Hola. Z here, with a brand new lovely story for you all. It's IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THIS as it will explain my little underlining, word count, etc. So, on Luna there is a 20 Phrases challenge. Since you don't have the link to this, the phrase (and number) have been provided for you, along with the word count (another requirement for the challenge).

Now, REGARDING AGE, these drabbles/one-shots/chapters have been placed in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER for your convenience. However, it is still beneficial to know the age, as there are jumps... I think I focus on ages 10, 13, 15, 16, and 21ish. There is also some MILD Gary fluff, if you squint. It's just what my mind created when asked to do a challenge that focused on an Original Character in the Pokemon universe. So here it is...! Please enjoy!

Drabble Six : "Nice to meet you" or "My name is..."

(231 Words)

Age 10

I'd wanted a Pokémon so badly, that I couldn't resist the opportunity to go to Pallet Town when it arose. Sure, I could have just gone to the Pokémon Center in Celadon City, but what fun was that? Everybody knew that Professor Oak's Pokémon were the best, and the Pokédex he gave you was the most Hi-Tech one out there.

So, I talked my sister Allie, who was 14 at the time, into taking me out there so she could meet Professor Oak. She had been planning on going anyway, so I just followed her.

Once in Pallet Town, I was on my own. I visited the lab with Allie and was told that I had to wait until morning, which I dutifully did.

The next day, I was one of three kids there. They'd beaten me to the lab, and had taken the Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

Professor Oak gave me the Charmander, and with giddy excitement I'd let it out of its Pokéball.

The little orange creature looked up at me and held out a little paw with a "Char~!"

"Nice to meet you," I grinned. "My name's Zaria! And together, we're going to become the best there is!"

The Charmander grinned up at me, and with another enthusiastic "Charmander", we'd decided we'd work together.

"I think I'll call you Cole."

And it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.