Chapter 3: FMLYHM by Seether

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A/N: Wanna hear something funny? While I was writing this, I meant to type that Elena tells Damon "Fuck me like you hate me." But I accidently typed, "Fuck me like you hate MEN." HAHA …yeah, I had a pretty good laugh about that. Ahem. Anyway, enjoy the delicious hate sex! WOO!


You could've been the real one
You could've been the one enough for me
You could've been the free one
(the broken down and sick one)
Remnant of a vacant life


You come around when you find me faithless
You come around when you find me faceless
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up, tear it down)
Dig it up and whore me out
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up and tear it down)
I love the sound when you come undone

You could've been the next one
(God only knows)
You could've been the one to comprehend me
You could've been the only one
(the broken down and sick one)
You could've been the one who I lie with

You come around when you finally face this
You come around when you find me faceless
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up, tear it down)
Dig it up and whore me out
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up and tear it down)
Don't make a sound 'til I come undone

You'll never break me (x3)

You could've been the real one
You could've been the last one I'd lie with
You could've been the owned one
I should've been the one who died

You come around when you finally face this
You come around when you find me faceless
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up, tear it down)
Dig it up and hold me out
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up, tear it down)
I love the sound when you come undone
Fuck me like you hate me
(fuck you like you hate me)
Fuck me like you hate me
(you'll never break me)
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up, tear it down)
You'll come around when you find me faceless

Damon frowned at the fireplace, drink in hand. He took another sip before setting it on the table. HE looked around the Boarding House Library. It felt so…empty. Overall, he was feeling pretty pissed. He and Elena argued today about her feelings towards him. Its funny how she never says she doesn't love him, she just keeps telling him that she loves Stefan.

Damon grimaced in disgust. Why Stefan? Why that self-righteous bastard?

Damon should never have come into her room that night, thinking he could express himself freely without consequences. He learned a little too late that Elena had drank Vervain that night. If he wasn't so pissed (and, he admits, humiliated), he would have been proud of her common sense.

He heard a knock on the front door and rolled his eyes.

Speak of the devil…

He ran over to the door and opened it. "Yes?"

Elena looked at him. "Is Stefan here?"

"No." He smirked. "I can practically smell the judgment coming off of you, Elena." He mock-pouted. "Are you here to tell on me?"

"No," she snapped. "Stefan said I could spend the night."

"Oh, he did, did he?"

"Yes, so let me in."

He narrowed his eyes at her and stepped back, but only enough to where she had to brush up against him to get by.

Elena's phone went off and she stopped in the middle of the doorway to pick it up.

Damon rolled his eyes impatiently, gesturing her to get moving, even though she couldn't see.

She put her phone back in her purse. "Stefan said he'll be here in a few minutes."

"Uh-huh." Damon said, uninterested as he closed the door behind her.

He went back into the library, only faintly aware of the footsteps trailing behind him. He sat down on the couch and patted the cushion next to him playfully. Elena walked over and sat in the chair beside the couch. Damon rolled his eyes.

"What?" She asked irately.

"When are you going to stop this act?"

"What act?"

He raised an eyebrow at her, and then shook his head. "You are so utterly priceless, Elena."

Elena was fuming. "You're such an ass!"

In that second, he was towering over her, his face close to hers. "Mhm. And you know you love it."

"I don't love you!"

"That's not what I said, Elena."

"Fuck you!" Elena said.

Damon grinned, taken aback by her sudden use of language. "You know you'd love to." He quipped.

She stood up, and he stepped back. "You are impossible!"

"Oh, really?"

"Yes! I. Hate. You! And I hate that you think you love me! Get it, Damon?"

"Oh, I get it." He was getting just as livid as she was. "I also get how you think I love you. How do you know I'm not just using you as my own personal Katherine replica?"

"Because I am not her!"

"Oh, right. You aren't half the woman Katherine was."

"And apparently you aren't half the man Stefan is!" Elena immediately knew that she had crossed the line with that one.

His eyes showed absolute fury now.


She was cut off when he suddenly had her pushed up against the far wall, both hands on her arms. She struggled. "Stop it!"

"Make me." He hissed back at her, knowing she obviously couldn't.

