Chapter 3-Graduation Fun

Sure enough, the idea of using the Shadow Clone Jutsu for Naruto, and Anko too had paid off tremendously for training. The Sandaime had been reluctant at first considering it was a Forbidden Jutsu, which if discovered was taught to Naruto could cause some kind of backlash for him, and decided the cover story was Anko was taught the Jutsu with the blonde seeing the Special Jounin do it during her own private training.

When the final year at the Academy started, Naruto used Shadow Clones to train while he was actually in class, and it paid off big time with those baka teachers that still tried to screw him over. They didn't kick him out of the classes so much after what happened to the last instructor, but they did try to have him take the tests while making sure he had little to no knowledge from them on how to answer questions properly, and were shocked to see his answers were dead on. They tried to alter the papers, but the boy's handwriting was unique in its own way, and any kind of altering would be noticed if brought to the Hokage.

While pretending to learn at the Academy, Naruto decided to secretly watch his fellow classmates knowing from Anko that one day he would be on a team with two of them, and would have to trust they would watch his back. Though that was unlikely given how most of them were Uchiha fan girls, who would never see beyond the Academy in terms of being a Shinobi, and there was also the possibility the minds of the student who did pass were poisoned by their parents in thinking he was a demon they should kill when the opportunity presented itself.

Judging from who was in the class he was in, the various children, who would be Heirs to their respectful clans would pass, and they were a bit...weird in Naruto's mind. Not far from the blonde was Nara Shikamaru was lazy, who wasn't doing much except sleeping, which wasn't surprising since all Nara males were lazy, and had were all at a very young age "whipped" by the female half of the clan. All of whom were not Naras by blood, but rather married into the clan because they were the kind of women, who liked weak willed men, and liked to hit them with frying pans while the Nara men seemed to like being hit.

Maybe it was a fetish kind of thing? Naruto didn't know and neither did the Kyuubi for that matter since he had been sealed away for over a century. Though neither really cared at this point and moved onto the next kid in the class he'd have to possibly partner with.

Akimichi Choji was eating chips under the table in secret due to his clan being fa-uh...big boned due to their ability to expand themselves and required they have a lot of mass to make it happen. Naruto had nothing against Choji at all so if his parents didn't hate him for having Kyuubi and passing that hate down to him then the two would get along just fine.

Next was Haruno Sakura, who Kyuubi had referred to as "banshee screaming bitch with no rack to grope", and told Naruto to do his best in class so there was no chance in all of Hell in being paired with her. Kyuubi wasn't even sure Sakura was a girl at all, as she hit too much like a guy when fighting other Uchiha fan girls, and wondered if she was in fact a he just without either of the testicles somehow not descending.

Next to Sakura was her former best friend turned rival for Uchiha Sasuke was Yamanaka Ino, who for one did look like a girl, but was a bit skinny for Naruto's taste, if he did turn her in the future...made sure she ate a lot more then she was now. With the right amount of eating, mixed with training in the Shinobi arts, Naruto knew Ino would have a great body, and that thought made perverse thoughts dance in his head.

A few rows back, Aburame Shino was silent except for the occasional buzzing from his insects his clan was known to be have control over, and was currently doing the whole "living statue" routine like usual. Never moving unless he had to, never speaking unless he had to speak to someone, and doing just about everything while doing nothing that caused people to be freaked the Hell out.

He was Naruto's kind of friend.

Next to Shino was one Inuzuka Kiba, who was talking to his dog Akamaru in secret, and could overhear some perverse talk from the boy. It was clear whoever the boy's Father was had quite the perverted streak, but from what rumors Naruto had secretly heard about the man, the Inuzuka Matriarch who was Kiba's Mother had scared the man away, and he had not been heard from since his departure. Naruto knew if Kiba's Mother overheard her son speaking the way was now, she would no doubt skin him alive, and feed his remains to her more vicious dogs.

A row down from Kiba was one Hyuuga Hinata, who in Naruto's mind was one special girl, who was timid when it came to being around others, but Kyuubi had told the blonde that she had looked his way one more then one occasion, and blushed seconds later. For Naruto of course, he had known why, as it was clear the Hyuuga girl had a crush on him, and given her clan eyes she must have seen something she liked.

If Naruto had her eyes, he'd do such things, and see what lay beyond that jacket of her that covered Hinata's upper body. Something Kyuubi bet all nine of his tails held a well developed rack, which the fox constantly told him he should try getting in on the ground floor of, and enjoy when possible.

Speaking of development, it became clear to Kyuubi that Naruto's physical height being the shortest of the class by a mere couple of inches was just not tolerable, and began to do some more tweaking to jumpstart Naruto's growth spurting. By the halfway point of his final year at the Academy, Naruto was now barely shorter then Shino, who was currently the tallest kid in the class, and increase in height it only helped further in blonde's training exercises.

