Chapter 7-A Gay Old Time

Yuhi Kurenai wasn't a happy woman. Granted, most of the time she was never really happy on account of the many different things this village, and the world itself had to offer a woman of her strong caliber. For the most part, she had a Genin team that by all means had been the worst team to pass the Academic standards set, and wanted to complain to the Hokage about fixing the problem. Of course, given the Hokage was a man, he would just nod his head, smoke his damn pipe, and then send her away while pretending to take care of it.

'Now if a woman were to become Hokage, she would get things done, and keep the filthy perverted men of this village inline without any problems,' thought Kurenai, as she was walking with her Genin team to see the Hokage about a mission, and wondered why Kami in her infinite feminist wisdom had given the female Jounin such a pathetic male dominated team?

The only good male between the two was Shino, but even then, Kurenai didn't trust the boy to keep his eyes off of her from behind those glasses, and Kiba wasn't any better with his clearly perverted nature. Sakura was another problem for the female Jounin, as she had to deal with the girl's constant fan girl like ways of loving the Uchiha, and how they were destined to be together over Yamanaka Ino.

It made Kurenai want to vomit.

"Are we going to get better missions sensei? I'm tired of constantly chasing that damn cat or doing other people's chores," said Kiba in a whiny voice before Sakura slugged him.

"Shut up baka! We need to do these missions so we can advance like Sasuke-kun's team did," said Sakura while shaking her fist at him.

'At least she's keeping Kiba inline. There is at least some hope for her,' thought Kurenai, as she encouraged Sakura to stand up against boys, and men in general despite using the Uchiha for that foundation.

Still, Kurenai was confident she could replace it when the time came, and show Sakura that men were unreliable unless it was give them a child. Then Kurenai would teach the girl how to keep the male she married on a tight leash and his peck in a bear trap vice that only got some unless she wanted some.

"We have completed quite a few D-ranked missions while working together Kiba. Logic states we will get a higher ranked mission soon," said Shino, as he had been the real work horse of the group in making sure the missions were done, and keep his teammates didn't kill each other.

'At least one of them isn't thinking with his other head at the moment,' thought Kurenai, as she they entered the Hokage Tower, which she also hated because to her it looked like the form of male genitalia, and further proved in her mind that men had been suppressing women further in terms of building structure.

When they entered the Hokage's Office, Kurenai's eyes widened at seeing Kakashi's team in the room along with two women standing beside Uzumaki Naruto, and both of them looking like they enjoyed his company. It made the feminist woman's blood boil in fury at seeing two beautiful women of different ages around the young Uzumaki brat, as it did when Anko told her taking the boy on in a semi-apprenticeship, and helping the Kyuubi Jinchuriki get through the Shinobi Academy. Her own pervert detector inside the Jounin's head were currently going off, telling Kurenai the blonde was a pervert, was going to prey on these girls, and it took every ounce of restraint to snatch the boy away to do a bit of interrogation on him.

In do time.

"That will be all. Naruto, you will show these two women to your apartment complex so they can get settled," said the Sandaime seeing Naruto nod before leaving with Tsunami and Haku while Hinata mentally vowed to catch up to her lover soon.

"Hokage-sama, who were those women with Naruto?" said Kurenai seeing the Hokage turn his attention to her.

"Yeah. That younger girl looked hot," said Kiba before being punched in the face by Sakura.

"Pervert!" said Sakura while shaking her fist at him.

'Says the girl, who would sneak into the Uchiha's home just to rape him,' thought Hinata while waiting for the official dismissal so she could report to her home to give a report to her Father.

"That was Uzumaki Haku and the Tsunami from Wave Country. Haku adopted Naruto's last name and wishes to become a Shinobi of the Leaf. Tsunami wished to live here in the Konoha and Naruto even suggest she be employed as the current Landlord of the Shinobi apartment complex," said the Sandaime while Kurenai narrowed her eyes and while the feminist in her basically screamed out find them.

"I see. I'll have to go visit them sometime. After all, the more friends they have the better, and make them feel welcome in the Leaf," said Kurenai while vowing to make sure the two women were protected from Naruto since he was currently the only male in that building.

