It's hard to say exactly when Auden Parker met the Weasley family. She had just always known them. Literally. Technically, their first meeting might have been in St. Mungo's on the day Auden was born. It was actually the same day that Molly Weasley was taking home her sixth child, Ron, who had been born two days before. A year later, her seventh and last child (and only girl), Ginny would come along, but the other eight Weasleys were all there the night Auden was born. She doesn't remember this, of course, so as far as she was concerned, the Weasley family has always been there. They've always been in her life.

Auden's mother, Renee, had gone to Hogwarts with Molly and the two of them had been friends. Auden's parents had also met at Hogwarts and so did Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. They all got married within a year or two of graduation and eventually built houses next door to each other. Mr. Weasley and Mr. Parker both worked at the Ministry of Magic. Auden's mother had been a photographer and Mrs. Weasley a seamstress before they each had their first child and had decided to stay home to take care of them. Although, Auden's mother still managed to sell a few photographs here and there. It was just that she had stopped taking photography jobs as much and didn't travel for her photos anymore. She just photographed whatever inspired her at home-and sometimes that included her own children (but she never sold the pictures of them).

Auden was the youngest child of two. Her older brother, Ben, was the same age as Percy Weasley, who was the third oldest of Molly's seven children. The first two oldest were Bill and Charlie. After Percy came the twins, Fred and George, then Ron, and finally Ginny, the only girl. With so many children and so many mouths to feed, it had always been more of a struggle for the Weasleys to make ends meet. They had to keep adding additions to their house to make room, and even then there was just barely enough.

The house, referred to as The Burrow, was taller than it was wide. It was a little untidy, but not dirty. Mrs. Weasley would never allow that. There was a rickety staircase leading to the upper floors, and it was impossible to walk through the huge yard without tripping on a garden gnome. Their house had almost become sort of a Weasley family trademark. Besides the fact that every single one of them was a redhead, of course.

Auden had always liked the Weasley red hair. It was interesting and loads better than her plain medium brown hair. The color of mud, she would always sigh. But then one of the twins would usually correct her, saying it was the color of chocolate.

Auden and Ben had grown up with the Weasley children and they were all incredibly close, but Auden would consider herself closest to Ron, Ginny and the twins. They were the ones closest to her age and she just clicked with them. Besides, she Ginny and Ron were usually the brunt of the older kids' jokes for a long time. They were always the ones left out of games and always the ones getting tricks played on them. In Auden's case it was usually because she stuck up for Ron. She didn't like when her friend got messed with, even if it was by his own brothers.

So yes, the Parker and Weasley children had grown up together as best friends. Their parents were incredibly close, so this was understandable. It was even a running joke about Auden marrying a Weasley boy. She would always pretend to gag when that joke was brought up. After all, boys and marriage were gross. Everyone knew that the Weasley boys had the worst case of cooties of all. And every child knew that cooties were only contagious if you liked someone enough to marry them. So the idea was obviously outrageous to Auden, but in reality maybe it wasn't that farfetched after all.

So this is my first story that I've ever posted here and constructive criticism is always nice :) This is just the prologue, but I have chapter one and part of chapter two written, so hopefully those will be up soon!

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