Chapter 4-MILF Time

Anko had to use all her Shinobi training to hide the otherwise noticeable limp she was sporting from the intense fucking Naruto put her through last night and later on while in the shower earlier this morning when he woke up. Fortunately, Kyuubi had been kind enough to keep the sperm sterile until much later so the chance of pregnancy being zero, and no one would suspect the two of going at it like rabbits in heat. Not that Anko was regretting her action in getting screwed roughly by the Genin, as she had desired it long before Naruto using his Submission Eye, for a sexual relationship with a man capable of doing such things to her, and filling (among other things) that void within her soul that always seemed empty until now.

Granted, had Naruto's bloodline not put her in this position, Anko would have most likely missed it, and the now legally adult of a Genin ranked Shinobi would be suffering a great deal of pain at the moment long after she first encountered him roughly a year ago. With a smirk on her face, the Special Jounin was thought back to that memory of how he was able to allude her for as long as he did, and her stupid overreaction to him spilling of all that lovely dango.

'It may not have been my proudest moment back then, but damn did the end results get me the best lay I've had by a man since...ever!' thought Anko, as she tried not to let the pain of her sore pussy show when walking to the Hokage's Office to report for duty, and getting the boy his old apartment back.

Provided it was spruced up and cleaner then a newborn baby's butt.

Along the way to the Hokage's Office, Anko noticed Nara Yoshino walking out of her house looking more angrier then usual, and the Special Jounin couldn't help in wondering why that was the case? The source of the Chuunin's anger was most likely her husband or son being their usual lazy Nara selves in being well...lazy! However, Anko realized that this anger was beyond the usual kind the woman experienced, and the Special Jounin decided to let her curiosity get the best of her.

"Hey Yoshino-chan! How are you today?" said Anko in her usual cheery way.

"Oh hi Anko-chan. I'm doing okay," said Yoshino, but Anko could hear the strain it took for the woman to sound even remotely happy, and it wasn't hard to see it involved one of the Nara men in her life.

"Problems again at home?" said Anko knowing that saying the word troublesome or just trouble at all.

"I keep forgetting your Shinobi skills exceed mine when it comes to reading people," said Yoshino, as she let out a sigh, and was clearly unhappy right now.

"I'll take that as a yes," said Anko seeing Yoshino nod.

"Its my no good lazy husband. I wanted to have last night, but the lazy bum blew me off, saying 'such an act is too troublesome right now', and even stated that they already had a kid so trying again was pointless. Can you believe that? I didn't want sex just to have another child. Kami, I just wanted to have sex, and would have used the Anti-pregnancy Jutsu before we went at it so he was covered. Why I married that bum I will never know. I can't believe I even liked him at such a young age before jumping in to the idea of marriage to that lazy impotency defining man!" said Yoshino getting angrier and angrier with each passing second of her speaking ill about Shikaku.

'Damn! I didn't know it was that bad,' thought Anko seeing the woman so tense right now from the lack of the good stuff.

"I was lucky to even be pregnant with Shikamaru. I don't even remember the time that occurred to even make me pregnant with him in the first place! For all I know, the man just inseminated me in my sleep, and cut out the whole intimacy thing altogether. What's worse is that he'd actually do that and I can actually believe that baka would do just that," said Yoshino kicking a rock in front of her, which went sailing of a lamp post, a wall, and hit a bum in an alley in the temple.

"What are you going to do? I mean, a girl has needs, and if the man she's with can't give it then...," said Anko seeing Yoshino getting angrier.

"I don't know! Part of me just wants have a temporary separation from him, but if I do that, then I could mess up my son's mind, and there is a matter of who lives in the Nara Clan home. I know since I married into the clan, Shikaku-baka should live there, but its because of me that our son even gets up in the morning, and possibly breathes at all. I feel conflicted," said Yoshino, as she had never felt this twisted, and tense inside.

It wasn't healthy!

"Your kid will understand. From what I understand, he graduated from the Academy, and thus can make his own decisions in life that won't affect your life. If you ask me, the best thing to do not only for them, but more for yourself, is to get some of your own personal space, and then find a male stud that will actually want to fuck you all night long!" said Anko, as she saw Yoshino blush at the idea, but even though she married, and had a kid young though of herself as a plain housewife.

Sure she still had everything in place where it counted, making her a MILF of sorts, but even then what man would want "used goods", and even want a relationship with her if she left Shikaku completely? At best, she'd be someone's lover for a few years, then some other young piece of ass would drag the man she was with away, and then Yoshino was going to be back to square one.

"As if any man would want me considering how I act. Maybe its my fault in some ironic way. You know how I am when it comes to men Anko. Men constantly fear me for what I might do whether or not they actually do something to warrant my anger on them in the first place!" said Yoshino, as she was considered scary by her own son, and knew any guy bossed around by her would just cut their losses first chance they got.

"Yeah. Though that was more of a habit you picked up after being around Shikaku since his lazy ass could barely move unless you used a cattle prod on him. You are your own woman Yoshino and my friend. One of the few I have in this village. Separate from him for now, then wait a little while to sort things out, and have a little fun for once. All you do is cook, clean, and run that house like it was yours to begin with when we both know the Clan Head is supposed to do all of that. The only reason Tsume does it with her clan, is because she is an Inuzuka by blood, and her husband wasn't when they got together!" said Anko seeing Yoshino frown in thought knowing her point was valid on all fronts.

"I suppose your right. Chances are, the best thing to do for the family is to have some kind of separation from them, and a little away from the suffocating style of working my fingers to the bone all day while yelling at Shikaku to life a whole finger in one of his hands," said Yoshino, as she looked more focused on the idea then ever before, and Anko was glad her advice helped.

"That's my girl! Besides, if you need a place to stay, head to the apartment complex where Uzumaki Naruto lives, and live there for awhile," said Anko, as she already had a plan in motion, and get her young stud something good.

"Uzumaki Naruto? You mean...its jailor?" said Yoshino, as she had no problem with the boy, even gave Shikaku grief on not adopting Kushina's son, but the spineless man would just endure her anger until it was spent like he was weathering a storm, and just say the whole thing was too troublesome to get involved.