How that was even possible, she didn't know.

"That's good to hear. Kakashi, your team is now dismissed, I want a written report on my desk within an hour, and not in three! Kurenai, I have another D-ranked mission for yours own, and it involved cleaning out the bathroom at the Shinobi Academy," said the Third Hokage with Kurenai's team whining at having to do such a humiliating job.

Yes. Even Shino.

(Shinobi Apartment Complex-Sometime Later)

"Harder! Harder! Please Naruto-sama! Fuck me harder!" said Haku, as she was smiling with drool running down the side of her mouth while Naruto pounded into her pussy from behind, and one of his hands grabbing onto her tits.

"As you wish Haku-chan," said Naruto, as he did just that, and loved how the female ice user's pussy felt wrapped around his cock.

In the same room, which was his bedroom in the apartment complex, Tenten was hanging from the ceiling by her wrists, legs spread wide, a vibrator in both holes, with each object vibrating at their maximum level, and Anko currently spanking the weapon girl's ass with a disciplinary action based paddle used in the old days by teachers on unruly students in classrooms.

Tenten herself cried out behind the ball gag with each swat to her ass, as she was being punished since yesterday after entering Naruto's apartment in the belief he had returned so she could collect on her sexual payment the young Uzumaki owed her for the discount of weapons, but since the boy was there, it was considered trespassing, and it didn't help Anko was in the area. The Special Jounin knew the girl was a secret harem sister, but Anko also knew that Tenten shouldn't be in Naruto's apartment without his expressed permission, and the fact she didn't know the Uzumaki stud was not around to deliver in terms of sexual bliss was irrelevant.

In Anko's mind, the girl needed to be disciplined, and in the only way she knew Naruto would approve of it was in the form of bondage sex.

It was how Naruto found them when he came into his home. Of course Tsunami had past out with a nosebleed, but Haku was completely transfixed on the site before her while seeing Tenten being disciplined by Anko, and one thing led to another with Naruto soon plowing into her pussy on the bed.

"I'm going to cum Naruto-sama. I'm cumming!" said Haku, as she felt him hammer even faster, and knew his time was arriving soon too.

"Me too Haku-chan. Take it all as my way of welcoming you to Konoha!" said Naruto before he released his seed right when Haku came and felt her pussy milking him for his essence down to the last drop.

When the two collapsed on the bed, Naruto rolled to the side with Haku following him so she was on hers, and both panting heavily from their orgasms. In the afterglow of it all, Naruto kissed Haku's shoulder knowing the woman's body would receive an increased jolt of pleasure, and she moaned from his continued touch.

"That was one Hell of a welcome Naruto-sama," said Haku at last.

"Yeah. Shame Tsunami is still out of it from seeing Anko-chan punishing Ten-chan. I'd give her my own welcoming. Oh well. More time to spend with you, Anko-chan, and Ten-chan today," said Naruto with a feral grin while Anko looked like her birthday had just come early while Tenten was excited too

And would have expressed it had it not been for the ball gag in her mouth.

(With Kurenai and Sakura-Later that Afternoon)

"Sensei, I don't understand why you kept me around after dismissing the team. I need to find Sasuke-kun before Ino-pig does. Any moment now, she could convince Sasuke-kun to go on a date with her, and then get married before she has his kids," said Sakura while getting into full blow Genin mode right now had Kurenai not put up a commanding hand.

"Enough! Sakura I kept you here to clear some things with you about boys and men in general. First off, you need to get out of this silly fan girl phase of yours, and realize that Sasuke much less any guy is not worth your time chasing after. As a strong woman, I've prided myself in being untouchable by the hands of men, and there perverted advances on me. Only a weak woman goes after a man, as she has so self respect for herself, or that of her gender. I will not have a weak woman in my Genin team Haruno Sakura, which is why I tolerate you beating up Kiba for all his remarks, and even then I feel compelled to do something about your fan girl like ways regarding the Uchiha," said Kurenai while Sakura frowned slightly.

