Jacob's NM

Disclaimer - All character belong to Stephenie Meyers. This is New Moon as she wrote it, simply from Jacob's POV, so any conversation that Bella is present for will be directly quoted from the book. No copy write infringement is intended.

Chapter 1 - CHEATER

Saturdays were the best, I could do anything that I wanted to do, except for sleep in. Dad always needed my help getting into his clothes and starting the day. I don't mind, he was always real patient with me and would usually sit in his bed and read until I woke up and got him ready. I left the warm comfort of my sheets and raised my arms above my head to stretch. There was a loud crack as I stretched my back and it felt great. I grabbed a random pair of jeans and shirt and went to my dad's room. After getting him out of bed, I left him to use the restroom and brush his teeth. He was a very strong man and could lift himself from his chair and back again when needed.

I walked into the kitchen and got two bowls of cereal, one for myself and one for dad, poured them with shredded wheat, and added milk. I used to love frosted flakes but with dad's diabetes it was just easier if we both ate the same foods and the sugary cereals had to go.

Dad got two spoons out of the drawer and rolled over to the table. I carried the bowls and sat one down in front of him and I sat in the chair across the table from him.

"So Jacob, what will you be doing today?" Billy asked.
"I don't know, probably just work on the Rabbit. Why did you need something?"
"Nope. However your room is a disaster you should probably clean that up." I took a deep sigh and realized he was right. I was not even sure if the clothes I wore were clean or dirty, the piles had sort of blended together into a disastrous mess.

We sat in comfortable silence and finished our cereal and then dad rolled into the living room, turning on the TV while I poured myself another bowl of cereal. After finishing I went to the sink washed mine and Dad's bowl before heading to my room. I decided it was time to do laundry. I gathered all my clothes from my room and stopped by my Dad's to gather his as well. Dad and I had a good system, I would put it in the wash and then transfer it over the dryer. Dad would take it out, fold it, and put it away. We were a good team.

Three loads later I was sitting on the couch, waiting for the last one to finish in the wash desperate to go to the the garage where I really wanted to be. When I heard a sound that I knew I would never forget. It was loud as it huffed and puffed and I knew it was the truck that belonged to Bella Swan. I could remember working on the engine of that truck and there would never be another sound like it. Instantly I thought something was wrong with it and Charlie had brought it over for repairs. I peaked out the window and saw only Bella.

I was so excited to know that Bella had come here, until I saw Bella's face through the window. She looked absolutely awful. She was so skinny that I felt I could see her bones through her clothes, her face was extremely white except for the large dark circles under each eye. I had heard Billy talking to Charlie and so I knew that Bella was not doing well but I had no idea how bad it was until I saw her.

Despite her sad appearance I was still excited that she came. I jumped from the couch and half ran out the door, trying to act calmly. I had a huge crush on Bella and while I guessed that my dad already knew I didn't exactly want to make it so obvious with him in the same room. But despite my attempts I couldn't get the silly smile off, it was always plastered to my face any time Bella's name came up. For her to actually be right outside my front door, it was too much for me to handle and I had to move quickly. I stepped outside and hoped off the porch towards her truck when Bella's eyes finally looked up at my.

"Bella!" I shouted, I just could not contain my excitement.
"Hey, Jacob!" Bella said with a hint of excitement and a weak smile. Though it was small I could tell it was real.
"You grew again!" she said amazed.
"Six five" I answered, I couldn't help but be proud of my size. Though it was embarrassing to be so uncoordinated, it just felt like my body was growing so fast I barely could keep up with myself.
"Is it ever going to stop? You're huge." Bella shook her head like she could not believe it.
"Still a beanpole, though" Growing so fast I just couldn't put on the weight like my friends and it made me feel skinny and awkward.

Suddenly I realized that it was raining and she would probably like to come inside. "Come inside! You're getting all wet."

I turned around and she followed me towards the house. My long hair matted to my face from the rain so I reached for the band in my pocket and pulled it back without thinking, it was simply a habit. I opened the door and ducked as I entered the house. I remembered the first time I hit my head on the door frame, I was late for school and ran out the door, I couldn't believe that I had grown that tall.

"Hey, Dad" I called. "Look who stopped by."

I noticed that the TV had been turned off and a book was in his hand. Was he watching us from the window? I swear him and Charlie gossip more than any grown men should, but I never really thought he would spy on me. All of a sudden I was extremely nervous that he would embarrass me. He sat the book in his lap and wheeled himself towards us, reaching out to take Bella's hand.

"Well, what do you know! It's good to see you, Bella. What brings you out here? Everything okay with Charlie?"

One of the few times that I was glad to have my dad in the room. He was able to ask these questions without it coming across as desperate or rude. I wanted to know the answer to those questions so badly but I didn't have the courage to ask her.

"Yes, absolutely. I just wanted to see Jacob – I haven't seen him in forever."

I did not think I could be happier. Bella was standing in my house and now to know that it had nothing to do with her father or my father, but rather it was to see ME! The smile that was plastered to my face stretched to a whole new level. I wanted to be embarrassed but I was too happy to care.

