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They walked back to the house from Tohru's grandfather's house in a companionable silence. Kyo grit his teeth and rolled his eyes, this shit is getting ridiculous. He'd been fighting the urge to stop and kiss Yuki the entire way home. And now that they were on Sohma land that urge had increased tenfold. He opened his mouth to curse at himself, when something hit him and nailed his back to a tree. His lungs shook in his rib cage and his breath knocked out of him. He tried to breathe but Yuki's mouth caught his and suddenly oxygen was the last thing on his mind.

Yuki ravaged his mouth, and Kyo clasped onto his shoulders titling his head so he could deepen the kiss.

Oh, this was good.

Very. Very. Good.

Kyo fisted Yuki's hair and tugged. Hard. Yuki bit down on his lip, and then drew his tongue into his mouth and suckled it. A moan was torn from the back of his throat, and Kyo wrenched Yuki's head to the side and bit down on the curve of his neck. Yuki whimpered with pleasure and Kyo's pants were down with a little "pop".

He moaned and pressed his forehead against Yuki's as he dragged air into his lungs, "What are you doing?"

Yuki chilled hand slid into Kyo's boxers and curled around his rigid cock. Kyo's hissed, even as he went rigid with pleasure.


He opened his eyes, not having realized he'd closed them. His voice seemed hoarse to his own ears and he gulped, "Yeah."

A smile toyed with the side of Yuki's mouth and squeezed and slightly pumped, "Do you like it when I touch you?"
Pleasure shot up Kyo's spine in short bursts and he rocked back on his heels, forcing his pelvis closer to Yuki's touch.


He bit his lip, "Yeah."

"Look down. I want you to watch me."

Kyo's eyes dropped down to where Yuki's pale hand was stroking his flesh back and forth. Yuki dragged his thumb across his mushroom tip, spreading his pre-cum around the flushed skin, and Kyo thrust forward almost involuntarily.

Yuki leaned in, even as he worked his hand up and down, and bit down on Kyo's ear lobe, "I love…" he voice was rough, "how unashamed you are about your pleasure." His grip tightened and his pace quickened, and Kyo nearly cried out as Yuki's lips roved down the side of his face, "I love how much you want it," he bit down on the side of Kyo's neck, "so fearless….so beautiful…" he squeezed a little harder, "…so…so hard."

Kyo groaned and latched onto Yuki's shoulders, pressing their foreheads against one another as he flexed in time with Yuki's strokes, "you're…you're torturing…m...m…me on purpose, ya damn rat."

He slowed his strokes down, "And what if I am? What are you going to do about it, you stupid cat?"
Heat and something akin to a frustrated rage flooded Kyo's veins and he griped the back of Yuki's neck and hauled his head back. Baring his teeth, he whispered, "you like to piss me off, don't you?"

A mischievous light fluttered behind Yuki's eyes, and his strokes slowed down. "No, that's not it at all."

Kyo's grip in Yuki's hair melted away as he jerked forward in Yuki's grasp, wrestling to keep a rational thought process, "Then why are you teasing me like this?"

Yuki paused, "I…I…" he cleared his throat, "I...I…"

An uncomfortable tingle whispered up Kyo's spine and for a moment he forgot Yuki still had him in a firm grip, and met his violet eyes, "You what?"

Yuki shifted his gaze to the side, like he couldn't bear to look Kyo in the eye. The sex that had flooded Kyo's system came to an abrupt halt as he searched Yuki's rather pained expression, "What?"

Yuki cleared his throat, "I…I…like it…when…you…"

Impatience flickered to life within Kyo and he grit his teeth against the urge to punch it out of him. What the hell was his problem now? Wasn't he supposed to be the one who couldn't say what he wanted to. Why was Yuki struggling so damn hard? Why did Yuki look so damn paralyzed?

He was reminded of the first time they'd kissed, and half of the times after that. A growl whispered between his clenched teeth. He was sick of this. He was sick of Yuki touching him, getting him all hot and bothered and not...God, he didn't even know how to put it into words. But every time he and Yuki were on the brink of something great one of them would choke- and he was just…he didn't want there to be anymore fear. He wanted Yuki to touch him, so he could rub him back and they could descend into hell together.

Kyo tightened his grip and pulled Yuki back even farther, leaving his entire neck bent, exposed. His mouth watered at the sight of the skin, but he tamped down on his urge to bite down the pale skin and instead whispered, "You like when I what?"