"But Sasuke-kun is the last Uchiha of Konoha. He needs to repopulate his clan!" said Sakura while Kurenai scowled and scoffed in disgust.

"The CRA is just a way for a man to be at his most perverted level in a legitimate way Sakura. All men care about is getting into a woman's pants and the CRA allows a man to do that with more then one woman while using his clan status to do it. When a woman has a man, she controls his life until the day he dies, and rules the household with an iron fist. When a woman doesn't get what she wants from him, the man is punished by making him sleep on the couch, kick him out of the house, and occasionally beating him up for good measure," said Kurenai while Sakura seemed unsure.

"But...isn't that last part abusive?" said Sakura while Kurenai scoffed again.

"Listen Sakura, men need to know that women are the true rulers of the house, and the only way to do that is to hurt them. Have them do what you want and remove anything of theirs that they like in order to assert your dominance in the relationship," said Kurenai with Sakura still being unsure.

"But Sasuke-kun is the rightful ruler of his clan. I couldn't usurp him," said Sakura while Kurenai groaned.

"Fine! Exclude Sasuke from the equation. Men in general. Say for one moment, Sasuke doesn't want you, and you have to be with someone else say...a man of Jounin status from a normal family. After you get married, you take over the house, your word is law, and the law states he obeys you like a loyal puppy. When you want him back at the house at a certain time, he has to come when called, when you want to go to a restaurant of your choice, he takes you there, and he pays for everything while you order the food you want him to have," said Kurenai while Sakura didn't like her talking about taking Sasuke out of her future.

"But...what if I have children and they are males?" said Sakura while Kurenai smirked.

"Then you can easily train any male children early on to not only respect women, but to teach them to always submit to the female gender, and bring about a stronger resistance to the perversion of male rule," said Kurenai while Sakura frowned more.

"I still don't understand Kurenai-sensei," said Sakura while Kurenai just smirked.

"Give it time Sakura. Give it time," said Kurenai knowing she needed to plan something soon to prove that Uchiha Sasuke wasn't worth Sakura's time and bring the pink haired girl closer to the side of righteous feminism.

But first...she needed to speak to those two new women in Konoha.

(With Naruto-The Next Day)

"What do you want Uchiha?" said Naruto, as he was just walking through Konoha, just minding his own business, and trying to ignore Sasuke stalking him for answers.

"How did you get so strong loser? The power you have shouldn't be in your hands," said Sasuke while Naruto just looked back at him.

"And who should have it? You? Please! As if you know how to control such power," said Naruto while Sasuke seethed.

"I don't care about controlling power. I just want the power!" said Sasuke angrily while Naruto just rolled his eyes.

"Power without control is not power. Itachi knew this quite well," said Naruto while Sasuke just looked angrier at him.

"And how would you know what Itachi knew?" said Sasuke while Naruto produced a book in his hands.

"Because Itachi literally wrote the book on the subject you moron," said Naruto holding a copy of How to control the Power inside of you By Uchiha Itachi in his hand.

"What? How did you get that?" said Sasuke while seeing the book become pocketed away.

"They give them out to the students in the Academy's advanced classes. You threw yours away remember? I believe you said 'I will do the opposite of Itachi like my Father said and get stronger for it.' and all that crap," said Naruto with Sasuke seething at his words.

"Give it to me," said Sasuke with Naruto scoffing and walking away.

"Get your own. Buy your own at the nearest Shinobi store. I mean, they practically give you everything for free right now," said Naruto with Sasuke once more becoming angry at him.

"I don't' want a copy from them. I want yours!" said Sasuke with Naruto looking back with a scowl on his face.

"And your not getting it Uchiha. Try and I'll break you," said Naruto with Sasuke now charging him.

"Give it to me loser!" said Sasuke while Naruto dodged the punches and kicks thrown at him.

'Well...he did say give it to him,' thought Naruto before he unleashed a barrage of attacks on the Uchiha and sent the boy through the fence before being knocked out after hitting a tree.

"What do you want to do with him?" said Kyuubi with Naruto getting an evil grin on his face.