"Yeah. I trained the kid for the last year in being a Shinobi after the Hokage found out about the sabotaging of his education the instructors at the Academy were doing and now he's graduated Rookie of the Year! No one lives in that apartment complex because of him, but because no one does, the rates are extremely low, and I'm sure the Hokage can make things easier if it means giving the gaki extra company," said Anko know already about how Yoshino favored the boy more then other parents did.

"Its something to consider in terms of a temporary home. How do I know the kid won't try anything perverted? I don't want some panty raider living across or a few levels above me," said Yoshino looking at Anko with a glare.

"Naruto? A pervert? Please! I had to give him 'The Talk' and the poor gaki was so afraid I'd hurt him for posing nude so he could see what a real woman's body actually looked like," said Anko, which was a lie in term of giving Naruto the talk, but true for the posing nude, and showing him a woman's body.

"You...You actually did that? Couldn't you get in trouble?" said Yoshino keeping her voice down now unless someone overheard this part.

"I told the Hokage it was the only way the gaki could understand things about sex. Its not like a slept with him Yoshino. I just explained things through visual aid. Books just show the internal stuff, but never the external, and if they did its mostly filled with some sick perverts handwriting. If you must know, Naruto-kun was a complete gentlemen, and had asked for permission to look before actually looking," said Anko while inside her head, the memory of Naruto "learning" made the fire in her loins stir again, and tried to keep it under wraps while telling herself she needed time recovering from earlier.

"If you'll vouch for him, then I'll live in the same building as him, but if I so much as see a blonde hair smelling of ramen in my home uninvited near by unmentionables, I'm going to remove his balls, and then I'm coming after your tits," said Yoshino, as she knew how to hurt a woman like she did men, and the best way to do it was hitting the privates no matter their location.

"Trust me, if anything Naruto-kun should be worried about you coming to see him, and get some of his little man that I know for a fact is not little," said Anko whispering this news to Yoshino while grinning wickedly.

"You saw his thing? Anko you could get in trouble for this," said Yoshino looking ready to bolt, contact the Hokage, and get Anko arrested for molestation charges.

"Whoa! Whoa! Calm down. It wasn't like that. I told you he had to go through Sex Ed in my own way, which involved trust between teacher, and the student with me explaining the body parts of a man just like I did with my own when talking about women. I got the consent from the Hokage on this too with Naruto talking to him soon after about what went on. We both know I'm not like that!" said Anko knowing she had somewhat of a reputation, but nothing along the lines of kids, and violating them in such a way.

She wasn't Orochimaru.

"I suppose I'll have to trust you. Even I know you wouldn't dare touch a child in such a way," said Yoshino, but the fact this kid would one day make some woman a very happy woman when intimate kept running around her head, and it was difficult to keep such thoughts from the forefront of her mind.

"Damn right. Now, let's go to the Hokage's Office together, take care of our own personal matters with him, and then we can have some fun before moving what you need out of the Nara Clan," said Anko, as she wrapped her arm around Yoshino's shoulder, and they walked to the large tower in front of them.

(With Naruto-Several Days Later)

Naruto was glad he had a whole week off before the naming of Genin teams were made official, as it gave him time to get back to living in his apartment again, which the Third Hokage had so generously upgraded, and used the funds from the civilian treasury to do it. Of course the Civilian Council protested, but the Hokage told them that the buildings maintenance, and upkeep was their responsibility that should not have been ignoring on account of the building only having one person living there. As such, the Sandaime had made the building an apartment complex meant only for Shinobi, which put it under his control, and thus penalized the Civilian Council with heavy fines that went towards the apartment's remodeling.

In short, the Civilian Council had basically paid against their will in fixing up Naruto's home, and they were steaming mad.

The Sandaime also had special security seals added to the building to prevent any kind of vandalism, which might occur from drunkards, idiots, or the angry mobs that wanted to kill Naruto because of Kyuubi. The seals would prevent any damage from being done while secretly alerting ANBU of such attempts at destroying and were ordered to take such people to Ibiki or Anko for "reeducation" on respecting other peoples place of living that shouldn't be disrespected in the first place.

'Damn! Talk about one Hell of an upgrade," said Naruto walking into his home, which at one point had some rickety floorboards, pieces of wallpaper pealing down, and some kind of mutant fungus in one of the closets he had barricaded to keep it contained.

Now the apartment had new floorboards, freshly placed wallpaper, and the mutant fungus apparently having been removed with a "Thank You!" card from Konoha R&D for giving them a unique specimen to study. Even more wonderful was the single bed he had slept in for nearly a decade was a Queen Size piece of beauty, which gave him more space to enjoy, and no doubt make his fun with all the girls more enjoyable too.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Speaking of which...

"Hello Naruto-kun! May I come in?" said Ayame when Naruto opened the door to see the ramen girl smiling at him with a hint of lust in her eyes.

"Of course! How is your Father doing? Without you helping him run the stand will do doubt drain him," said Naruto hearing Ayame giggle at the idea knowing it wasn't true.

"Daddy will manage without me. I already told him I was going to see you today and he completely understands. I still can't believe he agreed to me dating you," said Ayame, as she had no idea that Naruto had used his Submission Eye on her Father, and basically got him to give his blessing to date much less sleep with his daughter.

Naruto had basically programmed into the man's head that his daughter was old enough to start dating, as well as smart enough to choose the right man to make her happy, and that if it was Naruto? Well then all the more happiness to his angel. Of course, it was to be kept a secret from everyone that wasn't supposed to know, and Teuchi was going to keep his mouth shut to ensure their happiness.

"I have my moments. Now, would you like a tour of my home, and what's changed?" said Naruto taking her hand and could see the lust in her growing.

"Yes. I would like that very much. Why not start off with the kitchen and then you can show me...the bedroom!" said Ayame seeing Naruto smirking and then wrapped his hand around her waist with the hand groping her butt while walking through the apartment.

"As you can see Ayame-chan, the kitchen is now brand spanking new, a new stainless steel fridge, complete with an oven, and stove that just won't quit," said Naruto feeling the heat from Ayame growing and the redness in her cheeks spread from his touch.

