Well…here is another collection story I have going…what is this…the third one…well, anyway, this is the first collection story for Tim Burton's(2010) Alice in Wonderland. [that also means there will be spoilers if you haven't watch it all.]
Also…the meanings of the colors are going by partly the movie and mostly my opinion…yes, I do realize colors may have different meanings, but I'm picking the ones I want.

Disclaimer: I don't own Alice in Wonderland…Lewis Carroll was a genius…and Tim Burton is too!



He knew his eyes were dark green with envy of the Knave. He was envy of the Knave as he dared to touch Alice.

He watched from down the hall. Rage and envy lashing out just below his skin.

How dare that Knave corner Alice?

She is sweet, while he is sour. She is curious, while he is cunning. She brightens a day, while he burns it to ashes. The list could go on and on, on how Alice is better and would never need the Knave. She needs…

His heart and whole being stops.

Would she need someone like himself? Someone as mad-though everyone is mad here-as he. Someone whose emotions cannot be tamed, for it is the envy growing inside of him and glowing in his eyes that is stopping him from stopping the Knave. Could she forgive him of his emotions?

She breaks from the Knave and hurries away. But yet, he feels like she is running from him and not the Knave.

Could his envy be his downfall? Could Alice look pass his eyes and see the truth lying deep within? He doesn't know.

And so, he heads back to his room/prisoner, waiting for the envy to eat him alive.

Dear little/tall Alice, don't waste your strength on my envy…be free…or risk falling…down my dark envy rabbit hole…

Well…that was the first one. Most of these will either be part of the movies warped into my own creation and/or made up. I randomly decide.
Next color is Red. Try and guess what it means…