Yuki's pulse fluttered wildly in his throat. "I...I…can't. Kyo, I can't."

Barely restrained anger drew Kyo's patience tight, and her reached down and pried Yuki's fingers from his cock. Rubbing his mouth against Yuki's, Kyo released his hold Yuki's hair, and pinned both of his arms against his side. "Yes, you can."

Yuki surged up attempting to catch Kyo's mouth in a kiss, and Kyo jerked back. Yuki's eyes snapped open and a little flare of temper danced behind his violet gaze, "I just can't."

"Then why did you start it." As much as he tried, Kyo couldn't help the anger that leapt into his voice, "No. This shit ends now. If you gonna tease me, you're gonna do it right. Now say it damn it. Tell me what you want from me?" Emotions swelled in his chest and he dropped his head against Yuki's chest in attempt to hide the feelings he knew where written on his face, "God, tell me what you want, so I can give it you." He sucked in a ragged breath and squeezed his eyes shut as his cock pulsed with wild fantasies, "I wanna give it to you."

"Kyo," Yuki whispered, and twisted out of Kyo's grip. Kyo let him go, suddenly exhausted. What the hell was he talking about? Wasn't he just as…cruel as Yuki? Hadn't he just contemplated how ashamed he felt. His heart ached and hadn't a fucking clue why. He tried to be pissed. But it just wouldn't come. It was like being on 'yo-yo'. One minute Yuki was all over him and the next he was shirking away on the off chance someone might see them. Yuki's fingers laced through his and he stared down at their hands. For a moment there, he couldn't figure out who's hands belongs to who. And…he felt…pain.

It served him right for –

"Kyo, I like it… when you're…rough."

Shock peeled his eyes wide open, and a blush burned his cheeks. His gaze snapped up. Yuki was staring at him with the quiet determination he'd come accustom to, "I like it when you're rough with me."

Relief flooded through Kyo and the hollowed feeling that was attempting to swallow him whole dissipated. He felt…better. He felt good – well he'd feel good as soon as... Hauling Yuki's forward, Kyo pressed his rigid erection against him, simultaneously enjoying the rough friction and the hitch in Yuki's breath, "Kyo, I like it when you're rough. I like it when you're rough. I like it when your rough…"
Kyo watched as Yuki squeezed his eyes shut and repeated it over and over, he studied the way his expression tightened when he said it, the way he seemed to have to force the words out, the way he seemed to be struggling for air. A adoration laced pain expanded in his chest and he banded an arm around Yuki and buried his face in his neck. He didn't know why he need to hug him –actually the thought sounded really foreign- but he needed to. So he did.

Yuki's chanting became nothing but a whisper, a quiet murmur against Kyo's shoulder, "I like it when your rough."

Yuki latched onto his shoulders and his voice wavered in a way that perked Kyo's ears and dropped a brick of dread in the base of his stomach. Sohmas did not cry.

Anger spiked up Kyo's spine, what a crock of shit.

He was sick of this. He was sick of the fear and the anger, and the fucking pain. He was sick of the shadows that clung to corners of the Sohma family. He was sick of the way Yuki seemed to completely crumble in front of Akito. No more. No more. No more, damn it. Kyo tightened his hold on Yuki and latched onto the side of his throat on a mission. Yuki was going to moan for him. Yuki was going to feel pleasure. And for fuck's sake Yuki was going to stop crying.

Yuki cried out as Kyo caught his skin between his teeth, and bit down even more savagely and flexed his cock against the wool of Yuki's coat. Pleasure exploded through his groin and he dragged his tongue up the side of Yuki's neck and caught his mouth in a punishing kiss. It was good. It was better than good. It was mind numbing. Sucking and kissing Yuki's lips, he grabbed Yuki's hands, led them to erection and molded Yuki's hands around his flesh. "Tease me."

Yuki immediately curled his hand around Kyo's cock, dipped his other hand into his baggy blue jeans and cradled the soft sacks of Kyo's flesh. Kyo's eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head and he grunted against the wonderfully, foreign sensation. For a moment, all he could do was close his eyes and try to stay upright.