"T-That's great N-N-Naruto-kun. What a-about the uh...the bedroooom?" said Ayame, as she jumped a bit when Naruto lifted her skirt from behind, and touched her special place that was no longer being protected by barrier of fabric known as panties.

Simply because she wasn't wearing panties anymore when seeing Naruto.

"This way. Anko-chan is still sore from what we did a few days ago so this bed hasn't really been 'broken in' and I would love it if you would be that girl I do that with," said Naruto while having one of his fingers in her pussy going deeper and felt the woman whimper with need for his touch.

Even more so when she nearly came after Naruto channeled chakra into his finger near her clit.

"I want you Naruto-kun. I want you so badly!" said Ayame her body burning with need thanks to his touch and couldn't wait any longer.

"I know you do Ayame-chan, but you know my cock will easily split you in half if I were to simply enter, and take your virginity. So you need to lube me up with that sexy mouth of yours. All right?" said Naruto, as he began to disrobe while Ayame just nodded, and looked hungrily at his waist knowing the prize that awaited her.

When Naruto dropped the last bit of clothing holding back his erect tool, he sat on his bed before Ayame almost dived to the ground between his legs, and engulfing the large tool into her mouth. She was sucking, licking, and stroking him lovingly like she had dozens of times before since Naruto had used his Submission Eye. Her loins felt like they were on fire, as Naruto had oh so carefully denied her the last push over the edge of the orgasm his fingers had stirred, and wanted him to put out that fire with his cum in that special place. However, to earn that right, Ayame needed him to be ready, and it would be wrong in her programmed to be submissive mind to not "prepare" his cock for such a special undertaking.

'I need to thank Anko-chan later for all the great tips for giving Naruto-kun blowjobs when she helped me visit him in the Forest of Death,' thought Ayame, as she felt his hands on her head, and the moaning of pleasure that was music to the woman's ears knowing she was causing such sounds.

"Oh yeah Ayame-chan. That's it my ramen girl of a slut. Suck the cum right out like only you can," said Naruto, as he too would have to thank Anko for her teaching Ayame, and let out a roar of pleasure before dumping his load into the girl's wanting mouth.

Swallowing the cum, Ayame quickly cleaned his cock further before stripping her clothes she had on, and straddled his waist while aligning his wet tool against her wet slit. The head of his erection pressing against her opening, Naruto waited until the girl was ready since giving something like to him was special, perverted nature aside, and could wait until Ayame entered him willingly.

"I'm ready Naruto-kun," said Ayame huskily into his ear while her breasts were right in front of his face.

"Then do it Ayame-chan. Give yourself to me," said Naruto before she did just that and let out a silent a silent scream when the pain of losing her virginity while holding onto him tightly until the pain left.

"Let's keep going Naruto-kun," said Ayame into his ear before feeling him lift her up and then thrust back into her slowly at first while picking up the pace with time.

Ayame gasp in pleasure from the feeling of him entering her pussy, which as wet as it was from before was now coating his cock with vaginal juice, and attempting to milk it for what its contents held. Naruto himself was in heaven at feeling such tightness being wrapped around his cock, as he sucked on each of the woman's breasts at different, and random intervals that made Ayame cry out in pleasure. The woman held onto him while he continued to thrust upward, hitting all the right spots with his well endowed erection, and the way he grabbed her ass in a strong groping grip was also a surprising turn on for the ramen making girl.

"I want to cum into you Ayame-chan. I want to unload my spunk into your tight pussy," said Naruto picking up the pace and could feel she was getting close too.

"Do it! Cum in my pussy Naruto-kun. Make our first moment all the more complete. Fill me up with your sperm!" said Ayame feeling him thrust harder, faster, and gripping her rear with more strength.

Unable to hold back anymore, Naruto came hard into Ayame feeling her orgasm along with him, and her pussy squeezing him for the cum he had been holding back. It was a moment of incredible pleasure for the two, as they collapsed on the other with Naruto rolling Ayame onto her back so he wasn't killed in the pleasant blissful manner of her breasts suffocating him.

"How does it feel to be a woman Ayame-chan?" said Naruto, as he felt the woman's hot, and heavy breath hitting his spiky hair.

"Wonderful. Can you keep going?" said Ayame loving how he was inside of her and the feel of his muscles rippling when touching them with her fingers.

"Do you and your dad make the best ramen ever in all of the Elemental Countries?" said Naruto while groping her breasts and loving how a little touch of chakra in his fingertips could make the woman take such an intake of air at the sudden jolt of pleasure.

"Oh Kami!" said Ayame, as she felt the incredible feeling running through her already sensitive breasts, and the shifting Naruto did with his hips.

"The name Naruto will do," said Naruto looking her right in the eyes flashing crimson for a second before changing to blue with an intense look of lust in them.

It was a good thing the room was heavily sound proofed.

(Konoha Shinobi Academy-Several Days Later)

Naruto was humming happily, as he waited patiently for his Jounin sensei to arrive while some of the others, and wondered who his sensei was going to be until it was time to be promoted to Chuunin. Asuma had come to take team 10 away, which consisted of Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji. Next had been Yuhi Kurenai, who looked indeed like a feminist, as she glared at every guy in the room before asking for team 8 consisting of Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, and Haruno Sakura.

That's right. Haruno Sakura was denied her chance to be with Sasuke. Man she had been so pissed off at Iruka for denying her that particular right. Oh well, not his problem, and the only thing going for Naruto was the fact Hinata was on his team. Hell, the moment she heard that, the blonde saw her blush before collapsing on the ground letting out all kinds of cute girly like sounds.

And yet no one seemed to notice! How very odd.

The only two problems Naruto had however, was Sasuke being broody, and their sensei Hatake Kakashi being late. Of course, Naruto was told by Anko in advance that Kakashi was always late, and not to expect him for a few hours. The blonde was actually tempted to sneak out, find one of his girls, and just screw either of them silly. Unfortunately, such an idea was scrapped when Naruto realized Anko was working today, and Ayame was no doubt in the middle of her shift at the ramen stand. While Naruto could be at two places at once, neither Anko, or Ayame could with any such attempt raising a red flag that the blonde didn't need being raised.

'Must get stronger. Must kill Itachi. Must get stronger. Must kill Itachi,' thought Sasuke while he waited and brooded.