Not only that, but the fox had burned away the rest of his baby fat with the brief height increase to give Naruto a more mature look, which did make him more noticeable to the females around his age, and if it weren't for the fact their parents told them to stay away from him...there would be fan girls pursuing to molest his body too.

Ironic that such negativity could have some form of usefulness.

'Man this crap is getting old. It's the same old story fox. Teacher talks, teacher makes us bored, the Uchiha broods, the fan girls squeal, and I die a little inside from being here to witness it,' thought Naruto to the Kyuubi, as the two were in the battle of chess, and like usual the fox was winning.

Though after 50,000 games between them, the Kyuubi wasn't dominating like before, and Naruto was getting pretty good despite losing. The fox actually praised him regardless of losing saying "you learn more from defeat then victory" and it only spurred Naruto on to finally beat the kitsune at this game.

"Yeah I know. Don't worry though kit. We're halfway through the year. Besides, you know what awaits us back home, and that little thing you got Anko-chan to wear," said Kyuubi giggling perversely while Naruto did too within his own head while keeping it from being outside.

Oh yes. Naruto did remember. Tonight, Anko was going to be the horny school girl, and Naruto was going to be the naughty teacher that got to molest her in exchange for giving better grades.

That was another thing that changed with Naruto's relationship with Anko, as he had her role playing with him on a few occasions, and played several parts. The naughty maid caught stealing jewelry from her Master, who has to be punished, and then had to make it up to him with the use of her body. Then there was the female thief caught by the police, was frisked/molested, and then thrown in a "cell" alone with the officer before being "punished" for her crimes. Naruto's favorite was playing the role of Hokage, as he sat behind the secondary desk in the central tower, and Anko played the ever loyal ANBU assigned to watch him before she "relieved him" of all the stress of a hard days work in doing paperwork.

That made Naruto grin outwardly.

What was another surprising thing, was he sensed Anko had become more comfortable with their sexual relationship, no doubt from him looking older, and more mature. Still, Anko had gotten into the routine of sorts regarding his sexual molestations, and groping of her body when he wanted it. Same with Ayame too! Those two got along quite well, as they were able to share him better thanks to the use of Shadow Clones, and even made a game about who could make their chosen girl cum faster. Of course the real Naruto won all the time, which was secretly due to the memories of the Shadow Clones he beat, and their memories allowed him to please either girl he chose faster. What made it even more interesting was neither girl knew just who was the real Naruto and who was the Shadow Clone until it was over.

"Naruto! Pay attention," said Iruka throwing an eraser at Naruto, who easily got it, and threw it back.

"Then don't make your lectures so boring Iruka-sensei. Kami, you could turn your way of teaching into a Jutsu, and take out enemy Shinobi without even trying," said Naruto, as he got the class to laugh, and made Iruka's face turn red with steam coming out of his ears at the jab at the way he taught the class.


"Can you teach me that Jutsu. I want to use it to scare the crap out of some people," said Naruto casually while making Iruka's face plant since no kid at the Academy had ever asked to learn that Jutsu.

'One more word Naruto and I'll send you to detention!' thought Iruka before getting off the ground and began his lecture again while giving Naruto a warning look prior to his restarting of it.

By the time the Academy let out, Naruto was ready to go demon on the place if he didn't get out soon, and raise untold Hell around him. Of course, it changed when Anko came to greet him, and he smiled at the Special Jounin knowing it was no longer needed to hide their official relationship in terms of teaching. The teachers had made inquires with the two Councils, who then brought it to the Hokage at a meeting, who after much dodging the Third had no choice, but to reveal that Anko had taken the boy on as a student, and give Naruto a chance to excel at the Academy. Of course, the Councils bitched, moaned, and complained about such news reaching their ears. It was bad enough in their eyes the boy was getting training from a Special Jounin, but it was even worse that Anko was the one teaching him, and they demanded such teaching stop.

Fortunately, one of the laws the Councils setup, merely humor the Hokage in the belief the boy had a fighting chance, to keep Naruto from getting help had actually worked in his favor, as the laws stated if a Shinobi of Chuunin, or higher wanted to teach a student at the Academy then they could on their time. The Sandaime used that particular to allow the continued teaching relationship between Anko and Naruto while internally pleased with the boy's progress under Anko's guidance.

Of course, the Sandaime was also pleased Naruto's sanity was still intact, and that Anko's had toned itself down quite a bit. Granted, Anko was still crazy, a bit psychotic, and liked to lick blood off people faces. But now Anko would smile more in a way that wasn't fake, sheepish, or psychotic when it wasn't warranted.

Who would have thought?

"So gaki, how did it go today? Kick any ass?" said Anko smiling her crazy smile while Naruto just laughed.

"Literally? No. Figuratively? Hell yes! I've practically got the title of Rookie in the Year in the bag," said Naruto pumping fists with Anko and the two walked along Konoha to have one of their more open conversations.