'Oh...I have...a brilliant...idea!' thought Naruto before letting out an evil laugh in his head.

"Yikes!" said Kyuubi to himself knowing it would be best to keep his vessel happy in order to keep the blonde from turning his sadistic side on the demon.

Uchiha Sasuke awoke sometime later, only to find himself tied up, hanging from a tree naked, mouth gagged and a big ass sign over his head he could just barely read. When he mouth it out slowly in his mind, Sasuke's face went pale, and he struggled more when rumbling of feet was heard that brought fear to his heart not since felt before the Uchiha Massacre.

Rabid fan girls coming to ravage him.

'Need to escape! Need to escape!' thought Sasuke while the army of fan girls got closer.

For those of you wondering, the sign above Sasuke said All horny fan girls converge here to rape Uchiha Sasuke! with an big fat arrow pointing to his location. When the girls were seeable, Sasuke closed his eyes, and waited for the inevitable ravaging of his body while cursing his blonde teammate for doing this to him.

Out of all the people Sasuke thought would be his first time, the Uchiha honestly thought Hyuuga Neji would be the one, and not some flock of rabid horny fan girls. However, a strange thing happened when the rumbling stopped, and Sasuke found himself not being violated. Opening his eyes, the Uchiha saw a look of...disappointment in their eyes, while some of them were snickering at him, and others whispered while moving two of their fingers slightly apart while pointing at him with a frown.

"He's small!" said one fan girl Sasuke somewhat recognized from the Academy.

"But...I thought all of the men from clans were well endowed? Wasn't it rumored Uchiha Itachi was big?" said another fan girl while Sasuke became angry at the fact they were not only talking about Itachi, but considered his manhood to be puny, and not worth their time.

Even if he wouldn't give them any of it.

"There have been cases where there is always a runt or two in the clans. Unfortunately, Uchiha Sasuke is one of them. The only one without such a weakness was the Namikaze Clan the Yondaime Hokage was part of," said another girl, who was slightly older then the girls Sasuke knew, and the Uchiha knew she'd spread all around town the apparent lack of manliness between his legs.

"So...what do we do now?" said another now former fan girl of Uchiha Sasuke.

"We find someone else!" said a girl, who was clearly a cousin of Ino's, and the other girls nodded in agreement.

'Damn bitches. When I get down from here, they will pay, and so will Naruto for this,' thought Sasuke while not seeing the figure hidden in the trees taking pictures of his predicament and the snickering that would come.

"You scare me sometimes kit," said Kyuubi knowing what Naruto was going to do with these pictures.

'Like you're one to talk. You told me your violent fantasy dream you wanted to carry out against Uchiha Madara. How is vengeance on Sasuke any different?' thought Naruto with Kyuubi thinking for a second.

"Touché! Still, is it wise to give these anonymously to Yuhi Kurenai fully knowing just what she'll do with these, and what a shit storm it will cause in Konoha?" said Kyuubi with Naruto smirking.

'Considering how she tried to turn Tsunami-chan and Haku-chan into feminist man hating lesbians yesterday? Absolutely!' thought Naruto knowing his plan would work.

(With Yuhi Kurenai)

Kurenai looked at the photos in front of her, after they were left on her doorstep, and saw a chance to really turn Sakura away from Sasuke. Hunting down her female student, the Jounin saw Sakura trying, and failing to pound a more physically fit Yamanaka Ino into the ground with little success in hurting the platinum blonde.

"You take that back! Sasuke-kun does not have a small penis!" said Sakura while Ino dodged another attack and kicked the pink haired girl away.

"My cousin saw it forehead. She showed me the images from her mind," said Ino, as she was glad to drop her pursuit of Sasuke after the Academy, and once more kicked herself for pursuing him.

Had she known what was down there had been so small, Ino would have gone right after someone else, and someone else would have been...Naruto! Granted, Ino knew that the Uzumaki wasn't from any recognized clan, but the blonde was strong, and if what her lessons with chakra were indeed correct...very well endowed.

"Liar!" said Sakura before seeing Kurenai walking towards her with a frown.