'Must not abduct Naruto-kun. Must not rape him...yet Must not abduct Naruto-kun. Must not rape him...yet,' thought Hinata staring at Naruto while turning her eyes on and off every few seconds while staring at him with a blushing face.

While this was going on, Yuhi Kurenai was busy with evaluating her team, and instantly disliked for the dominating male testosterone it possessed. Even she questioned if Sakura was a girl or just a gender confused boy trying to be what he or possibly she could not. It was only through Sakura's howler monkey of a female voice that Kurenai was satisfied with defining the Haruno as a female of the human race. Inuzuka Kiba was definitely a pervert from the way he looked at her the second she asked for team 8 and further proved that men were indeed dogs ironically enough when it came to viewing women. As for the Aburame, Kurenai couldn't get a read off of him, but suspected the boy was eyeing her with lust behind those glasses, and had to fight back the urge to punch the boy in the face just to break them.

"Okay. Let's get this over with. My name is Yuhi Kurenai, I'm your Jounin sensei from now on unless you fail your true test, and if you do fail then you will get sent back to the Academy. You with the dog. Speak! Tell us about yourself," said Kurenai seeing Kiba focus on telling about himself now rather then the fact he was looking at her chest.

Kiba talked about himself, inflating his ego in the process saying he was the strongest of his class despite not being Rookie of the Year, and would mop the floor with Naruto. Kurenai didn't care about the boy's dreams, likes hinting at perverted actions, and the dislikes being another guy that smelled of foxes with a hint of ramen and snakes. While normally the latter of such things would disturb Kurenai, the Genjutsu Mistress was well aware of Anko training the blonde, and had expressed dislike in the idea of the Special Jounin training any male since they will only focus on the woman's lack of clothing the whole time.

'I wish I was with Sasuke-kun. He'd say something awesome. Like about family, love, and the desire to meet that special girl with pink hair that will one day fill out in the chest area. Not like Ino-pig or that Hyuuga girl!' thought Sakura with Inner Sakura deciding to speak up

"We both know what she hides behind that jacket. Bet she's waiting to corner Sasuke-kun and then flash him like a pervert! Just like Ino-pig too!" said Inner Sakura getting angrier by the second.

"Your turn now Aburame," said Kurenai seeing the boy adjust his glasses for a second and staring down at the ground before speaking with the Jounin suspecting the boy had some kind of secret foot fetish.

Kurenai made a note to get some bug repellent for her feet. Maybe her legs too.

'Ewww! I hate bugs. I hate dogs. And I hate the people who use them,' thought Sakura while inching away from the Aburame having explained briefly what he liked.

'Well at least he's keeping his pervert like ways to himself,' thought Kurenai knowing the boy would at least be more tolerable then the Inuzuka and motioned for Sakura to speak.

"Finally! I'm Haruno Sakura. I like Sasuke-kun. Sasuke-kun's hair style. Then there are his eyes and his greatness from being an Uchiha. I dislike Naruto-baka, Ino-pig, the slutty Hyuuga girl hiding that rack behind her coat waiting to flash Sasuke-kun, and every other girl trying to get into my Sasuke-kun's pants. My dream is to one day marry Sasuke-kun and rub it in every girl's face," said Sakura while crossing her arms while looking like a pouting child.

'Well at least she hates one boy, but likes another, and from one of those snooty clans that think they can do anything. No doubt she thinks the boy is wonderful like every other guy in Konoha claims to be, but in secret they are perverts, and they only want one thing that every girl has. Well, when I'm done with this girl, she's going to hate men, love women, and kick every man in Konoha that so much as sneezes in a perverted manner right in the balls!' thought Kurenai while internally laughing at her ingenious plan to convert this girl into a man hating feminist.

"Pardon me Kurenai-sensei, but you mentioned a real test, and yet we have graduated from the Academy. Could you please explain?" said Shino driving the woman's thoughts from her head.

"Oh yes. Well, the test they gave you at the Academy is not the official test in having a Genin team, and you need to pass my test to see if you're worthy," said Kurenai while slightly pleased and yet angry one of the boys on the team answered such an intelligent question instead of the girl.

"Damn it! I don't want another test. I just want to be a Shinobi already," said Kiba while whining like a little kid not getting his favorite toy.

'Males. They want something and whine when they don't. How pathetic!' thought Kurenai while once again thinking about the negativity of the male gender.

"What will the test be on?" said Sakura curiously.

"Meet me at training ground #6 for your test tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock sharp! Don't be late," said Kurenai, but she glared at Kiba, and Shino while looking at Sakura with nicer eyes before leaving them to their own devices.

Like she expected the boys to be late then the girl on the team.

"Well that sucked. Want to do something?" said Kiba looking at Sakura, then at Shino, and missed the girl's offensive look at being asked out on what she perceived to be a date with the Inuzuka.

"BAKA! I will only accept dates from Sasuke-kun!" said Sakura before she punched Kiba right in the face and sent him flying far into the village.

"Tomorrow will be most...interesting," said Shino before leaving the girl.

(With Team 7)

Kakashi finally showed up after several hours of waiting, which proved to be a mistake for the Jounin, as Naruto hated tardy people, and made Hatake pay for it by hitting him with multiple balloons covered in paint. While the Jounin didn't like being hit by so much paint, it wasn't like he could complain, as he saw Naruto laughing at his expense while Hinata was stuck between laughing, and horror at her crush being punished for it.

Fortunately, Naruto wasn't punished sans the insult about the prank being made by a weak child, and Kakashi was surprised by Hinata sending a spike of killer intent at him for the insult while the blonde just ignored it. Sasuke didn't care either way, as he was not impressed, too absorbed into himself, and secretly thinking of Neji in an inappropriate manner.

When the trio met Kakashi on the roof, he was still covered in paint, but seemed to be taking it rather well with the exception of the rainbow colors that covered his silver hair, and the damage to his perverted book. The Jounin could have failed them outright for this stain on his honor, not to mention the honor of Icha Icha Paradise in general, but there was the Sandaime to consider, then the Hyuuga Clan, and the Councils for failing the Uchiha all because of his book getting paint on it.

Yeah. Like either of the three sides much less all three would even tolerate such a notion.