"Great! Because if you didn't, then I would have to kick your ass for wasting my time in training you," said Anko laughing slightly though she seemed worried about something from what Naruto saw.

"Something wrong?" said Naruto seeing Anko shrug.

"Not really. Its just my friend Yuhi Kurenai is being well...bitchy lately," said Anko, as she knew Kurenai had been chosen in advance to have a Genin team from this years own graduating batch, and the Genjutsu Mistress was being really...twitchy.

"I see. Is she being visited by her 'Aunt?'" said Naruto knowing what it meant and Anko shook her head.

"No. Nothing like that! Its just...Kurenai has been somewhat of a strong feminist woman for awhile now, hating men for being perverts, and hating boys because they will one day become men that are perverts. She actually wanted an all female team, but given most of them are fan girls, it was most likely Kurenai will prefer taking on the standard two boys, and one girl Genin team from those graduating this year," said Anko seeing Naruto nod his head in understanding.

"Could be tricky for me to graduate officially if I have her as my sensei," said Naruto knowing such a woman as his sensei would try to make his life miserable all because she hated people with a penis.

"True, which is why I feel in the event that does happen you might have to...convince her to see things in a different light," said Anko, as she didn't mind being Naruto's sex toy, but there was some hesitance in having her friend join the currently secret, and exclusive "club" she was in with Ayame.

"I'll only do that unless its absolutely necessary Anko-chan. I'm not heartless. I'm secretly a pervert learning from a perverted demonic fox, but most definitely not heartless, and I do show restraint when needed," said Naruto grinning at Anko, who was appreciative of this, and knew her secret Master was indeed merciful.

"What about that Hyuuga girl? She's spying on you again. Its clear she has a thing for you. I bet she uses her eyes in a very naughty manner," said Anko, as she sensed the girl on a nearby rooftop watching them, and sensed jealousy for being so close towards the blonde.

'Naruto-kun looks so handsome. I just wish that snake bimbo would stay away from him. No doubt she's only talking to him in order to get into his pants for that wonderful thing that's there. Must...resist...abducting...and...raping...Naruto-kun,' thought Hinata, as she used her eyes to watch them, but focused mostly on Naruto, and accidently pushed her vision too far so she saw through his clothing.

She went flying back via nosebleed projection and one knew. Strange.

"No doubt. She's not like the other girls in my class. Most are Uchiha fan girls, but not her, and I can sense she is strong for age. Just shy in bringing it out," said Naruto seeing Anko's smirk knowing a perverted quip was on the way.

"That Hyuuga girl has something she wants to bring out, but something tells me she will only show you, and if any of the rumors about Hyuuga women are indeed accurate...they are indeed something to behold," said Anko knowing there were rumors about how well developed Hyuuga women were and highly guarded among the clan because of their stunning beauty.

That and they develop nice busts into their teen years.

"And when she's ready I'll accept her 'gift' though I would have to explain certain things with us," said Naruto knowing that even if Hinata were to accept what he had done with Anko, it may require the help of his bloodline to make it happen, and he didn't even know if it would work on her.

"And Ayame-chan," said Anko not wanting him to forget about the ramen girl that could scream like no tomorrow under their skilled tongues.

"And Ayame-chan," said Naruto agreeing with Anko.

"Trust me kit, your bloodline cannot be blocked by others like the Byakugan, or the Uchiha's Sharingan," said Kyuubi simply.

'Really? Awesome! What if I use it on a guy?" said Naruto with the Kyuubi being silent for a moment.

"Please tell me your not considering the idea of playing for both sides," said Kyuubi with Naruto physically stopping and scowling at hearing the fox's words.

'No! I like girls! I like their boobs, asses, and everything else that gives them their sexy figure. Hell, I made the Jutsu to give perverts nosebleeds, and had hot lesbian sex with Anko using it. Remember?' thought Naruto, as he had used the time with seeing Anko, and Ayame naked to perfect the Jutsu.

It that wasn't perverse then Naruto didn't know what was!

"Oh! Right. My bad. Wait! Why do you want to know if you can use it on guys?" said Kyuubi though as long it wasn't for gay activity like Sasuke he was okay with it.

'Because I may have to should I get caught and need a means to divert guys away from my pervert activities. I am not going to share my girls with these guys, who clearly don't know how to please women due to them being so angry, and unsatisfied by their lack of passion. Look at the Cyclops guy. Reads porn when he could probably get some easily with his Shinobi status,' thought Naruto seeing Kyuubi think for a minute and then nod in agreement.

"Point taken. In the old days I could have screwed any lady I wanted simply by telling them I was a Demon Lord with my nine tails proving it. You know how many women have given themselves to me simply by knowing that title alone? A-LOT!" said Kyuubi knowing Kakashi was indeed a famous Jounin from the last Shinobi war and could have swarms of women wishing to at least share his bed for one night.

'You didn't answer my question,' thought Naruto seeing the fox look sheepish.