"Can you stay for dinner?" Billy asked.
"No, I've got to feed Charlie, you know."
"I'll call him now," Billy suggested. "He's always invited."
"It's not like you'll never see me again." She promised. "I'll be back again soon – so much you'll get sick of me." Bella said with a nervous laugh. I do not think she had any idea that it was not possible for me to get sick of her, but it might be interesting to see what she came up with to try and make that a reality.

Billy gave me a quick wink, so quick that I almost missed it and I know there was no way that Bella saw it. I knew that dad and I were real close, but I never in my dreams would have thought of him as my wing man. But there was something different, I quickly realized that this was not just for me, but also for his best friend. Charlie has been beside himself with worry over Bella and if Bella spending time with me would help Charlie then I knew my dad would help in any way he could.

Billy chuckled in response. "Okay, maybe next time."

This was getting awkward quickly so I knew I had to do something. "So, Bella, what do you want to do?" It had been so long since my sisters lived here so I wasn't sure what kind of girl stuff we had available, and I had no idea what Bella might find interesting.

"Whatever. What were you doing before I interrupted?"

I really did not want to bore her with car stuff, and took a second to rack my brain to think of anything else more interesting. Coming up blank, I decided to just go with the truth. "I was just heading out to work on my car, but we can do something else. . ."
"No, that's perfect" Bella interrupted "I'd love to see your car."
I couldn't believe that Bella would really want to see my car. She just looks too tiny to be interested in cars and such. "Okay, it's out back, in the garage."

Was it just my imagination or did she seem to get more excited about that? It was like she wanted to be alone and isolated. We walked over to the garage in a comfortable silence. Bella walked in and looked the place over. I know to most people it wasn't much, but I loved this garage it was "my domain" and made me feel useful. Cars made sense to me there was a predictable rhythm to the engine and the parts worked together in a way that I understood. The oil and dirt that surrounded everything could be smelt at any time, it was fantastic.

"What kind of Volkswagen is that?" Bella asked.
"It's an old Rabbit – 1986, a classic."
"How's it going?"
"Almost finished."

Suddenly I remembered the last time I saw Bella was at prom when my dad had bribed me with car parts and money to go and speak with her. I wondered if she remembered why I was there, it was so embarrassing but I wanted her to know that it was really all my dad's doing and I had nothing to do with that. "My dad made good on his promise last spring."

Well that was awkward and at first I could not think of why she was so resistant. Then I remembered that she was at prom with Edward Cullen and clearly his memory was painful. I made a promise to myself to try and not say anything that would bring him into the conversation. I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what would break the promise I had just made to myself so I remained quiet.

"Jacob, what do you know about motorcycles?" Bella asked.
Well that seemed to come out of no where. "Some. My friend Embry has a dirt bike. We work on it together sometimes. Why?" I just could not figure out how we went from prom to motorcycles.
"Well. . ." Bella seemed to struggle with her words, not knowing what to say. "I recently acquired a couple of bikes, and they're not in the greatest condition. I wonder if you could get them running?

My goodness Bella is so adorable when she is nervous and I wanted to put her at ease. "Cool." That was an understatement. I was so freaking excited. This was my chance to actually show skills that I am really good at to a girl that I was crazy about. How did I get so lucky? However, I did not want to seem overly confident. "I'll give it a try."

Bella lifted her finger as to warn me. "The thing is, Charlie doesn't approve of motorcycles. Honestly, he'd probably bust a vein in his forehead if he knew about this. So you can't tell Billy."
I didn't even have to think twice, this was an easy decision. "Sure, sure." I smiled. "I understand."
"I'll pay you," Bella continued.

"No. I want to help. You can't pay me." Was she crazy? She was volunteering to spend time with me and she wants to pay me, absolutely not, I couldn't help but be a little offended. I didn't want to be some "professional employee" that she paid to work on her motorcycles, I wanted to be her friend and maybe more if I was lucky.

"Well. . . how about a trade, then? I only need one bike – and I'll need lessons, too. So how about this? I'll give you the other bike, and then you can teach me."
I swear this girl keeps getting better and better. I was so excited. "Swee-eet" I said with two syllables. Geez, I sound like I am in junior high, I hope that Bella didn't notice.

"Wait a sec – are you legal yet? When is your birthday?
Well crap it seems that she noticed. "You missed it, I'm sixteen." I said with a teasing smile.

"Not that your age ever stopped you before," she muttered. "Sorry about your birthday."
"Don't worry about it. I missed yours. What are you, forty?"
Bella sniffed. "Close."
"We'll have a joint party to make up for it."
"Sounds like a date."

Holy cow! Did Bella just suggest that we have a date? That was totally awesome, I would pinch myself but if that was a dream I never wanted to wake up.

"Maybe when the bikes are finished – our present to ourselves," Bella added.

"Deal." I could tell that she was trying to make the conversation more casual and I did not want her to be uncomfortable. "When will you bring them down?" Suddenly Bella bit her lip, looking really embarrassed. What did I say? Umm . . . why does Bella look so embarrassed?