Even Icha Icha was no match for them.

"Okay you three, I want to know your likes, dislikes, and dreams for the future. You can go first I Mr. Hate Tardy People," said Kakashi pointing at Naruto.

"Don't be late and I won't recolor you to look like a man, who marches in the Gay Pride Parades, and we'll get along just fine. My name is Uzumaki Naruto, I like ramen, women, Shinobi training, and everything good that comes from them. I dislike assholes, most of the village for being filled with them, and trying to be controlled by outside forces. My dreams? My dream is to one day be Hokage, then use that power to make the Leaf strong, and punish those that wronged me in humiliating ways," said Naruto grinning evilly and then letting out an evil laugh made Kakashi along with Sasuke nervous.

Hinata was close to having an orgasm from hearing that his likes were women, but had to fight it off knowing she was in public, and in front of her crush/fantasy lover.

"O-kay. You now, the one with the Bow to me I am Kami look on his face," said Kakashi pointing to Sasuke.

"I am Uchiha Sasuke. I have no likes. I have plenty of dislikes. My dream? None. Just want to get revenge," said Sasuke simply.

'He's gay,' thought Naruto.

"You don't need gaydar to see that," said Kyuubi grinning at the joke about almost all Uchiha's being gay, but only have wives to keep people from knowing, and have to use the Sharingan to put them in a Genjutsu to fool the unsatisfied women.

"Plain, yet direct. Now you Mrs. Blushes a Lot," said Kakashi pointing to Hinata.

"M-My name is H-Hyuuga Hinata. I-I l-like cinnamon r-rolls, training t-to get stronger, and a certain...a certain someone that I-I hope will recognize me. I dislike mean people. My dream is to...I can't say," said Hinata bowing her head at the end while blushing even more and trying to hold back the nosebleed.

"Well that was interesting, but the real test will begin tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock, and see if you're team can become the new team 7. Oh and don't eat anything or else you will throw up," said Kakashi seeing Hinata look a bit frightened, Naruto was curious about the test, and Sasuke was intrigued.

Yet Kakashi felt a shiver run up his spine at the Uchiha's look.

"I'm out of here. I have to...train," said Sasuke before heading off leaving Naruto and Hinata alone.

"Anti-sociable jerk," said Naruto while looking at the direction Sasuke went.

"W-We could get to know e-each other," said Hinata inching closer to Naruto while the blonde looked at her and smirk.

"How very true. But let's not do this here Hinata-chan. There are far too many ears and eyes. Let's go somewhere much more...private," said Naruto seeing the Hyuuga girl's face light up and nod quickly.

'The boy moves quickly,' thought Kyuubi grinning at the boy's move knowing using the Submission Eye would just be overkill, but overkill was Naruto's style, and anything less wouldn't make the blonde the Shinobi he was now.

"Follow me," said Naruto, as he took her hand, and they vanished from sight.

(Inuzuka Clan Home)

"Mom! I'm home!" said Kiba, as he sat down at the table, and sighed at such a worthless day involving his Jounin sensei.

"Mom's not here runt. She's out on business. So how was the meeting with your team and Jounin sensei? Did you tell them all about your likes, dislikes, and your dream not to wet the bed three times a week," said Hana, as she knew her baby brother had a bit of a bed wetting problem growing up, and being the big sister she was had never let him live it down.

In the privacy of their own home of course.

"Shut up! If you must know, the meeting was just all right, and our Jounin sensei was about average," said Kiba while seeing Hana raise an eyebrow at him.

"Average? That's all? Your Jounin sensei is Yuhi Kurenai. From what I've heard, she's quite skilled in Genjutsu, and can help you in that aspect," said Hana while seeing Kiba make a face.

"Are you kidding? I've got the worst teacher! She has this look in her eyes that screams out 'man hater' and wants to kick any guy within arms length in the balls," said Kiba seeing Hana raise her eyebrow again and the smirk she had growing.

"Well I don't see the problem since your balls haven't descended yet," said Hana leaving the room while laughing at Kiba's face now turned red with anger and embarrassment.

'Kami must hate me. Why else would I have a teasing older sister for a bitch?' thought Kiba while wondering what the deal was with his Jounin sensei?

"What's this I hear about your balls still not descending? At least not fully," said Tsume coming into the house and saw her son bash his head against the table.

"Mom! Please! Not so loud. What if Naruto-baka overhears? He'll never let me live it down and no one else from my class!" said Kiba seeing Tsume raise an eyebrow at him.

"What is it with you always trying to compete with the Uzumaki gaki?" said Tsume, as she heard some interesting things about the kid from Anko on account of her training him due to the baka Academy teachers messing it from the start.

"Well he got Rookie of the Year and I'm somewhere in the middle. How the Hell can I keep up with him?" said Kiba, as he smacked his head against the table repeatedly, and missed his Mother's sweat drop rolling down the back of her head.

"Well aside from killing what little you have of a brain, I could talk to him, and find out how he was able to get so good?" said Tsume seeing Kiba look at her with the ever clear wide eyed horror face a son shows their Mother to make them know it is a bad idea.

"No! If you do that, then Naruto will tease me to no end, and say I need my Mother for everything," said Kiba fearfully while Tsume just smirked.

"Oh, so you're a big boy now? Just because your Genin doesn't mean anything, as you still have to pass your one final test by your Jounin sensei in order to stay a Genin," said Tsume seeing Kiba grumbling a bit.

"Yeah, well until then, I'm still legally adult, I remember that much from Iruka's boring classes, and I deserve to be treated like one," said Kiba seeing Tsume narrow her eyes at her sons words.

"If that's how you feel, then you can wash your own bed sheets when you've drenched them in your piss, and hang them out to dry for all to see the yellow stains!" said Tsume seeing Kiba blushing red from embarrassment knowing his Mother had taken great pains to conceal such a humiliating thing.

"Come on Mom! You know what I mean. How can I one day take over the clan, if you still see me like a kid, or a runt of the family?" said Naruto seeing Tsume smirk at him.

"Who said you were going to run the family? Hana is older and far wiser then you," said Tsume seeing Kiba look at her in horror.