"Kyo." Yuki's voice seemed strained and Kyo's eyes snapped open. Yuki's eyes had a rather glazed look to them and his tongue dart out of his lip. Kyo's eyes dropped to the bulge he knew had to be straining Yuki's white pants tight and a grin teased the side of his mouth. He dipped, crushed his mouth against Yuki's as he undid the buttons to Yuki's coat. Pushing the coat back off of his shoulders, Kyo reached for Yuki's waist band and made quick work of the fastenings. Yuki's flesh popped out and Kyo swallowed the little moan of relief rolled off of his slightly parted lips. His grip tightened around Kyo, tugging a growl from the back of his throat. Kyo jerked Yuki's under ware down, fisted the rigid flesh, and jerked his fist over the silky skin.

Yuki tore his mouth away as his back bowed with pleasure, "Harder."

Kyo's flitted over the possibility that considering they weren't using any kind of lubricant he might actually hurt Yuki. That thought evaporated as soon as Yuki flexed forward forcefully and bit down on Kyo's lip. Actually all thought evaporated.

They rubbed and pumped each other's flesh until they were both crying out against each other's lips in a mixture of a pain and intense pleasure. Yuki's spine went rigid and he murmured Kyo's name as he jack hammered into his grip. Kyo's suckled on the side of his neck and purred with a lazy pleasure as he finished milking that last bit of Yuki's pleasure.

"Fuck," Yuki groaned and slightly sagged against Kyo.

A smile twitched at the side of Kyo's mouth –he was beginning to develop a fetish for special Prince Yuki curses- even as a desperate need to spill his own release bore down on him. He flexed against Yuki's slowed strokes, savagely wanting more friction. Yuki immediately picked up the pace, "Here Kitty, Kitty…"

Kyo groaned and dropped his head back against the bark of the tree.

A branch snapped.

And then another.

And another.

Yuki and Kyo went rigid and paused, trying to control their breathing so they could tune into their surroundings. Yuki released his hold on Kyo's cock and his entire body jerked viciously mourning the loss. He winced, latching onto Yuki's coat. "Why did you stop?"

Yuki straightened, "Did you hear that?"
Kyo's jaw clenched –come back here- as he hauled Yuki back and pressed his mouth against his neck, "Who cares?"

"I'm being serious, Kyo." Yuki straightened once more, tucked his cock back into his under ware and redid his pants. "Someone's coming. You need to get dressed. We'll finish this later."

Kyo stared at Yuki as he straightened his clothes like he was trying to erase the wrinkles …like he was trying to erase Kyo. And suddenly some kind of pissed the fuck off combined with the urge to lay Yuki's ass flat on the ground and rape him reared up Kyo's spine and his hands curled into fists. His groined ached and his chest pulsed with pain. A thousand words danced on the tip of his tongue but he was entirely too pissed to stream them together into a sentence.

Another branch snapped.

Kyo tucked himself back in his jeans and redid the buttons; viciously trying to thread together the words that would communicate something along the lines of what he was feeling. I hate you, I'm going to kick your fucking ass, and how could you do this to me just didn't cut it.

Just as he pushed himself up off the tree, Haru appeared on the dirt road, "Hey."

Yuki –rat bastard- was as calm as a fucking cucumber, "Hello Haru. What are you doing here? Did you come to practice?"

"No, we're going to lake remember. Hatori brought me so you and I could practice there." Haru blinked. "What are you guys doing out here?"

Yuki slipped his hands into his coat, "We were on our way back from walking Ms. Honda to her grandfather's house."

"Oh, "Haru titled his head to the side, "Kyo what happened to the side of your neck."

Kyo's cheeks burned, and the words "mind your business, brat" immediately shot through his head. But he caught a glimpse Yuki out of the corner of his eye. Yuki's was as still as a statue his expression grim, like he half expected Kyo to up and tell Haru. You don't have to worry, you fucking rat. Pain pulsed through his chest, and he shoved his hands into his jacket's pockets and started walking, eager to turn his back on them, "To hell with the both of you. I'm going home."

"Kyo," Haru shifted to the side and allowed to Kyo to brush pass him. "What did you do to him, Yuki?"

A Little Later…

Yuki folded his pants and neatly tucked them into his suitcase. Deciding he had enough clothing for the impromptu weekend trip, he reached for the lid but something nagged at the back of his mind. Am I forgetting something? He glanced to his side where his pajama bottoms were folded neatly on top of his futon. His gaze traveled over his shoulder to his door. The long sleeved pajama top was probably still nestled somewhere in Kyo's futon.