Oh. Right. Well, if you use on guys, which better be for pranks, or missions requiring information extraction then I would say it is possible. For example, if you wanted to manipulate guys to do something stupid they normally wouldn't do before, then your eyes can make it happen, and make it so they don't know you made them," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto nod in thought.

'So if I wanted use my eyes on Kiba and make him sleep naked in the Inuzuka kneel while covered in peanut butter it would work?' thought Naruto seeing Kyuubi think for a second.

"Provided his dog didn't stop you? Then yes," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto smirking.

'That's all I wanted to know. Thanks fox!' thought Naruto before focusing on the outer world around him.

"You okay? You spaced out for a second," said Anko worriedly.

"Yeah. Just having a internal discussion with someone about my eyes," said Naruto with his grin becoming almost evil looking.

"I take it from your grin it was a good discussion," said Anko almost feeling scared at the sight of the grin despite herself mirroring it.

"Let me put it to you this way Anko-chan...lots of people in Konoha are going to be very humiliated soon," said Naruto while rubbing his hands in an evil and conspiring manner.

Many people soon had shivers run down their spines in fright.

"Sweet!" said Anko, as she would have her camera ready to capture it all, and further make the idiots around them be placed under their thumb with blackmail.

The days soon turned to weeks, which soon turned to Months, until finally the day of the Graduation Exam at the Academy was upon Naruto, and the boy was excited. During all the time he was at the Academy, the young blonde had held onto the Rookie of the Year title with an iron grip despite the Uchiha, and teachers trying to break his grip. They tried cheating, threats, and the most lamest excuses to deduct points off the kid's scores. Still, the scores had to go to the Hokage for review, which he overturned for the slightest, and possibility the most stupidest reasons for the teachers to deduct points.

Five points off for finishing tests too early? Ten for finishing late? If the Sandaime wasn't risking a possible a severe stroke or heart attack from this then he would seriously do a lot of yelling. There were even some for sneezing! Some for blinking! It was absurd and it was high time for the teachers at the Academy to know it would not go unpunished.

"Stacie! Cancel classes at the Academy today for the oldest students at the Academy this year and bring me their teachers. All of them! That includes the Head Master," said the Third, as he had much to think about during Naruto's time being trained by Anko, and it had hit him with an epiphany of sorts.

Naruto, according to Anko's reports had shown incredible potential that up until her own hands got a hold of, had been practically squandered, and wasted at the Academy where the instructors tried to suppress it. She told the Sandaime that if he really wanted to honor the Yondaime's dying wish, as he himself had told others to, then the Hokage should get off his butt, and make everyone know why he was the Hokage of Konoha in the first place.

So when the instructors came into the Hokage's office, not knowing what to expect in speaking the Fire Shadow, they were surprised when the doors shut, and were locked from inside the room by a button under the Hokage's desk. With an audible click that made them know they were trapped, the instructors looked from the locked doors to the Hokage looking at them with hands connected with each other while in front of his face, and he did not looked pleased.

It was time for the Sandaime Hokage to drop the hammer on these fools.

(Academy Rooftop)

"I can't believe we got out of classes today," said Choji sitting with Shikamaru on the roof watching clouds with Naruto.

"Troublesome. We both know they have nothing left to teach us Choji. What better way for them to get paid without doing anything, then to simply let us have a free day, and do nothing. It must be a union thing," said Shikamaru sighing while looking at the clouds.

"I don't know. Those teachers didn't look like they were suppose to let us go free today. Even if they didn't have anything to teach, don't they get paid more to have the class in session, and not out?" said Naruto seeing Shikamaru frown for a second before shrugging again.

"Who knows? I don't. Its too troublesome to think about anyway. Besides, why bother worrying over that when watching clouds is better, and less stressful?" said Shikamaru seeing Naruto snicker.

"You are such a sloth Shikamaru," said Naruto seeing the Nara mutter "troublesome" again before looking up at the clouds in the sky.

"There you bakas are!" said Ino finding the trio on the roof with Shikamaru now groaning at being discovered by her while Choji continued eating chips.

"Hey Ino! What's up?" said Naruto sitting up more to see her better.

"Nothing much for you to concern yourself with baka! I was just searching for my future team is all. After some arm twisting mix with my female charms, my dad told me I'd most likely get teamed with these two, and form the new generation of Ino-Shika-Cho," said Ino seeing Shikamaru let out another groan and called his dad an idiot for agreeing with his friends to get their wives pregnant around the same time for this to happen.

"Sucks to be you Shikamaru. You too Choji," said Naruto seeing Ino's face turn red with steam coming out of it.

"What did you just say?" said Ino glaring at Naruto with the male blonde shrugging.

"Nothing much. Just that you are being bossy, these two don't like being bossed around, and its going to hurt your team dynamics," said Naruto seeing the three of them looking at him like he had three tails of Kyuubi's chakra running out of his body.