If Hana took over the clan, Kiba would have no protection for his sister's evil ways of humiliating him, and he'd be under her thumb until his death.

"B-But Hana is cruel to me all the time. Can't you have her married off to some jerk from another clan or noble in another country?" said Kiba seeing his Mother glaring at him for such a stupid remark.

"Watch your mouth brat! Your sister will take control of the clan if and when I say so. She still has plenty of time to decide or find herself a man without the desire to run our family. As for your problem with the Uzumaki gaki, I think I'll talk to him, and see what Anko-san saw in him to train in the first place," said Tsume heading out and Kiba looking ready to faint.

"Please Kami, I don't ask you for much, but please don't let my Mom embarrass me, and make me a laughing stock of my clan," said Kiba before he let out a shriek of pain on account of Hana appearing behind him and giving him a mean wedgie.

"She won't runt. That's my job after all," said Hana gleefully, as she pulled the underwear up more, and more until achieving the goal of in giving Kiba an atomic wedgie.

"Damn you Hana!" said Kiba in a squeaky voice while trying to see properly.

(Naruto's Apartment)

Hinata had a hard time trying not to pass out in Naruto's apartment simply by being in the apartment while the boy of her dreams both clean and naughty sitting right next to her. There were so many things Hinata wanted to ask him, as to how he got so strong, why he wanted her here, alone, and in his apartment of all places to talk? Part of her perverted mind was saying he took her here to have his way with her, as it was always meant to be, and another more rational side was saying Naruto wanted to be teammates for now while being the Hyuuga girl's lover later.

"So Hinata-chan, what's it like being in a large, and powerful clan?" said Naruto starting off formal, polite, and courteous to the girl.

"I-Its okay. T-There is a lot o-of s-s-stiffness within t-the clan. What I-I mean to s-say is we d-don't r-really b-bond that well," said Hinata blushing a bit more for the perverted thoughts in her head growing more and more out of control.

"Really? Shame. I wish I had such a large family growing up. Most people hate me for something that's not my fault. You don't hate me, do you Hinata-chan?" said Naruto in an innocent voice filled with hope for a positive reaction.

"Never! I could never hate you," said Hinata moving unknowingly moving closer to him.

"That's good to hear. I'm glad we are teammates Hinata-chan. Can you imagine Sakura being on our team? Or Kiba?" said Naruto shivering at the thought and Hinata doing the same.

"W-We could b-be more then teammates Naruto-kun," said Hinata in a suggesting tone.

"You mean true friends?" said Naruto wishing to play the dense person a little bit longer just to see how far Hinata would take this.

"I-I was thinking more then friends too," said Hinata pushing her fingertips together.

"Really? You mean like us being a couple? I don't think your clan would approve," said Naruto seeing Hinata fighting back her shyness to talk to him in a now or never like state.

"We can see each other in secret. My Father doesn't pay much attention to me. In fact, the Hyuuga Elders have been having the female members of the clan teach me certain things about being a member of our clan, and that of a woman," said Hinata feeling herself turn red again.

"What do you mean?" said Naruto with actual curiosity.

"The Hyuuga Elders want to move me into the Branch family, where they want to have me married off to another stronger male of the clan, and produce children with him. To bring about that maximum potential of that happening, the Hyuuga Elders have several females skilled in...intimacy,and pleasing of the male body using ours. If I were to fail in being a Genin or even make it to becoming Chuunin in a few years, I will be put into the Branch family with the Cage Bird Seal my cousin wears on his forehead to ensure my place among the ranks of the clan," said Hinata seeing Naruto frown at that.

'Oh Hell no! Not this girl. She's mine!' thought Naruto with Kyuubi agreeing.

"Me thinks you should speak to Hiashi about arranging something for her while using your eyes to further 'insist' on such a move," said Kyuubi knowing this girl was going to be a bombshell of a knockout when she got older and the fox would be pissed off to no end if Hinata went to some unappreciative baka.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan! I can help you get stronger and I know a Special Jounin with the skills needed to help teach you after were done with our team training," said Naruto seeing Hinata's eyes widen in surprise.

"You mean she would help me?" said Hinata seeing Naruto smile.

"Of course! I'm her star pupil. Granted I'm her only one, but Anko-chan is actually kind of nice when you get to know her, and past all the crazy 'I love to lick blood when I cut people's faces' habit she has," said Naruto hearing Hinata giggle and saw her blushing more no doubt at the idea of licking his face.

"When can I meet her?" said Hinata knowing enough about the woman that she didn't live locally in terms of housing within the Leaf.

"After our test tomorrow. She'll like you I know it!" said Naruto pulling her closer to him and saw the girl was lit up like a Christmas tree!

"Its now or never. Kiss him! Kiss his cheek! His lips! Hell go south of the boarder if you need to stake your claim. Just get him!" said Inner Perverted Hinata having decided to let herself be known.

And with those words in mind, Hinata snapped in terms of self restraint, as she leaped onto the waist of the blonde boy of her dreams, and kissed him passionately. Surprised a bit by her sudden boldness, Naruto allowed Hinata to continue kissing him, and put his hands on her hips. While the two engaged in tonsil hockey, Naruto felt the girl's hips gyrate against him, and the blonde realized how suppressed the girl was in terms of her feelings for him. One of his hands went up the back of her jacket, through her shirt, and felt the designs of a seal there that made the Hyuuga girl stiffen before stopping their heated making out.

"Hinata-chan, what's this? Its feels like some kind of seal?" said Naruto seeing Hinata look at him sadly before getting off of him.

"The Hyuuga Elders had the women in my clan, who were training me in the sexual arts to enhance my body using ancient Hyuuga techniques, and those past down from woman to girl. My Mother was also enhanced since she was a girl before marrying my Father, but I inherited it from her before the enhancements began, hence why I look so developed now, and to further ensure my Father doesn't know about the Elders' plan they...they have a seal on my body that keeps my true physical body from being seen," said Hinata before turning around and raising the back of her shirt for him to see the seal there.

"And if you tell your Father?" said Naruto running his hand gently over seal and her skin.