Dark, hot, memories flickered through his mind and he bit his lip in attempt to distract himself from the heat that flooded his nervous system. Yuki curled a stray strand of hair behind the curve of his ear. His fingertips drifted over his collar and he pressed the starched blue silk down and rubbed the bruised skin. The small twinge of pain tugged a little groan out of his throat. This was impossible. It was impossible to want someone so much.

But Kyo…that beautiful fool and his magic mouth…

A knock rapped at his door and Yuki shut his suitcase softly and forced any remnant of his traitorous thoughts out of his mind. "Yes?"

Haru slid his door open and poked his head inside, "Can I come in?"
Yuki forced himself to smile softly, "Sure."

Haru stepped in and leaned against the wall in a way that reminded Yuki of the way Kyo slouched with his hands shoved in his pockets, and the wind tousling his feathery orange hair.


Yuki jolted out of his rather orange thoughts and tucked his chin against his chest in an effort to hide the horrendous blush coloring his cheeks. I can't believe I just spaced out like that. He set his suitcase on the ground, trying to seem as though that was what he'd intended to do all along. Haru's necklaces jingled musically as he crossed the distance between them and squatted down in front of Yuki, "Yuki? Are you okay?"

Yuki paused and traced Haru's leather pants up to his dark shirt, to his gray eyes. "I assure you. I'm fine."

Haru reached up and brushed a strand of Yuki's hair back, "You seem…different."

Yuki's heart thudded in his chest and his tongue darted out over his bottom lip, "Different, how?"

Haru dropped his arm and Yuki released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. What the hell was wrong with him? Haru had never made him uncomfortable before. Then again, Yuki's eyes darted to the left. He glimpsed across the hall to Kyo's bed room. Before now, there's never been a reason. Now, there was a– a really big, orange haired, anger management candidate- reason. Yuki stood, eager to put some distance between him and Haru. "I promise. I'm fine."

Haru stood as well, his expression was passive but Yuki knew better. Since they'd been children Haru had always had a keen sensitivity to whatever Yuki was going through. And now, it seemed, their friendship was coming back to bite him in the ass. Then just like that, Haru shrugged and turned towards the door, "I'm going to get something to eat."

Yuki blinked, slightly confused but even more grateful. "Ms. Honda left some miso in the fridge. Help yourself."

Haru disappeared around the corner and Yuki's eyes darted across the hall, like he half expected Kyo to step out of the shadows. Kyo's room was empty- the balcony doors had been left open and the breeze tossed the curtains around. Yuki sighed; he'd probably gone up to the roof to sulk. Not that he blamed him. Kyo had been less than pleased earlier in the forest. He thought back to the way Kyo had hugged him, the way they'd touched and kiss in fervor…the way Yuki had completely lost his control. He'd shed a tear in front of that idiot….

God, he didn't know what the hell was going on? He was confused. It was like all of his emotions were running in a million different directions and even though something in him wanted to viciously grab the reins and halt everything, make it so that everything would go back to the way it was. Another part of him murmured to just…let go. Let it happen. What use did it do to swim against a current this strong?

It wasn't like he could stop himself from ever kissing Kyo again. That much…that much Yuki knew for certain. In that sense, he was at Kyo's mercy. Hadn't every kiss they'd exchanged since their first proved that over and over again? Whether he ever admitted it again, Kyo had everything he wanted….Kyo was everything he –Yuki gulped down a tickle of dread- wanted.

"I like the way your hair moves."

Yuki rubbed his temples, "What the hell am I saying?"

"I wanna give it to you."
Kyo's voice touched his thoughts like a balm, and Yuki sucked in a deep breath and

cracked his eyes open. Peering across the hallway, he noted Kyo's futon had been stripped. He wondered whether Kyo had taken his pajama top down to the laundry too. Or, his swung one foot forward, perhaps he'd just left it in his bedroom. Yuki crept across the hall, not really sure why he was risking being caught by Shigure or Haru in Kyo's room. He shrugged and slid the door shut behind himself, he'd just tell them a lie.

The breeze nipped at Yuki's exposed skin as he glanced around Kyo's sparse furnishings. Aside from the messy desk in the corner and huge case of books, there wasn't really much to see. Yuki couldn't pin point why it bothered him but it was like…Kyo was just passing through, like he'd up and disappear at any moment. It….Yuki shook his head and pushed the odd thoughts to the back of his mind, and climbed out onto the balcony.

