Author's Note:

Feedback means the world to me and I am extremely thankful for every single review that I have ever gotten, and I wanted to give a huge thank you to all the encouragement and love I have received. I wanted to give a huge thanks to littlewinter (who has a great story, These Days, that everyone should check out) and to ExquisitelyUgly (who also has a great story To Mend a Butterfly's Broken Wing, that you should also check out) because they have been so wonderful to leave me feedback on every chapter.

Now what's next?

Option 1: Follow Jacob into Eclipse. If I do that it will be exactly Eclipse, the way SM wrote it, but from Jacob's pov. I will not be changing the ending, the poor boy will leave battered and broken.

Option 2: I did not want to change the ending of New Moon. I wanted to finish what I started and have New Moon end, the way SM wrote it to end. However Option 2, is for me to write a real fan fiction that starts in Eclipse and ends with Jacob and Bella actually being together.

What is your vote? Option 1 OR Option 2 (or both)

Option 1 received 2 votes

Option 2 - 5 votes

Thank you to everyone who let me know either my leaving a review or sending me a message. :)

The Winner is . . . BOTH

The first chapter of Jacob's Eclipse has been posted. - fanfiction dot net/s/6739802/1/

Bella's Sun has also started - fanfiction dot net/s/6759594/1/Bellas_Sun

I wasn't really sure if I could write Eclipse and an actual fan fiction that had Jacob and Bella be together at the same time. I was trying to ignore this other story, but it is begging to be told (truth be told the Jacob in my head won't shut up!), so I am writing both of them at the same time. I hope that it does not slow me down.