"They're in my truck now."
Well for all the things to be embarrassed about that was one I could certainly handle. It was turning out to be one of the best days ever "Great."
"Will Billy see if we bring them around?"
Without thinking I winked at her and said "We'll be sneaky."

I was beyond excited as we started heading towards her truck. Just to prove my sneakiness I stayed in the trees and made myself walk casually, part of me wanted to run but I knew that would draw Billy's attention. I walked around the truck, removing the tarp that covered them. For a second I wondered if I would be able to lift them on my own, they looked pretty sturdy. I cautiously lifted the first one and found it surprisingly light and put it on the ground. The second was a little heavier and I had to concentrate to set it down gently. I have enjoyed the added strength that I have had the past few months, but I was never more grateful for it until that day. I do not know what I would have done if I couldn't get the stupid bikes out of her truck.

Looking over the bikes they were in better condition that I thought they would be. "These aren't half bad." We each pushed one into the cover that the trees provided. "This one here will actually be worth something when I'm done – it's an old Harley Sprint."

"That one's yours, then."
"Are you sure?"

I still didn't like the idea of accepting the more profitable bike. I started looking them over closely and could see that there was certainly some significant damage to them. "These are going to take some cash, though." Maybe she will at least let me contribute money for parts. "We'll have to save up for parts first."

"We nothing," Bella disagreed. "If you're doing this for free, I'll pay for the parts."
"I don't know. . ." Everything about this just felt wrong to me, but I didn't really have a good reason to argue with her.
"I've got some money saved. College fund, you know."

I didn't know what to say so I just nodded my head. This was going to turn out to be the best thing that had ever happened to me. I got to spend time with Bella and show off my mad mechanical skills. Or possibly, this will be the death of me when Charlie killed me for endangering his daughter and spending her college fund. I simply thanked God that I was a teenage boy and no one would fault me if they were given the same situation. It's the code: When the girl of your dreams asks you for a favor - do what she says!

Billy's POV

After Jacob and Bella walked out of the house I took a deep breath. Charlie was not kidding when he said that Bella was not doing well. I knew Charlie was not one for theatrics but I honestly did not know how to help him. Neither Rebecca nor Rachel had gone through anything like this and I said a silent prayer of thanks.

I rolled back into the living room prepared to watch some ESPN, not sure which game I would watch first. I loved all sports and was not really particular. As I settled in to watch the game the phone rang. I rolled back into the kitchen to answer the phone.

"Hello" I said trying to mask the mild irritation at being interrupted.
"Hey Billy, it's Sam"
"Hey Sam, how's it going?"
"Nothing too much, I was just wondering how Jacob was doing? I noticed he has grown quite a bit in the past few months." Sam asked with a mixture of concern and curiosity.

"Yes he has grown fast. I am watching him closely, he has started eating more and I fear it will be affecting him soon." Though I knew this was an honor, I was also scared for my son. Not experiencing this myself I didn't know what it would be like.

I remember the day I got the call from Quil Sr. that Sam had phased. It took us all by surprise even though it shouldn't have. When the Cullen's returned I became fearful of the affect that it would have on the youth of our tribe. All the council members were keeping a close eye on the male teenagers in the tribe. How Harry missed the signs of Sam's transformation was beyond me. Maybe he just didn't want to see it because he feared it would break his daughter's heart. After Sam, Jared, and Paul's transformation I thought maybe Jacob would be spared, legend only had 3-4 wolves at one time except for extreme circumstances.

"I'm sorry Billy, I figured this would come, but no one really wants it." Sam replied with sympathy, bringing me back to the present.
"Thanks," I said not really knowing what else to say.
"Billy what do I do if he phases? Won't he be the alpha?" Sam asked not sure if he will like the answer but knew he needed to ask.

"Look Sam, lets cross that bridge when we get there. I know that with our family heritage that Jacob's transformation will affect you greater than any of the others. I will do the best I can to keep you informed." I really did not want to have this conversation but didn't want to be rude either.

"Thanks, Billy that will be a great help. Well I will let you get back to whatever you were doing" Sam quickly said, clearly trying to wrap up the phone call.
"Well you take care, I'll talk to you later Sam."
"Bye, Billy."
"Bye, Sam."

Taking a deep breath I could see Jacob and Bella through the trees walking back to the garage. They each had something but I could not quite tell what it was, but I just hoped that Jacob would be able to help Bella through this rough time. And maybe, just maybe Bella would be what Jacob needed to get through his own rough time that would be quickly approaching.

- Billy is in a wheelchair due to nerve damage from diabetes. I honestly have no idea exactly how limited that makes him so what Billy is able to do on his own and what he can't is all my imagination.
- Jacob built the engine in Bella's truck.
- Jacob has a particular smile that Bella considers to be "hers".
- All conversations that Bella is present for will be either directly quoted or summarized.
- Charlie would call Billy looking for help with Bella, but Billy did not know what to do because Rebecca nor Rachel had gone through anything like this.
- Jacob admits to Bella that he does wash dishes at home, so I assume that he would have other chores as well.