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Chapter Five

Awkward Conversations

Kurt had followed Blaine out of the kitchen and down the hall. They stopped when they reached the living room. 'Holy crap!' thought Kurt. The room was large and open in space. The ceiling was two stories high with enormous windows that almost matched the height of the ceiling. Through the massive windows, Kurt could still see that the snow was still coming down hard and didn't look like it was letting up anytime soon.

In the corner next to the stone fireplace was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The glow of the lights that wrapped around the tree gave off enough of a dim light to be able see the rest of the room. Kurt could see pictures that were neatly placed on top of the mantle above the fireplace. He was trying to see the faces in the photos, but before he could make out any of them, Blaine grabbed his hand and continued leading him down the hall.

The next room they halted at Blaine referred to as the 'media room'. Kurt peeked inside to see a nice large 52' TV next to a wall entirely filled with dvd's. Again before Kurt could comment Blaine had begun dragging him down the hall. This time they didn't even stop to look into the rooms, Blaine just pointed at the three doorways and said "Bathroom, guest bedroom, and my dad's office."

"Wow, not much of a tour guide are you?" Kurt teased.

"Nope," replied Blaine "Not really my forte" he laughed.

The two Dalton boys climbed the stairs. When they reached the top Blaine pointed down the hall to the left, "Parent's room is down there". He turned his direction to the right and walked a few feet finally arriving at their final destination.

"And this is my room and that's my bathroom" he declared.

"But you haven't shown me the whole house" Kurt protested.

"I know" replied the older boy with a smart ass grin on his face "I got lazy about halfway through" he joked.

"Well frankly I'm appalled" teased Kurt. "I'm going to have to teach you a thing or two about how to properly entertain your guests sometime".

"Well that should be interesting"

Kurt began taking in Blaine's room. Apparently his dreamy older crush wasn't much of a decorator either. The walls were covered with a variety of posters, ranging from rock'n'roll to different kinds of musicals. Kurt's eyes stopped on Blaine's bed. It was a queen size that was positioned in the middle of the room. Kurt couldn't help but begin to wonder what Blaine looked like when he was sleeping….


"What?" Kurt snapped out of it.

"Would you like clothes to change into? You know….since we're still wearing our uniforms?"

"Yes, thank you" replied Kurt a little too loudly.

"Well unfortunately I don't have the latest line in Marc Jacobs clothing, so you're going to have to choose from my collection of 80's rock band t-shirts" Blaine explained.

"You're joking right?" Kurt replied in disbelief.

"Come on Kurt, you know you can rock any look" Blaine countered.

"This is true"

Kurt had picked out a Rolling Stones t-shirt from Blaine's dresser, while Blaine had found a pair of slim fitting jeans that might fit Kurt.

"Here" he said as he handed over the pair of jeans to Kurt. "You can get changed in here, I'm going to go make a phone call if that's ok with you?"

"Yeah that's fine" replied Kurt.

Blaine left the room, shutting the door behind him. Kurt picked up the clothes and sniffed the shirt trying to see if it smelled like Blaine at all. It did. After inhaling the scent, Kurt slipped off his Dalton Academy uniform and into Blaine's clothes. The idea that Blaine had at one point worn these clothes made Kurt a little too excited.

Once dressed, Kurt sat himself on the older boy's bed. He decided he would wait in the room for Blaine because he was sure if he tried to go looking for him, he would no doubt get lost somewhere in the house. After a few minutes of waiting, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

"Can I come in?" asked the dreamy voice.

"It's your room" Kurt pointed out.

The door opened and Blaine had peaked his head out from behind the door.

"Hey I was wondering if it would be alright if I took a quick shower? You could go pick out some movies for us to watch from the media room while you wait"

Kurt immediately tried to remember exactly where the media room was located. "Sure" he replied, "No problem, do you have any requests for movies?"

"How about you surprise me?" Blaine smiled. "And I'll be really fast ok?"

Kurt had ventured back downstairs by himself, and luckily found the media room without much difficulty. There were literally hundreds upon hundreds of movies titles to choose from. Kurt ran his finger along the titles of the movies, pulling out ones that sounded appealing to him. The Breakfast Club, Chicago, Flash Dance, Sixteen Candles, He smiled when his finger came upon one particular title, The Sound of Music.

The Sound of Music was by far one of Kurt's ultimate guilty pleasures. It always seemed like the he could watch it over and over again and never ever tire from it. Kurt pulled the movie out of it's place and set in on the table next to the couch with the rest of the yes pile. Just as Kurt was returning to the wall of movies, he had the urge to sneeze. He braced himself, and buried his face into his elbow as he let out a loud sneeze.

"Ugh" muttered Kurt. "I need to go blow my nose"

The slender boy had walked out of the TV room and glanced down the hall. Kurt was sure that Blaine had mentioned a bathroom somewhere on this floor. He ventured down to the first door and opened it. Inside he found a chair and a desk with a computer stationed on top of it.