Did he? No. Though it was a good thing to check since he was so use to being around it so much that he wouldn't know unless he saw it with his own eyes.

"Well so what if I'm bossy. I have to be to move these two lazy bums. One sits there just eating and the other sleeps with his eyes open. Literally! Out of all three of us, one has to be awake, and keep them in line," said Ino not wanting to admit that maybe, just maybe Naruto had a small point, and that she needed to be nicer.

If only slightly.

"I see. Hey guys, give us a minute, and leave us to talk. I think we fellow blondes need to talk in private so she can think clearly," said Naruto seeing Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino looking at him in surprise.

"You sure Naruto?" said Shikamaru, as he had seen what Ino could do to boys when she got angry, and couldn't believe the wedgie she gave Kiba last Month after the boy pulled a gross prank on her by letting Akamaru pee on her lap.

"I got it covered. Don't worry," said Naruto calmly knowing how to remedy this.

"Okay. Come on Choji. I'll buy you some knew snacks since its too troublesome to figure out what these two are going to talk about," said Shikamaru leaving with a happy Choji following.

"So what do you have to say that will make me think clearly? And don't pull anything Naruto-baka! Kiba-baka is still walking awkward after what I did to him," said Ino with eyes watching Naruto cautiously knowing the blonde was a whole other ball game when it came to pranks then Kiba.

People were still talking about the prank on Mizuki somehow getting his head shaved with the words "secretly in the closet" tattooed on his forehead without anyone knowing how Naruto did it.

"I won't. I just have two simple words that will open your eyes and make you think like a proper Shinobi should," said Naruto grinning slightly and Ino's eyes were now more alert then ever.

"Two words huh? What two words could possibly work on me?" said Ino while a part of her mind was telling her not to look at him, but she ignored it due to curiosity, and was shocked when Naruto's eyes changed purplish with that sparkled look to them.

"Submission Eye!" said Naruto seeing the glazed look in Ino's eyes and knew he had her.

"Moving ahead of schedule are we?" said Kyuubi knowing the girl was not ready to be "claimed" by Naruto.

'Just pushing her in the right direction to get stronger before we do anything Kyuubi. She's not like Sakura, but if we don't do anything, Ino will be skinny, weak, and most likely be killed if not worse by enemy Shinobi,' thought Naruto seeing the fox nod in agreement.

"Point taken. Do your thing, but hurry so no one knows what you're doing, and getting caught," said Kyuubi knowing that doing this in public was indeed a big risk.

"Ino-chan, can you hear me? If you can, call me Naruto-kun, and nod your head" said Naruto not wanting her to unknowingly call him "Naruto-baka" during this hypnotic programming.

"Yes Naruto-kun," said Ino before nodding.

"Good. Now Ino-chan, I want you to listen carefully because what I say is extremely important, and involves your life in being a Shinobi," said Naruto seeing Ino nod again.

"Yes Naruto-kun," said Ino while looking like she would hear anything he told her.

"Excellent! Now Ino-chan, being a Shinobi takes a lot of hard work, and skill to become famous like your parents. What you also need is trust in your teammates, which is what made your parents work so well together, and so famous in their own right. For that to work with you, Shikamaru, and Choji then you need to be less bossy while being more encouraging of them. Push them, but in a nice way, and only be fierce when its required. If you act bossy around them all the time, then they might resent you, and Kami forbid they perform some form of coup in the team dynamics. You don't want that, do you?" said Naruto seeing Ino shake her head with a worried look on her face.

"No Naruto-kun. I want Shikamaru and Choji to be my friends," said Ino while Naruto put a gentle hand on her face.

"Good. Next, we need to talk about your body, and how its too skinny. I know you're just being concerned with your figure getting too face, but you can exercise to keep any fat from you eat off your body, and turn it into strong useful muscles to be put to use in the field. Trust me. I know. I can eat anything I want and all I have to do is train hard to keep myself from getting fat. Doesn't that sound fun?" said Naruto seeing Ino nod and knew the programming would install a strong Shinobi presence in her.

"Yes Naruto-kun," said Ino, as her programming made the girl realizing dieting was not helping in getting stronger, but in fact weaker, and didn't want to be a waste of space.

"Good. From now on, eat whatever your heart desires, but balance it out with exercise, and Shinobi training. Possibly Taijutsu. At the same time, bond with your future team so they trust you more, apologize for being bossy, but state you're only doing it out of fear of being in your Father's shadow, and that you want your team to succeed," said Naruto seeing Ino nod in understanding.

"I will do that Naruto-kun. Thank you for your help," said Ino with a smile on her face with a hint of drool threatening to come out.

"You're most welcome Ino-chan. In exchange for this helpful information, there will one day come a time when I will collect from this favor, and you will do whatever it is I ask without question. Understand? Anything I want, you will do for me, and without guilt of doing it because you are being honorable," said Naruto seeing Ino nod with glazed eyes showing signs of the hypnotic programming was still working.

