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Naruto Speed Unmatched - Chapter 1: The Chase

"Get back here demon!" shouted a man in his early thirties. "Yeah Demon get back here and accept your punishment!" yelled a boy that looked to be barely out of the academy. "Stop the demon!" shouted a woman to a group of people just ahead of where she was running. "Catch him!" shouted a man from the back of a mob. "Come on he went left!" shouted a grey haired old man as the demon slipped temporarily out of view.

Those watching the scene could only shake their heads and keep moving. While few held any sympathy for the person being chased no one liked to see a child being abused even if he deserved it. Who was this child that was being chased by thirty men and women through the streets of the normally quaint and peaceful village of Konoha you might ask. That child was none other than Naruto Uzumaki better known to those over the age of 10 as the Kyūbi jinchūriki or just plain Kyūbi to the more ignorant populous of Konoha.

Little Naruto was doing his best to run from the crazed mob. It was his birthday and he felt like celebrating, because his jiji told him he could attend the academy soon. Naruto was beyond happy as he always wanted to become a ninja like his hero the Yondiame Hokage and his jiji. He came out to the festival thinking today was a good day and despite warnings against going outside by the old man. Naruto spent most of the day going from stall to stall playing games at the expense of gama-chan his frog wallet and eating the most delicious food he had ever eaten. Most of the stalls he went to were of non-Konoha residents as he knew from previous experience anyone from Konoha would simply refuse him service and chase him away if he said anything, but he did a pay a visit to the Ichiraku stall of course.

Naruto hadn't won anything at the game stalls, but he simply enjoyed being able to play the games and be among the other citizens of Konoha. He even got to try some good food from foreign lands not that any of it compared to the wonder that was ramen. It was still light out when the trouble started. Naruto had been going from stall to stall mingling with the crowd when he was suddenly pushed from behind and unable to stop himself stumbled and ultimately fell in an alley. It was as Naruto stood back up and brushed himself off that he got a sudden sense of danger and quickly moved to the side as a knife flew through the area he had recently occupied. Still sensing danger Naruto turned to where he thought the knife had come from and was confronted by a mob of twenty or more civilians holding various weapons.

Naruto quickly turned and ran being much faster than any of the civilians it was easy to stay ahead of them. The problem came when a few ninja decided to join in the chase and help capture the boy. They wouldn't join in torturing Naruto as the punishment to previous shinobi who did was quiet severe when found out. They would simply help in his capture and let the civilians do the dirty work as the council would be able to step in and pardon them and there was little the old Hokage could do about it unlike with the shinobi.

So here Naruto was once again running for his life. He didn't understand why this happened to him or why he couldn't play with children his own age or why it was hard for him to purchase things for a fair price if at all, but Naruto still loved his village and wanted to be a hero one day. Naruto hid underneath a cart of one of the visiting festival goers listening as the sounds of the mob grew closer and closer and where finally upon his location. His heart beat faster in fear as he tried to think of what to do next, but as quickly as they came they went and Naruto listened as the sounds of anger and pounding feet grew father into the distance.

It wasn't until he heard nothing that Naruto crawled out from underneath the cart and thanked Kami and any god that was listening to him for being safe. Naruto looked around and realizing where he was started his long trek home. He made it halfway down the block when he was pushed down a sandaled foot came crashing down on his back. Naruto lifted his head and tried to look behind him at the man that had his foot on his back. "What are you doing?" Naruto asked. "Why I'm capturing a fox of course" the man said after a minutes pause. He then flared his chakra signaling the other chunin among the mob that had run ahead. He only stuck around because something in the back of his mind told him to.

Naruto was struggling to get up from his position and escape. He knew he was no match for the man keeping him down, but he needed to find something anything and that's when he saw it. The chunin had just finished signaling his partners when suddenly a sharp pain erupted from his leg. He was trained to ignore pain, but this came so unexpectedly he could do little but jump away and off his prey. It wasn't until he removed the sharp stone that stuck an inch or so into his leg cutting his thigh muscle in the process that he looked around for the little brat that did it to him and found no one. He was quickly surrounded by his friends who left the mob hearing their friend shout from around the corner. The two started searching for the little monster but returned just as the mob formed around their friend to report not finding the boy.

Naruto saw the sharp looking rock and wondered where it came from, but quickly pushed that thought aside. Taking the rock he twisted around a little before gathering all his strength and stabbing the man he could now see was a ninja in the leg with the rock. As soon as the mans foot was off his back Naruto quickly got on his feet and ran around the corner towards his home it was as he was running with thoughts of going faster and faster scared that one of the chunin in the mob would catch up to him that things around him seemed to slow down. He weaved in and out of the citizens and shinobi so fast it was hard for him to keep control, but he soon found himself in front of his building and smacked right into the door and through it falling onto the steps.

It was a few minutes before he was able to pick himself up and groaning limped up to his apartment and passed out after making sure the door was locked and secure. Before he hit the pillow though Naruto wondered what happened back there when he was running away. He was running so fast, but it seemed controlled like some ability he had awoken. He promised himself he would figure it out soon and drifted away to dream about better days.

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