"They'll still do what they planned to do anyway since my sister Hanabi has a chance to be the Clan Head when she's older. Recently Father has had me spar with her and I've had to hold back knowing that if I don't then my secret could be revealed. It could destroy the clan from within and I'm scared!" said Hinata her mood to be with Naruto practically shot to Hell, but a spark of it recovered when his hands wrapped around her waist, and pulled the girl close.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan. You seem to be forgetting just who you're talking to here, and what I'm known in being. I'm Uzumaki Naruto. The most unpredictable guy in all of the Leaf. I'll help you think of something," said Naruto into her ear and felt the Hyuuga girl shiver.

"I knew I could count on you Naruto-kun," said Hinata, as she blushed at feeling a certain thing from Naruto shifting a bit around her rear, and once more felt heat swell within.

"Of course you can, but I would like to see your true form, and in return I'll share a secret with you that only no one aside from myself in our generation knows about," said Naruto moving seeing the girl nod and then moved away from him before putting a hand on the seal at her back.

"Physical Manipulation: Release!" said Hinata while going through a few hand signs before her body began to waiver, shifting like it was moving through dimensions, or a Genjutsu.

When it ended, Naruto's jaw dropped from its hinges, and couldn't believe his eyes with Kyuubi doing the same. To be blunt, Hyuuga Hinata now looked like she would in a few years, as she was taller, long hair, firm ass, and a bust that could give Anko a run for her money.

"Kit, you know how proud I am of you, right?" said Kyuubi seeing Naruto mentally nod.

"Ho-ly crap! Hinata-chan you look...incredible!" said Naruto seeing the girl blushing at his praise.

"Thank you Naruto-kun," said Hinata, as even her voice sounded sexy to Naruto's ears, and it made him even more excited.

But alas he needed to tell her about Kyuubi and it made Naruto nervous.

"Relax kit. If the Hyuuga somehow rejects you, then the Submission Eye can change her mind, and then some good old fashion make up sex will follow to make things all the better," said Kyuubi knowing that this girl was not going to get away from his vessel at all come Hell or high water.

"Okay Hinata-chan. You've shared your secret. Now I need to share mine. What do you know about Kyuubi?" said Naruto seeing Hinata look at him questioningly.

"He was killed by the Yondaime over 12 years ago. Why?" said Hinata seeing Naruto take off his shirt and blushed at the sight of his muscles only to see him mold chakra to show her the seal on his chest.

"I wish. The fox live Hinata-chan. The Yondaime sealed up the fox inside me and the villagers have hated me ever since," said Naruto seeing Hinata look at him, then the seal, and then back at him in shock.

"Does the fox...influence you?" said Hinata seeing Naruto shake his head no.

"Nope! What you see is all Uzumaki Naruto. Just think of me as a living prison, warden, guard, and jail cell all wrapped in one," said Naruto seeing Hinata nodding her head, but was also curious about the seal, and stepped closer to him.

"C-Can I touch it? The seal I mean?" said Hinata trying to stop the perverse side of her from coming out.

"Sure! The fox can't do anything," said Naruto while hearing the fox scoff at his words, which both knew weren't entirely accurate, but for the sake of the girl in front of the boy, the Kyuubi was willing to be silent, and let its vessel get some.

Reaching out, Hinata touched the seal on Naruto's stomach, pressing her fingers against his hard muscled body, and blushed in the simple fact that she was touching him in the first place. Her Inner Perverted Self was telling her to move a little lower to his pants and pull them down to free what she desired to see. What the Hyuuga had only seen through the Byakugan during her glances, stalking, and naughty dreams that made her want him more.

"The seal is so complex and yet...beautiful in its own way," said Hinata, as she ran her hands through it, and then stood straight again with her eyes on Naruto.

"There is one more thing you need to know Hinata-chan. One last secret I feel I can trust you with," said Naruto seeing Hinata focus entirely on him.

"What? What secret could you have other then Kyuubi?" said Hinata wondering what else could impress her in regards to the blonde.

"Just that I have a bloodline limit. Its called 'Submission Eye!'" said Naruto activating his eye power and Hyuuga Hinata was completely at his mercy having been too shocked to counter it.

'What's happening?' thought Hinata while her mind tried to fight off this power, but could not, and yet a part of her just said "Go with it!" since Naruto was the one doing this.

"Hyuuga Hinata, you are within my power. As such, anything I say goes when we are together in the privacy of my home alone, or when your secret harem sisters are with us for perverted reasons. I'm not going to alter much about you Hinata-chan, except that in order to prevent yourself from being sent to the Branch family of your clan, you need to stop holding back, and show your strength. I will talk to your Father and 'convince' him of arranging for you to marry into my clan that no one except a few know about and keep you safe. Do you understand?" said Naruto seeing Hinata nod in understanding.

"Yes Naruto-kun," said Hinata simply.

"Good! Another thing is, I need you to stop stuttering, and being shy when around me. I think its cute, but I also like how you have a passionate side underneath it, and it really makes me love you all the more. Understand?" said Naruto seeing even in her hypnotic state, Hinata still blushed at his praise, and he would have laughed if not for the fact her programming was important to finish.

"Kit. I sense someone coming. Better hurry up," said Kyuubi while cursing the person responsible for this intrusion.

"Now Hinata-chan, I'm going to turn my bloodline off, and when I do you will remember everything I just told you. However, you cannot tell anyone, who doesn't know about this, and keep it a well guarded secret for now," said Naruto before ending his bloodline's hold over her and not a moment sooner due to a knock at the door.

Making a shushing sound, Naruto motioned for Hinata to put her "disguise" on, and her jacket though it was clear the Hyuuga girl didn't want to. Still, it was for appearances in front of anyone, and the person at the door could be someone Naruto didn't trust. When the blonde opened the door he was surprised to see Inuzuka Tsume standing there with a grin on her face, and whistled at the sight of his apartment.

"Damn gaki! I knew the Sandaime splurged on your apartment complex after getting control of it, but this looks pretty nice, and makes me want to leave my clan home to live in a place like this," said Tsume slightly surprised to see Hinata standing there, but didn't see anything bad from what she could tell, and saw Naruto raising an eyebrow at her.

"Your Kiba's Mom if I'm not mistake, right?" said Naruto seeing Tsume was actually impressed he knew her.