"Clever. Very clever kit," said Kyuubi knowing the girl would do whatever Naruto asked and then by that point would be ready to bring into his group.

"When I deactivate my bloodline, you will remember everything we spoke about, and yet won't tell anyone about my bloodline because it's a secret that needs to stay a secret for now," said Naruto seeing Ino nod dumbly and deactivated his bloodline to bring the girl out of his hypnotic gaze.

"Thanks for the help Naruto-kun. Even if you are a baka sometimes, you know what your talking about when it counts, and give good advice," said Ino whole not realizing she had called him "Naruto-kun" and was actually not having the urge to hit him like Sakura did though she missed all the time these days.

"Anytime though remember what we talked about regarding your words when insulting people, as they could be your teammates one day, and they could hold a grudge," said Naruto giving her a pointed look and made her smile sheepishly.

"Right. Sorry! I'm going to find my future teammates and get to know them better before I ask my dad for some additional training," said Ino, as she felt the sudden need to train more, and get stronger while the thoughts of eating food she would normally never eat to keep her weight down entered.

"That's the spirit Ino-chan," said Naruto before spinning her around and slapping her ass to the door making the girl yelp at such a perverse move.

Yet for some reason Ino didn't yet know, she had actually enjoyed being slapped there, and even more when the reality of the fact it was Naruto's hand hit her rear end.

"Watch it pervert! You're lucky I got good advice from you or I'd kick you right where it hurts most for boys," said Ino though it was clear she didn't mean all of the threat.

"I'll remember that," said Naruto watching Ino go and went in his own direction to see the Hokage to mooch some free ramen from him.

(Hokage Tower-Outside the Hokage's Office)

Naruto walked casually up to the doors of the Hokage's Office, as he heard what sounded like demonic screaming from behind the shut doors, and saw the secretary was cowering in fear. Smirking at the sight, Naruto wondered if this was the reason behind the teachers cancelling his age groups classes for the day, and judging from the squeaky voices now begging for mercy behind the was a possibility.

"This is your fault!" said the secretary Stacie, as she looked out behind her desk, and glared at Naruto.

"Of course. Everything is my fault. Just by breathing the air around you, I bring about the end of the world one day closer to becoming a reality, and damn all the so called innocent souls who coincidentally hate my guts. You don't like me? Tough! You chose this job so suck it up and it right. Otherwise, hand in your resignation, and get the fuck out of here bitch!" said Naruto seeing Stacie become angry at his words and rose from her desk to smack him.

"Demon filth!" said Stacie moving to strike him, but the hand she was using was caught by Naruto, and yanked her forward before grabbing the woman by the throat.

"Listen and listen well bitch! If you ever try to lay a hand on me again, I'll cut those fake tits off, and staple them to your ass. You cross me and I'll make you bleed in ways and in holes you never thought possible. Got it?" said Naruto making his eyes turn crimson like Kyuubi's by using the fox's chakra and scaring the woman almost out of her clothes.

Almost. She wasn't that pretty and neither were her fake boobs.

"Yes. Yes," said Stacie, as she cowered in fear of him, and he threw her back against the desk before the doors opened with whimpering teachers leaving the Hokage's Office.

"Good. Excuse me. I'm going to talk to my surrogate Grandfather now. Remember bitch, cross me like you just did, and you'll regret it," said Naruto before walking into the room where the Hokage was drinking sake' and smoking his pipe to further enjoy letting out the anger he unleashed upon those idiots.

(Konoha Academy-Graduation Day)

Naruto smiled at the two teachers in front of him, as he had known, and tormented them well during his time at the Academy. Umino Iruka was pranked nicely by Naruto while Mizuki was...well he was pranked to an untold level of humiliation for because of his dislike for the blonde.

Pictures surfaced of the teacher doing certain things, which got him sent to the Hokage's Office for an explanation, the loss of his girlfriend, and basically people questioning his sexuality. Not to mention his preference in terms of being with things other then the human species, which basically killed the man's social life, night life, and any kind of life within the Leaf.

"Okay Naruto. All you have to do left is perform the Clone Jutsu and make three clones," said Iruka seeing Naruto grin.

"No problem! Shadow Clone Jutsu," said Naruto, as he made three clones, and all three of them giving mock salutes.

"Shadow Clones? Naruto, how did you learn that Jutsu?" said Iruka while missing Mizuki seething at Naruto becoming victorious in passing.

"Simple. I was having problems using the Clone Jutsu due to having so much chakra and so little control. I tried chakra control exercises, but I kept getting more chakra flooding me faster then I could gain control, and I couldn't make a proper clone. I told the Hokage that I needed some other variation that suited my massive reserves of chakra and he was able to teach me the Shadow Clone Jutsu," said Naruto seeing Iruka was impressed, but Mizuki was livid, and wanted to make the boy suffer.