At that moment, Elena looked into his eyes – the hate and the hunger all mixed into one. Before she could even respond, she felt Damon's lips roughly on hers, much like when he had "rape-kissed" her in her bedroom that night. To his and her surprise, she allowed him to slide his tongue into her mouth, dominating her. Oh-so-slowly, his grip on her arms loosened, allowing her to wrap her arms around him.

She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled, earning a shocked gasp from Damon. The intensity of the lust and hate in her eyes burned into him and he slammed his body against hers. Not knowing what the hell she was doing, just going with her instincts – she began clawing at his shirt.

Maybe it was the passionate hate she felt, maybe it was the suppressed love she felt for him in the past (and now), or maybe it was just because she hung around vampires too damn long, but suddenly she just felt the need to take Damon and make him scream her name, and she knew he was probably thinking the same exact thing.

They had gotten Damon's shirt off (some buttons undone, some popped off), and he started tugging up at her sweatshirt. She allowed him to take her sweatshirt, her shirt and her bra off without hesitation. He began working on her jeans. He pulled them and her underwear off hastily and unbuckled his own belt.

When they were completely naked, he gripped her ass and lifted her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around his lean waist. She was fully aroused and with his hand he guided his cock in, sliding only the tip of his penis inside of her.

"Damon…" It wasn't a moan; it was almost a warning as she wiggled against the wall.

He laughed at this.

She glared at him. "I hate you."

He smirked at her. "I know you do." He thrust all the way inside her, but not moving.

She wriggled. "Damon!"


She narrowed her eyes, almost ready to tell him she hated him again for teasing her like this, and then she smirked, putting her lips to his ear. "Fuck me like you hate me, Damon."

He growled low in his throat before he pulled almost all the way out, then slamming back into her again and again. "As long as you return the favor, Elena."

She gasped and moaned over and over with every thrust he made.

"Harder Damon!" She was out of her mind. "Harder!" She raked her nails down the corded muscles of his back, deliberately trying to cause him pain.

He winced as he felt her nails break skin. He growled and pulled out of her.


"Shut up," He hissed. He spun her around so she was up against the wall. He raised her lower body and spread her legs.



He smirked before thrusting into her forcefully. Elena pressed her lips together to keep from screaming his name. Damon wasn't having that. He nipped at her shoulder with his human teeth and reached around her body to work her clit.

"Damon! Oh, fuck…" She moaned.

There we go.

He realized he was trapping her tightly between him and the wall and thrust into her harder.

She was coming…

He pulled out.

"Damon! Stop that!"

He smirked at her, loving the way he tortured her.

He suddenly had her pinned on her stomach on the floor. Without warning, he slapped her on the ass.

"Damon!" She glared at him.

Huh. He was hoping for more of a turned-on reaction. Oh well.

He lifted her hips up and thrust inside again. To be honest, he wasn't sure how long he would be able to control himself, and Stefan coming home any moment didn't help that at all.

He began driving into her harder, to a point where he knew she would have bruises later. Good. She would have something to remember him by.

Elena almost told him to stop, that he was being too rough with her but he suddenly thrusted upwards and she screamed in pleasure instead. "Damon!" She could feel a strong orgasm coming, and she hoped that Damon wouldn't pull out again – this one was coming hard. Then again, that may have been the plan the whole time.


Damon began vocalizing his pleasure, so Elena guessed he was close as well. She bit her lip and squeezed her inner walls around him and with three more forceful thrusts; he sent them both into oblivion.

"Daaamooonn…!" She cried as she climaxed.

Her juices slickened her entrance even more and he couldn't handle it anymore – he came hard inside her, moaning her name loudly.

Afterwards, they lay on the floor, covered in sweat, breathing heavily.

She looked at him and grinned. "I hate you."

He chuckled breathlessly. "I know."

1 Hour Later

Stefan walked through the door. "Elena? Damon?"

He instantly feared what Damon would be doing to Elena and ran upstairs. He opened his door to find Elena laying her, her hair wet from a shower, reading a magazine.

When she saw him, she smiled brightly. "Hey." She skipped over and kissed him.

"Hey. Is everything okay? Where's Damon?"

She shrugged. "I think he said he was taking a shower."

Stefan nodded and kissed her again sweetly.

That night, Stefan watched as Elena slept peacefully, her back to him, until something caught his eye. He ran his fingertip over a small bruise on her back.

Hm. He thought. Must have fallen during cheerleading practice.

He kissed her neck and fell asleep.