This is just a preview of the sequel to this story. It's called Ups and Downs and 6 chapters are already up. I decided to add a preview here in case anyone didn't know about the sequel. Sorry for the random notification to anyone who did know already :)

"Auden, come on, we're leaving!" called Mrs. Parker.

Auden grabbed her things and walked down the stairs. They were traveling by Floo Powder to Grimmauld Place and meeting the Weasley's there.

"I'll take your trunk and go first. You and your mother will follow," Mr. Parker told Auden, dragging her trunk into the fireplace with him. He threw down some powder. "12 Gimmauld Place!" he yelled as he vanished into green flames.

"Come on, dear," Mrs. Parker said, stepping into the fireplace. Auden followed and stood next to her mom who grabbed a handful of powder and threw it down, yelling out their destination.

Auden felt the usual spinning sensation that came with traveling by fireplace. She hated traveling by Floo Powder, but seeing as she couldn't Apparate yet and brooms were too slow, this was the only option. Fred and George had promised to Apparate with her using Side Along Apparation since they were of age now, but it hadn't happened yet, so she had no experience with it at all.

Finally, Auden and her mother arrived at 12 Grimmauld Place. Auden stepped out of the fire only to be immediately pulled into a tight hug by Mrs. Weasley. "How are you dear?" she asked as she let go of Auden and brushed soot off her shoulders.

"I'm fine, Mrs. Weasley, how are you?" Auden glanced around quickly and noticed they were in the kitchen that looked like it was the basement of the house.

"I've been worse," Mrs. Weasley gave a weak smile. "Everyone in the Order's just been stressed lately. Your dad brought your trunk upstairs. You'll be sharing a room with Hermione and Ginny like always. We just got here as well, so Ginny is probably still unpacking and Hermione's coming a little later, just in time for dinner. Harry will be here around that time as well. Just go straight up to the second floor and it's the first door on the left."

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley," Auden smiled. She wondered were Fred and George's room was. She couldn't wait to see them, but especially Fred.

"The twins are on the third floor and the second door on the left," Sirius said, coming into the room and grinning. He seemed to know exactly what Auden was thinking.

"Hey Sirius," Auden grinned. "And thanks…you read my mind."

"No problem," Sirius grinned.

"Now, wait a minute, Auden," Mrs. Parker said with a grin as Mr. Parker came down the stairs.

"I know what you're going to say so Fred and I will stay at least five feet away from each other and we won't talk, laugh, smile, or have fun," Auden joked.

"That's all we ask," her dad smiled.