even as his ears perked. He drew his brows together. He just said my name. Right? Or am I going crazy?

"Kyo," Yuki moaned as he lay back down in his bed.

Shock zapped Kyo out of his highly sexual state and the world narrowed down to just Yuki's mouth. He just said my name, again.

Panic fluttered inside him and he spun towards the door. In his haste to get it open the notebook slipped from between his fingertips. He watched it fall like it was a horror movie playing before his eyes. It clattered across the wooden floor and it seemed like the sound echoed forever.

"Kyo. What are you…How long have you…What did you see?" Yuki seemed breathless.

The monster of all blushes crested over Kyo and he squeezed his eyes shut. He felt like someone had tossed him in a paper sack, like there was no way out. How could there be? What could be possibly say to explain himself? Wait? Why the fuck was he panicking? It wasn't his fault he just so happened to walk in on Yuki? And he wasn't the one whispering his cousin's name while he…did that. He opened his mouth, ready to yell, ready to scream and defend himself. But he couldn't force the words out of his mouth. He couldn't think past the heat burning his cheeks. Sliding Yuki's door open, he bolted to his room and slammed the door shut.


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