"Too bad. You made the wrong kind of clone. You fail boy!" said Mizuki glaring at Naruto while the boy raised an eyebrow.

"Actually Mizuki, we do allow substitute clones since some have shown their elemental affinities early one, and make clones based on their connection to the elements. Like Water Clones, Mud Clones, and of course Shadow Clones for those with much higher reserves of chakra. Since the Hokage taught you how to use it Naruto, we can't exactly ban it, and so I'd say it qualifies in being a sub for what was asked. Congratulations Naruto. You pass and are new Rookie of the Year!" said Iruka handing Naruto his ninja headband.

"Wait! Stop this nonsense. We both know that boy shouldn't have passed much less been Rookie of the Year. I will not acknowledge him passing the exam. Hand back your ninja headband right now!" said Mizuki seeing Naruto give him the finger and the Chuunin leaped over the desk to take it from him.

Mizuki would have too if not for Naruto stopping him by using the Taijutsu skills he had learned from Anko and put the man's head though the very desk he leaped over. A broken arm, fractured leg, and kunai up the ass later the secret spy of Orochimaru was carted away to be healed until Ibiki along with Anko could get a crack at him for information.

"Well...aside from that, you pass Naruto, and I welcome you into the Shinobi lifestyle," said Iruka shaking the boy's hand and Naruto returned.

And shocked Iruka's hand and body with an electrical buzzer.

"Got to be careful Iruka-sensei. Never know when I'll strike in terms of a prank," said Naruto before releasing Iruka and leaped out the window with burnt looking Chuunin to wonder what in Kami's name had he unleashed?

(Forest of Death-Central Tower)

"YEAH! Its party time!" said Anko, as she drank some sake', and was excited that her student had dominated everyone in his class.

It was like giving the finger to every arrogant bastard in Konoha, who had ever tried to screw them over, and it got even better when she tore Mizuki a new asshole. Literally! She had him used the kunai Naruto put in his ass and actually dug a hole deep into it before making a sharp turn into the backstabbers colon.

Now Mizuki could crap out of two holes, which was beneficial for the traitor since he no longer had control of his bowels, and was making quite a mess at random intervals.

"Its always party time with you Anko-chan," said Naruto seeing the woman sitting across from him eating and drinking happily in a bit of a...sloppy manner.

"Hey! That's not nice. And after all the training I put into making you number one too," said Anko in a mock pout while Naruto just laughed at her face since it was so cute on the usually crazy blood licking off the face of people Special Jounin.

"If I recall correctly Anko-chan, you only taught me how to be a Shinobi. Not manners. If anything, you encourage my behavior, and went along with it," said Naruto seeing Anko looking sheepish before snapping her fingers and pouting again.

"Damn! I knew I forgot something. Oh well!" said Anko smiling again before eating and drinking food around her.

"Has anyone ever told you that your table manners while rude make you look incredibly sexy?" said Naruto, as he smirked while eating some food calmly, and saw Anko wink at him before flashing a little bit more of her breasts behind the trench coat despite the fish net covering the nipples.

Barely covering the nipples.

"Oh really? Well since you are a Shinobi of the village now, it also means you're an adult in the eyes of the village, and can do just about every adult thing there is in the book. For instance you can drink sake', gamble at casinos, can also fuck a certain Special Jounin all night long until she's too sore to think straight," said Anko grinning at Naruto, as he grinned back, and glanced at the door leading to the bedroom.

"Are you sure? What will Kurenai-san think when she sees you tomorrow afternoon with a limp and suspects you were 'violated' by a man?" said Naruto knowing Anko's friend would suspect something if he really let her have it and hunt down the guy (him) for the pleasurable act.

"I'll put her mind at ease. Tell her I made the guy squeal like a pig since she thinks I'm the dominate one in the sack. Well I was until you changed the landscape," said Anko though she didn't deny being submissive to Naruto during their time together wasn't all that bad, as she had been with a few guys, who were okay by normal standards, and had even been with Kurenai once after they got drunk with herself being the one on top.

With Naruto, she felt herself being driven instead of driving, and it was a nice pace to be in since it spiced things up in the bedroom. Not to mention Ayame with her visits was submissive to both her partners so it evened everything out for everyone without any kind of complications.

Though Anko got the feeling Kurenai may be an in the closet lesbian if not secretly being bisexual and had wanted to take things with the Special Jounin to take what they have to the next level while waiting in an almost timid way for the crazy woman to make the first move. If that was the case, then Kurenai would never accept the idea of any guy, much less Naruto of all guys being the "third party" in such a relationship, and when the need for the male gender was required to spice things up of all times.

"Are you complaining?" said Naruto with a raised eyebrow while getting out of his chair and giving a semi-mocking glare at Anko.

"I don't see a reason," said Anko playfully before Naruto was beside her, pulled the woman out of the chair, and gave the Special Jounin a passionate kiss right on the lips.