"Definitely not the bathroom" he commented to himself.

A few feet further down the hall was another closed door. 'This house is too big' Kurt thought to himself as he placed his hand upon the door handle and turned the knob and opened the door wide.

Just as he had opened the door, stood a very wet and naked Blaine wrapping a towel around his waist. Kurt completely froze, and in less than a millisecond managed to turn about 20 different shades of red. Blaine was startled with a look of surprise on his face as he looked up to see Kurt standing in the doorway to the bathroom.

Kurt was still frozen with shock. He was desperately trying to get his brain to respond but nothing was working. 'Come on! Say something! Or at least leave!' he mentally screamed at himself, but nothing came out. Instead he just stood there with his mouth gaping open as he stared at the almost naked teenage boy. His eyes traveled up and down Blaine's body. From his dripping wet disheveled looking hair down to his smooth and slight muscular build body. Kurt's eyes stopped right below Blaine's belly button where he noticed a small treasure trail of hair that ever so lightly traveled further south, down towards his….

"Ahhh…" the noise startled Kurt, even though it came from his own voice.

"I…uh…I'm s-sorry, I-I didn't mean to uh I was just looking for a tissue." babbled Kurt. At first Kurt couldn't get any words to come out to save his life, and now he couldn't shut up to save his life. His words were coming out at full speed and were forming what sounded like gibberish.

"I d-didn't know that you were um,…I thought you were upstairs and…" Kurt tried to explain but by the sound of it, was failing miserably.

Blaine had not made one sound as he stood paralyzed with a towel wrapped around his naked lower half and the look of shock on his face while Kurt babbled on trying to explain his intrusion. Finally after Kurt finished, Blaine snapped out of it. His cheeks were as red as tomatoes when he finally attempted to speak.

"M-my shower isn't working right now, so I have to shower down here….It's my fault I sh-should've mentioned that to you…" He said embarrassed. Kurt couldn't believe that Blaine was trying to say that the fault was his instead of Kurt's

"No-no, it's my fault…I should've knocked or something". Kurt wanted to find a rock, climb under it and die right now! He needed to get out of there right this instant! Kurt tried to turn to leave too fast and turned and walked smack into the doorframe. 'Please let me die right now!' he begged himself. Kurt rebounded and nearly ran out of the bathroom and back down the hall.

Oh. My. God. Someone please just shoot me! Kurt thought. He had made it back into the media room, collapsed on the couch and buried his face into his hands. The image of Blaine's nearly naked body still tattooed into Kurt's brain was making his heart race a million miles an hour. Because of this, other explicit and suggestive involuntary images were racing through Kurt's brain. He began feeling a tightness in his pants.

"GHAAAAAAA!" Kurt yelled at himself with his face still buried in his hands. "What is wrong with me? Blaine now thinks I'm a creepy, stalker, peeping tom pervert and will probably never talk to me again!"

"No I don't"

Kurt dislodged his hands from his face to look up and see Blaine standing next to the couch now fully dressed. He was wearing a casual graphic t-shirt of some sort and a pair of jeans. His hair was still damp, and his face which usually had a look of confidence on it, now looked nervous even though he was trying to offer a smile.

Kurt immediately tried to apologize again. "Blaine I am so sorry, I didn't mean to walk in on you like that! I'm so sorry if I made you uncomfortable, and I would totally understand if you decided to completely hate me from now on."

Blaine held up his hand to silence Kurt. He walked over and sat himself down on the couch next to Kurt and turned his body to face Kurt's.

"Like I said before, you don't need to apologize. It was an accident and could've happened to anyone, so you don't need to worry yourself over it. It's fine." He offered.

Kurt tried to remember to breathe.

"Oh and for the record" Blaine started, "I do not think, or ever will think, that you are 'creepy' or 'stalkerish'" he teased.

Kurt smiled a little "Thanks" he replied.

Trying to ease the tension, Blaine stood up and walked over to the pile of movies that Kurt had selected.

"Let's see what you picked here…ah! Nice choice" said the handsome older boy as he picked up The Sound of Music, and held it up for Kurt to see.

"The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favorite movies ever" explained Kurt

"No way!" exclaimed Blaine, "It's totally my favorite too". The two boys smile at each other, and Kurt felt himself gaining some of his confidence back again. Blaine went over to the TV and puts in the DVD. Then he ventured over to wall to turn off the lights before sitting himself right next to Kurt on the couch.

The awkward tension still lingers in the air somewhat and is evident by the fact that neither of the two boys are touching. Instead they both stare straight ahead trying to concentrate on the movie. After a few minutes in to the movie Blaine looks over to see Kurt's body is still completely stiff and rigid and is hardly breathing. Kurt notices out of the corner of his eye that Blaine is looking at him and tries to remain calm, however he knows Blaine can see right through this.