"Sakura, I'm afraid Ino is telling the truth, and there are pictures to prove it," said Kurenai seeing Sakura looking on in horror at seeing what had not only befallen her Sasuke-kun, but the fact Ino was telling the truth, and Sasuke was in fact the runt of the clan.

"How did you get those pictures? Did you take them?" said Ino looking at Kurenai with accusing eyes.

"What? Don't be ridiculous," said Kurenai practically sputtered at Ino.

"Then how do you have them when no one else does?" said Sakura seeing Kurenai being put on the spot now.

"Someone dropped them off at my door today," said Kurenai seeing neither girl buying it.

"But you kept trying to steer me away from Sasuke-kun earlier and now you have these pictures. You are a dirty woman!" said Sakura pointing an accusing finger at Kurenai, which didn't really help the Jounin since they were in a public place, and people were now staring at them.

"I am not!" said Kurenai defended while glaring at Sakura.

"Yuhi Kurenai is a dirty woman and takes pictures of young tied up boys!" said Ino loud enough for more people to hear and Kurenai groaned.

'Great! Now I have to explain myself to the Hokage,' thought Kurenai before ANBU came and took her along with Sakura away to explain this to the Hokage.

(With Naruto)

'I'm so boored,' thought Naruto, as he had already trained for the day, but sadly his lovely ladies were also busy too, and couldn't get his freak on with them.

"AH! Help! Molester! Molester!" said Sarutobi Konohamaru in a nearby alley.

"Hey! I'm no molester kid. You ran into me!" said another voice belong to someone in what looked like a cat suit and wearing a girl's makeup.

"Says the gender confused guy wearing girl's makeup on his face," said Naruto at the cat suit wearing bo-gir-whatever he was and saw the smoking hot pigtailed blonde haired girl behind him smirking.

"ITS WAR PAINT!" yelled the cat suit wearer.

"Is it?" said Naruto looking at the fan using girl behind him.

"No," said the girl with a smile while the cat suit man looking back at him.

"Temari!" said the cat suit wearing Shinobi.

"Oh shut up Kankuro. We both know you are wearing makeup. I know because you got it from MY ROOM!" said Temari giving Kankuro a glare.

" that little bit of T.M.I. is out for everyone to know, who are you, and why do you have the Sandaime Hokage's Grandson in your hands?" said Naruto seeing Kankuro drop the kid like he was infected by a disease.

"The names Sabaku no Temari from Suna. The gender confused boy next to me is my younger brother Sabaku no Kankuro," said Temari while Kankuro growled at his sister.

"And the redheaded kid leaking killer intent in that tree behind me?" said Naruto looking back and seeing the red haired boy disappear before reappearing between them.

"Kankuro, you are a disgrace to Suna," said the redhead.

"But Gaara I...," said Kankuro, only to be silenced by killer intent from the boy, and then saw Gaara redirect his eyes at Naruto.

"Shut up. Or I'll kill you. My apologize for my brother's stupidity. He's not very bright. If it wasn't for the fact he is required to live for the upcoming Chuunin Exams, I would kill him, and feed his blood to my Mother," said Gaara seeing Konohamaru shivering behind Naruto.

"Apology accepted. Though keep him on a tighter leash. Last thing we want is for a war between our villages over a small scuffle involving the Sandaime Hokage's Grandson," said Naruto seeing Gaara nod.

"I wish to know your name," said Gaara changing the subject.

"Uzumaki Naruto. Holder of the nine. You?" said Naruto seeing Gaara's eyes widen slightly.

"Sabaku no Gaara. Holder of the one. We are the Kazekage's children," said Gaara with Naruto smirking at him.

"I see. Well, chances are we'll meet each other in the Chuunin Exams then, and look for you on the battlefield," said Naruto giving the kid a mock salute and motioned for the Third's Grandchild to follow him.

"Be careful of that one. Mother says to be...cautious," said Gaara before the trio walked away while his siblings were looking at him in surprise.

'Really? Well that certainly is interesting? And he was kind of cute,' thought Temari with a small blush on her face.