"Nor will you feel one. Ever!" said Naruto, as he went with Anko to their bedroom, shut the door, and then went back to kissing the woman passionately before walking them both to their bed with him on top.

Anko felt Naruto's hands expertly roam around her body beyond the trench coat, which was pulled back to further expose her breasts to him, and felt the other hand unzip her short skirt. She moaned at his touch, feeling the pleasure only he seemed to capable of delivering, touching her in just the right places, and making her pussy wet. Anko would never admit this, but part of her had wished Naruto had gone all the way with her sooner then later, and yet gearing up for what was about to happen soon enough was well worth the wait in the Special Jounin's mind. She could feel the budge in Naruto's pants pressing against her now vulnerable and open spot while realizing that at some point the Genin in front of her had gotten the fishnet shirt off her upper body.

"Its not fair! I'm naked and your not," said Anko, as she felt his mouth on her tit, and his tongue making it erect before she decided to flip him onto his back so she was now on top while grinding against his pants.

"Anxious?" said Naruto before letting out a moan, as Anko's hips pleasured him while the woman herself removed his upper clothing, and then went for his pants.

"Very much considering what you have down there big boy!" said Anko, as she freed him of his pants, and boxers to see the prize standing tall before her.

"You have no idea how much restraint it took not to do this sooner," said Naruto feeling her hands massage his tool for a few seconds and then raised her hips up until she was aligned with him before their eyes met.

"Actually, I do. Now I'm going to make you a man just like you're going to make me feel like a woman who actually feels something," said Anko, as she had never been satisfied with the few male partners that she had, and while hot lesbian like sex was great...she wasn't fully converted to that way of pleasure.

Naruto here was going to keep that conversion from happening bloodline or not.

"I'd be honored," said Naruto, as he grabbed Anko's hips, and slowly lowered her onto his waiting erection before filling the woman's pussy entirely.

"Ho-ly CRAP!" said Anko, as she had never felt an erection Naruto's size inside of her, which had been one of the reason she had been willing to partake in sexual relations with the same sex more then once, and it took her a moment to adjust to the incredible feeling of the bo-no man she was sitting on.

"My thoughts exactly. Damn your tight Anko-chan. Are you sure you're not a virgin? You feel as tight as one," said Naruto, as he felt her pussy squeeze him tighter, and had to fight the urge to release his seed into her tight passage.

"Trust me Naruto-kun, but thanks for being sweet about it. Now, let's stop talking, and get to some hours of rough fucking," said Anko, as she began to ride Naruto with her breasts bouncing for him to see in all of their glory, and the blonde couldn't help in just grabbing them to play with while she bounced.

"Have I ever told you how great your tits are?" said Naruto, as he thrust up when Anko went down to further hit more within her, and twisted the nipples playfully knowing how to make the woman putty in his hands.

"I lost count after a hundred," said Anko, as she moaned from his nipple twisting, upward thrusting, and was beginning to pant with a sheen of sweat forming on her body.

"Same here," said Naruto, as he felt the woman's pussy clenching him even tighter, and knew she was going to cum soon.

And he was right. The very fact they were already horny, combined with Naruto knowing what places on Anko's breasts to touch, grope, and pinch while thrusting into her pussy made the woman reach her orgasm all the sooner. When she did, Naruto felt the Special Jounin's pussy practically squeeze the life out of his cock like a damn anaconda to milk his cum out of his cock, and within mere seconds of Anko cumming so did the blonde.

Both called out the others name, as they both came hard, and Anko falling right on top of Naruto with her breasts now nearly suffocating him. Rolling them over so Naruto was on top, which prevented the actual suffocation, and then explanation to the Hokage on why the new Genin had died such a death, the blonde male of the two lovers basked in the afterglow of their sexual encounter, and was breathing heavily along with Anko.

"That was pretty good for your first time all the way Naruto-kun. We'll make you a full fledged love machine yet," said Anko, as she held onto Naruto, and felt his breath tickling her chest.

"Thanks. We're not done yet though, right?" said Naruto, as he saw Anko grin, and knew she knew his tool wasn't drained of life.

"Hell no! You have all that stamina when it comes to running around, training, pulling pranks, and all the other crazy stuff around the village. I want an all night fuckathon from you gaki and I intend to get it," said Anko hungrily with Naruto returning it.

"Good. Because that's what you're going to get Anko-chan. Just don't complain when you can't walk properly tomorrow morning," said Naruto, as his eyes turned crimson, and saw the moment of fear in the woman's face.

"You know what to do with her kit. Tap this bitch's ass until she blacks out from the pleasure," said Kyuubi giving his vessel the much needed energy to make Anko almost regret her words.

Oh yes. Anko would be sore tomorrow morning. She would be sore if the sounds flesh smacking flesh and the screams of pleasure were any indication.

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