"Wow you look incredibly tense right now" Blaine pointed out. "I guess seeing me shirtless must've really freaked you out and scarred you for life huh?" he joked, obviously trying to get Kurt to relax.

"No" Kurt sighed, "It didn't freak me out…it was actually quite the opposite" he admitted.

"Oh" was all that Blaine could reply, and even in the dark room Kurt could see the redness that was creeping up to Blaine's cheeks. Now it was Kurt's turn to turn and face Blaine. Kurt had a burning question in the back of his mind that he wanted to ask. And although he knew he should just shut up, watch the rest of the movie and try to salvage and enjoy whatever was left of the night, his curiosity and big mouth got the better of him.

"Uh hey Blaine?" Blaine turned his head to look up at the boy. No point in chickening out now thought Kurt.

"Have you ever, you know…had sex before?" Kurt gulped and held his breath as he nervously waited for a reply.

Blaine's face went blank first, then very very red. He was obviously not expecting this.

"Um…no, I haven't ever had sex before" Blaine admitted, now looking down at the floor.

"But you've done other things before right?" Kurt countered. Kurt was shocked at the words that flew out of his mouth before he even had a chance to process if it was a good idea to say them. And based on the reaction on Blaine's face, Kurt figured he was pretty shocked as well.

"I..uh..I've done a few other things before" Blaine nearly choked out, before adding, "Why do you ask?"

Kurt inhaled. No use in turning back now, he thought.

"Well, it's just that…" Kurt felt his heart start to race again "I've never done anything before, and you're the only one I can really talk to about this stuff, and I just wanted to know how it all works, and what it's like I guess". Kurt's hands began to shake as he waited for Blaine's reaction.

Blaine looked unsure as how to respond. "Well.." he started slowly, "I guess you pretty much get the general idea of everything from porn". He breathed.

"I've never watched porn before" Kurt admitted.

"You've never watched porn ever?" gasped out Blaine in disbelief.

"No" Kurt replied nervously, he was now losing any shred of confidence he ever had. "I mean I've sorta somewhat glanced at it before, and I get the general idea of it, but I've always been too nervous that someone would find out what I was looking at"

"So, you've never used it to um masturbate to before?" Blaine asked with his voice shaking.

When Blaine said the word 'masturbate' Kurt's head immediately filled with the image of Blaine doing exactly that. Kurt felt his face grow very very hot as he could feel the tightness growing inside his pants and he prayed to God or whatever entity was out there that Blaine would not notice this.

"No…" breath Kurt breath, "I usually just think of someone that I really really like, and use my imagination." Oh God! Kurt just basically told Blaine how he jerks himself off, and on top of that he practically just told him that he thinks of Blaine while he's doing it.

This is bad, this is bad thought Kurt. The two Dalton boys just sat there staring at each other, and all the while Kurt can't help the mental images that are circulating through his mind. His pulse is racing out of control as he feels the tightness in his pants growing to the point where it wants to explode out of the fabric. Kurt wanted to reach over and touch Blaine so badly right now, the urge was driving him crazy.

"Kurt.." Blaine husked, his breath now coming out in heavy pants, "Why are you asking me all of these questions? Did you think something was going to happen tonight?"

Oh God. Kurt was an idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Right about now he wanted to find that rock so he can crawl under it and die from embarrassment. It was stupid of him to hope for anything to happen when clearly the man he's in love with has no interest in doing that with him.

"No,…I m-mean I didn't want to assume anything. I'm sure you don't even think about me like that or anything" He choked out. Kurt was fairly positive that he had just ruined the rest of the evening and possibly any chance he had with Blaine. Deciding he couldn't take the rejection, Kurt looked down at his feet and kept his eyes glued to the floor. He braced himself for what was going to come next.

"That's where you're wrong Kurt" he heard Blaine's voice almost whisper. Kurt looked up at Blaine's face which stared deep into Kurt's eyes.

"I am extremely attracted to you Kurt. And I'm not going to lie, if you keep going any further with this conversation, I might just explode." Blaine panted out, his chest heaving up and down. His eyes were hungrily staring at Kurt's lips as if he was trying to hold himself back.

Kurt's heart jumped.

"Really?" He asked almost in disbelief. He was giving it everything not to reach out and grab Blaine right then and there. The erection inside his zipper was so fucking hard right now, it was practically screaming to get out.

Blaine's gorgeous face started to lean in closer to Kurt's as he spoke.

"I want you so badly right now, that I'm afraid if I so much as touch you" he sighed "I don't think I'll be able to control myself, I won't be able to stop"

Now it was Kurt's turn to lean in closer. He slid his body over closer and closer to the point where they were almost touching. His face was so close to Blaine's that he could feel his hot breath on his lips. As he stared into those warm brown eyes he opened his mouth and whispered….

"I don't want you to stop"

All Blaine could do was gulp before asking, "Are you sure?'

Kurt nodded.

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