(With Sakura)

"I can't believe Kurenai would take pictures of my Sasuke-kun like that! I don't care if she denies it or is my sensei. She'll pay!" said Sakura in an angry while stomping away from the Hokage Tower.

Sakura had to listen to Kurenai's explanation of how she came into possession of the photos and teaching the pink haired girl about boys. Of course the female Jounin had clearly spinning the conversation she had with a twist to keep herself out of trouble and about her feminist ideals. After being dismissed by the Hokage, the pink haired Genin found herself near the village's Post Office, and surprisingly found herself seeing Sasuke heading their discreetly with a letter in hand.

Following him to his destination, Sakura saw him drop the letter off, and quickly leave while keeping his identity hidden by henging into some normal civilian before entering the building. After he left, Sakura went in, and was able to acquire the letter that Sasuke wanted to send out.

To my Secret Love

'Oh Kami! Sasuke-kun has a secret love. It must be me!' thought Sakura, who had at the time looking at the envelope had completed ignored the address on it specifying it was to be delivered to Hyuuga Compound.

Dear my Secret Love,

I wish you would respond to this letter for I wish to discuss our future. We need to talk about our hearts desires and how you can't deny what I've been writing to you these past few weeks.

'He's talking about me. I just know it. How come none of his letters have reached me until now? They must have gotten misplaced!' thought Sakura, as she continued reading, and wished to ask Sasuke about the lost love letters that missed reaching her.

Please see me when you can at my home. I am aching to be in your arms just as I know you ache to be in mine. It doesn't matter we are from two different worlds and lifestyles. Together we will know love and passion that others would scorn us for having with each other.


Uchiha Sasuke

P.S. I look forward to seeing you tonight at my home...

"Haruno Sakura," said Sakura before looked at the name.

Hyuuga Neji

"WHAT THE FUCK?" yelled Sakura, as she came to the earth shattering, and horrifying truth of it all.

Uchiha Sasuke...was gay. Uchiha Sasuke was gay and in love with...Hyuuga Neji.

This was a nightmare. A sick, twisted nightmare, which was denying Sakura the reality she had grown up embracing with all her heart, and soul with this letter destroying it within a span of a few seconds.

And it was in that moment the old Haruno Sakura died.

In her place...was lesbian feminist Haruno Sakura was born!

"Bring on the hot women! Cha!" said Inner Sakura with short hair and dressed like a stereotypical TV Cable Guy.

(With Naruto)

"What the Hell was that noise?" said Naruto before he groaned out in pleasure and then looked down to see one naked Hyuuga Hinata sucking him off while having his cock wedged between her tits.

"Don't know. Don't care," said Hinata before going back to getting her lover off while she redoubled the efforts to get his cum out.

"Oh damn! You horny slut. You better hurry Hinata-chan. We have to meet our sensei soon. From what Anko-chan told me after I fucked her along with Tsunami raw in our threesome this morning, it could be about the Chuunin Exams, and us signing up for it. So be a good sex slave and make me cum," said Naruto in a command voice, as he began to take control of Hinata's pace, and work her faster until he finally released in the girl's mouth.

"Tasty as always Naruto-kun," said Hinata while Naruto pulled up his pants while he patted her head.

"Glad I could please you Hinata-chan. Now get dressed before your hot body makes me make us late and we have to explain ourselves when they find me fucking your hot ass," said Naruto seeing Hinata pout slightly.

"Okay, but only because I don't want any male perverts seeing me naked," said Hinata in a semi-collected voice befitting her snooty clan.

"No. Just your fellow harem sisters and myself," said Naruto while Hinata got dressed.

"True," said Hinata before she and him headed off to meet their sensei for the Chuunin Exams.

"You do know with these Chuunin Exams, there is a chance there will be a bunch of hot vixens entering, and could be...turned to Konoha's side," said Kyuubi with a smile on his face.

'Yep! If all goes well, I'll get up the Suna woman's skirt, and into her panties along with several others I see,' thought Naruto at the idea at using his eyes on Temari and try to boost the positive relationship Leaf had with Suna.

Among other things.

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