He climbed the ladder that had been propped up next to the house for Tohru and eyed Kyo over the edge. Kyo was sprawled out over the shingles, cradling his head with one head and holding a book in the other. A blush touched Yuki's cheeks, Kyo looked so damn handsome when he was focusing on something. It was like Kyo put his entire being into whatever he was doing at that one moment in time…it was inspiring- it moved Yuki in a quiet way that left his mouth burning and his heart shuddering with something he wasn't brave enough to name just yet.

Yuki caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of his eye. He reeled, cursing himself as he glimpsed Haru practicing his New Year's dance in the front yard. Not only was he NOT improving but what if he was to get a wild hair up his ass and decide to turn around. Yuki cursed himself, what the hell am I doing out here anyways? Wasn't I going to get my pajama top?

A blush bleached Yuki's cheeks and he ducked down, and started climbing down as fast as he could. He couldn't believe he'd just done that. He couldn't believe he'd let his control slip so far that he'd ended up on the roof instead of back in his room, packing his pajamas away like any other decent human being.

Yuki froze, suspended half way between the balcony and the ladder.

"Yuki?" Kyo landed with a soft thud on the balcony and folded his arms over his chest. The little minions in Yuki's mind went wild, trying to come up with some kind of plausible explanation as to why he was on the ladder. Control yourself!

Yuki pinned up a serene expression and swallowed the urge to pull his hair out of his head. Stepping onto the balcony gracefully he laced his fisted his hands at his side, "I came to ask you whether or not you knew where my pajama top was?"
Kyo slanted his eyes away as a little blush tinged his cheeks. "It's down in the laundry washing. I don't know if you remember but we used it to…"

"I remember." Yuki cut him off, knowing that if he allowed Kyo to finish that statement his head was liable to blow clear off of his shoulders. How the hell could he forget that they'd used it as a towel the night before? His mind passed over the memories of Kyo feathering kisses down the side of his neck as he wiped cum off of their stomachs. Yuki eyes traveled to Kyo's barren futon. My, how quickly things had complicated themselves since last night.

"Was that it?" Kyo snapped, turning away towards the surrounding forest.

Yuki knitted his brows and blurted, "What's the matter, Kyo?" The minute the statement fell out of his mouth, Yuki's hand clenched at his side and he cursed himself. Control yourself!

Kyo's spine went rigid. "Nothing. Leave me alone."
Yuki turned towards the door, apparently Kyo didn't want to talk to him, but something stilled his movement. He didn't like the idea of Kyo being mad at him. Actually, the idea of Kyo not wanting to talk to him sent bullets ricocheting through his heart. Why does everything have to be so awkward?

He sighed, "I'm sorry."
"For what?" Kyo snapped.

Yuki hesitated, "…I don't know, but I know you're angry with me."
"Stop thinking you know everything, you damn rat. I'm not angry. "

"Yes, you are." Yuki gripped the side of the door frame. "I know it."

"Oh, yeah?"

Yuki blurted the first thing that came to his mind, "You haven't kissed me since the forest. You haven't even looked at me. " Kyo didn't say anything, and the silence made Yuki flinch. "Never mind. I'm going to finish packing."

Kyo stared at the back of Yuki's head as though he could will him to turn around.

Pissed didn't even come close to describe how he felt. He'd been in a fucking whirl wind all fucking day between Yuki's random ass mood swings and his own bullshit conscious creeping up on him. He was sick of it. He was sick of the fact that every time he and Yuki were in a room they were either slobbering each other down or at each other's fucking throats.

He didn't want to do his anymore. He didn't want to feel like the world was coming down on his shoulders just because Yuki cared a little too much what everyone thought about him. What the hell was the fucking point? Why would he go and make things more difficult for himself? He already had plenty of reasons to be fucking miserable. He didn't need Yuki making them worse.

The breeze shook Yuki's shining sliver hair and Kyo caught his bottom lip between his teeth.



Blood flooded and stiffened his dick almost immediately and he swallowed a groan. He needed release. He needed to kick Yuki the hell out so he could find release. He shook his head oh, yeah, that's intelligent. I'll kick him out just so I can beat off to him. Fucking genius.

