Tegan always let Sara make the first move. Sara was the independent one, the one who felt most comfortable on her own, who doesn't like to spoon and doesn't even like Tegan touching her. Tegan would never just start touching Sara, Sara had to initiate it first.

So as Tegan walked out of the bathroom of the hotel room Sara and her were sharing, she made sure Sara at least got the idea Tegan was wanting her affection. She wore only a black pair of underwear and a white singlet. This is how it worked, Tegan would tempt Sara, give her the idea of touching Tegan. And then Tegan would wait for Sara to decide whether she was going to respond. Tegan walked between the space of their single beds. Sara was already under the covers watching Tegan's movements. Tegan bent over to pull the covers that had been tucked underneath her mattress out, letting Sara get a view of her round tight bum. The only lights in the room were from the glow of the digital clock on the bedside table, which green hue gave Sara a clear view of her sister. Tegan then got into the bed, facing away from Sara and waited.

It wasn't long before she felt the weight of another body filling the space behind her and her sisters body curl up against her back. Tegan did not turn around, ever since this had begun Sara and Tegan had never actually looked at each other while doing this. It was like as long as they didn't face each other or even acknowledge what was happening, maybe it wasn't happening at all. Sara's hand quickly snaked around to rest on Tegan's flat stomach just above her underwear. Tegan reached behind herself and rested her hand in the same place on Sara. Sara's hot breath was on Tegan's neck. They stayed in that position, Tegan refusing to move until Sara did. Both girls were already panting hard, out of breath from the mere thought of being touched by the other.

Sara slipped her hand underneath Tegan's underwear and let her finger trace her sister's slit, feeling the warmth and the wet covering her fingers. Tegan copied her sister's actions but rested her fingers over Sara's clit, slowly moving them in circular motions. Any hesitation that was between the two girls was now gone. Sara, with two fingers, entered her sister and began thrusting in and out of Tegan's pink wet walls fast and hard. Tegan took the hint and did the same, sensing the desperation in her sister's movements. In the dark they fucked each other, both refusing to moan out loud. Their heavy breathing and the occasional gasp was all that could be heard from the dark room, but no one was around to hear them.

Tegan was moving her hips with her sister's thrusts, she needed this badly from her sister. And yes, from her sister especially. Sara's forehead was pressed hard against Tegan's shoulder as she bit down on her lip to keep herself from crying out.

This is how it always was, rushed and brief. Usually it always happened at night, so no eye contact could even accidently be established. They never kissed nor cuddled before or afterwards. No loud moans or groans of each other's names ever passed their lips. This was how it had to be. They never talked about it. Tegan herself doesn't even know why she wants to be fucked by her sister so desperately. And she's pretty sure nor does Sara. Tegan would never admit it, but for some reason Sara just makes her so fucking wet that she spends all day just waiting and hoping Sara needs it too and that she will pick up on Tegan's hints and crawl into her bed.

Sara comes first, riding out her orgasm on Tegan's fingers while simultaneously quickening the pace of her own fingers in and out of Tegan. Tegan can tell Sara is coming because she bites down on her shoulder, muffling her screams. Just the feeling of Sara's teeth on her skin is enough to push Tegan over the edge and she finds herself gasping and pressing her face into her pillow as she too feels the waves of her orgasm crash over her.

Once Sara regains her breath she removes her fingers from her sister's warmth and removes herself from Tegan's bed. Tegan remains in the same position, facing away from Sara and staring at the wall, letting the shame wash over her now. Sara in her own bed stares at the ceiling, she quickly glances over to Tegan's silhouette and unable to resist, let's her fingers that were only minutes ago inside Tegan graze her lips before putting them into her mouth to taste the forbidden fruit that is her sister.