"So my son talks about me a lot, huh?" said Tsume glad she was being talked about by her son.

"Yeah, but I don't know if you want to hear what he said, and make you angry," said Naruto seeing Tsume scowl at the idea of her son talking bad about her.

"My son maybe an idiot at times, but I don't think even he would be stupid enough to speak badly about his Mother considering all the dirt I have on him, and his childhood," said Tsume growling almost dangerously at Naruto.

"Oh, Kiba's that much of an idiot from what I've seen, but I'm being rude, and talking about your son out here where people can hear us. Come inside," said Naruto letting the woman into his apartment while secretly eyeing Hinata that she had to leave and that they would do things later.

"Excuse me Tsume-sama. I have to go home before my Father sends out Branch family members of the clan to hunt me down," said Hinata bowing respectfully to the woman and then leaving after giving Naruto a quick kiss on the cheek before running off.

"Smooth gaki. You got a Hyuuga girl after you. Better keep it from Hiashi though or else he'll use that Gentle Fist on something you don't want struck," said Tsume while she felt a strong amount of pheromones had been released recently in a flux of sorts and knew it came from those two.

"Kit, she's going to suspect something sooner, or later due to her Inuzuka senses. You have to turn her now!" said Kyuubi knowing once Tsume put things together, it would spell disaster, and needed the woman under the boy's thumb.

"I can handle Hiashi. I have a move no Hyuuga or even Inuzuka for that matter can resist when it comes to me," said Naruto seeing Tsume raise an eyebrow at his boasting and was now seeking to challenge him on it.

"Really? And what move is that?" said Tsume leaning down to face Naruto, who just smirked a devious smirk, and made the Inuzuka feel like a dog caught in a trap set by a mischievous fox.

"This. 'Submission Eye!'" said Naruto putting Tsume under his control and the woman felt herself surrendering to the power of the Dojutsu.

Seeing Tsume was now his, Naruto began to issue his hypnotic suggestion to the woman, and decided to enjoy the rest of the day with her after learning she wasn't needed much in the village today.

(With Anko-Hours Later)

Anko skipped merrily to Naruto's apartment knowing Yoshino was still hashing things out with Shikaku about the trial separation and staying someplace where she could be her own woman. The Special Jounin knew it would be a feuding blood bath of the figurative sort and while Anko thought it would be nice to see it first hand...there was a far greater desire running through her body.

More specifically her loins.

Walking up to her lover/Master's room, Anko used the key she had for the room Naruto had given her, and Ayame a copy of to get in with the cover when asking the Hokage for them being they were people he could trust. Quickly shutting the door, the Special Jounin hurt the sound of Naruto getting his freak on his the bedroom, which made Anko all the more excited in seeing a show, and being a part of one later.

To her surprise, it wasn't Ayame that Naruto was fucking from behind like a bitch in heat, but Inuzuka Tsume wearing a collar on her neck with a chain in Naruto's hand while he kept thrusting into the woman's pussy. Tsume had a ball gag in her mouth, hands bound behind her back, and was drooling through the ball gag at being fuck into submission by the blonde stud.

"Well I see you got yourself quite MILF there stud," said Anko seeing Tsume was too lost in pleasure to even notice her at the moment.

"Oh you know me Anko-chan. I wouldn't be me if I didn't bag myself at least one MILF for my harem. Besides, we both know you've wanted to have at least one romp with this bitch, and see what Tsume-chan is like in bed," said Naruto speeding up his thrust and let out a roar before cumming into her pussy while the Inuzuka Matriarch cried out from the ball gag with a muffled howl of pleasure from her own orgasm.

"Are you going to go after her daughter too? She's a few years older then you, but still has a nice pair tits like her Mother, and an ass I know you'd love to fuck," said Anko while disrobing and then walking towards Naruto pulling out of Tsume.

"If she's anything like her Mother, then Hana-chan will fall in line, and join my growing family, and give Kiba-baka control of the Inuzuka Clan. Tsume-chan was most...talkative about Kiba's problems regarding his 'bed problems' and his sister's constant attacks on his male lifestyle," said Naruto while seeing Anko grinning knowing he would use such dirt on Kiba and keep the dog boy in line.

"Hence the ball gag?" said Anko getting on her knees and began to suck on Naruto's cock while loving the taste of the combined juices that coated it and covered it with her tits.

"That and the woman knows how to howl when she cums. Honestly, I don't know when was the last time she got fucked, but its clear such an event hasn't been done in a long time, and I've been the only man inside her since after Kiba-baka was born," said Naruto before groaning at Anko's expert blowjob while running his hands through her hair while the Special Jounin used those great jugs of hers.

"Well you do have that effect on women whether they've gotten any in awhile or not Naruto-kun," said Anko licking the head several times and then sucking on it while her tongue moved its way down the shaft.

"Oh shit! I love it when you do that Anko-chan and yeah I think I do. Now prepare for my cum because I'm going to release right into your mouth my snake slut," said Naruto while he bobbed her head up and down a few more times before letting free his cum for the Special Jounin to swallow.

"Think you can fuck me now like you did her?" said Anko knowing the boy had stamina, but she didn't know how long he'd been screwing Tsume, and the Special Jounin didn't want her lover to try performing at a level he was unable to after working over one of his other girls.

"Oh Anko-chan! How you wound me. Have you forgotten just who I am?" said Naruto his eyes flashing crimson and grinned a devilish grin.

"Oh yeah. My mistake," said Anko with a cheesy grin.

"Damn right it is and you are going to pay for it," said Naruto his grin becoming more evil with Anko becoming slightly fearful.

"Mercy!" said Anko letting out a squeak when he picked her up and threw the woman onto the bed next to a still out of it Inuzuka Tsume.

"Not a chance. Don't worry Anko-chan. You'll be in good company when this is over and can have a chance to have some fun time with Tsume-chan later," said Naruto smacking Anko's ass and making the woman yelp in surprise before she whimpered under his now gentle massage of the cheek he struck.

'Now comes the pleasure and the sore pussy as a result of it,' thought Anko before letting out a cry of pleasure from Naruto thrusting into her hole repeatedly and roughly knowing it was just the way she liked it with him.

Oh yes. Anko would be sore tomorrow.

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