"Kyo, did you hear me?"
He rubbed the back of his neck and gripped the railing, "Yeah, you said you were going to go finish packing." Anger he couldn't quite place raced up his spine and he turned his back on Yuki, "so go. No one's stopping ya."
"You're right," Yuki's voice was no higher than a whisper and Kyo was immediately drenched in a heavy guilt.

This is better. Being close to him is only going to make things worse. Kyo rolled his eyes, where have I heard that before. Kyo spun around, crossed the distance between them and caught Yuki's wrist before he could slid the door open. "Listen, I…just…just…" There it went- every word he'd managed to acquire since infancy. He sucked in a deep breath in an effort to force what he wanted to say out of his mouth. His stomach knotted and a sweat broke out over his forehead as he viciously searched, trying to string together his feelings in a way that would make logical sense.

"Kyo," Yuki's breath hitched and he dropped his arm to his side, "what is it?"

Yuki turned slowly and leaned back against the door frame. Kyo's eye dropped to Yuki's mouth and he bit his bottom lip. Yuki was right. He hadn't kissed him in over an hour. The lack of contact had kick started a vicious battle between his desire, and his pride. He was sick.

But more than anything, he was sick of the way Yuki acted, of being tossed to the side at the first sign that someone might see them. It reminded Kyo too much of when he was a child and the minute adults had appeared on the scene the other Sohma children had stopped playing with him and shunned him almost instantly. In all this time, he'd never really figured out why. \ Instead, he'd been whisked away to a dojo in the mountains- left to contemplate the painful stigmatism of the cat in silence.

But that didn't change the fact that he wondered…

He wondered whether the other children really hated him? Or whether they'd been too pussy to get their asses paddled? Had they been afraid they'd be shunned by association? He couldn't see how. Haru and Kagura had managed just fine- but then again Haru had had his own bone to pick with the adults.

On those quiet nights he'd spent staring at the moon from the dojo's roof, he'd wondered what it was like to be accepted…to be Yuki? How differently would his life had been if he'd been born with Yuki's impeccable taste, natural grace and many talents? Kyo reached out and latched onto Yuki's silver hair and tugged entranced with the way the silk slid across his callous palms. Or perhaps, with his flawless beauty?

Envy and adoration so fierce, a tremor wrenched through his body, rose from its safe keeping somewhere in the most private depths of his damaged heart.

Kyo's eyes traced the individual cinches of Yuki's full bottom lip. And now what? Now, he was craving his bitter enemy in an entirely different way. He didn't want to kill him and don his role in life- he wanted to pin him to the wall and shove his cock into Yuki's puckered opening. He wanted to have him. To be inside his body. To own him.

Lust brushed its burning fingertips down his groin, and almost involuntarily, he leaned forward and sucked in a deep breath, relishing Yuki's scent. He smelled of freshly washed cotton mixed with a subtle musk that, Kyo was sure people without his particular sensitivity couldn't pick up on. But he could. He could scent Yuki a mile away. He could smell his fear. His anger. Kyo's eyes lifted and met Yuki's. Barely restrained lust blazed into Yuki's hooded gaze and Kyo inhaled sharply as the salty sweet scent of arousal wafted from him.

A possessive pleasure curled around the base of his cock, and he leaned another fraction forward- eager to press his lips against the side of Yuki's neck, where his natural musk was always strongest. He wanted Yuki for himself. But he wanted him in a way that left Kyo needing Yuki to want him back. He needed Yuki to want him back all of the time. Not just when it was dark out, and they were alone.

"Kyo," Yuki swallowed, hard. "I'm sorry about the forest."

Kyo's spine went rigid and all thoughts of passion were nipped in the bud. Fresh anger leapt to the life from the ashes of his lust and he straightened, and clenched his hands into fists at his sides. His beads rattled softly with the movement- almost as though to add insult to injury. He backed up and looked away towards the far corner of the deck- viciously trying to cope with dark thoughts and odd knowing sensation swirling around his mind.

"Kyo?" Yuki's breathy voice scratched through Kyo's resolve like nails on a chalk board. He turned his back on him and forced his words through clenched teeth, "Never mind.

Leave me alone."

He didn't have to turn around to know Yuki had crept away quietly. And he sure as hell didn't have to run through his memories of the last few moments to know that shit had just gotten serious.