Disclaimer: NCIS still isn't mine and neither is the concept of The Gravedigger.

I started writing this a while back, but have only started publishing now that it's the holidays. :D It's worth mentioning that this isn't a NCIS/Bones crossover. I am merely borrowing the Gravedigger character from Bones for this NCIS story. There are mentions of Bones characters in later chapters, however they make no personal appearance.

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It started out as an ordinary day. No one knew it wouldn't end that way.

"Come on, McGee! I will love you forever if you do this for me."

"Tony, for the hundredth time, I'm not doing your paperwork," Special Agent Timothy McGee sighed a reply to his partner, equally Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

"You're the writer here, McGeek," Tony said.

"I write fiction," McGee pointed out, deadpanned. "Fiction, Tony. You even know what that is?"

"Yeah, I do. And it's certainly nothing like what you write."

McGee groaned, as the conversation turned to his novels. That was the last thing he needed. It had been nearly 3 years since he stopped writing, but Tony still refused to let it go. Thankfully, McGee was spared replying as their boss Special Agent Gibbs walked in.

"You got that report done yet, DiNozzo?"

"Just working on it now, boss. I'll have it to you by the end of the day," Tony quickly answered, not noticing the eye-roll McGee gave him.

"Good," Gibbs approved. "And don't let me catch you trying to ditch it onto McGee again."

"Got it, boss," Tony muttered, shooting a glare at the now grinning McGee.

The lift pinged a moment later and out stepped former Mossad Officer, and current NCIS Probie, Ziva David.

"Coffee's here!" she announced loudly, stepping into the squad-room before placing cups of coffee on the desks of their respective drinkers.

"That's my Probie ninja," Tony grinned a thank you. In a flash, Ziva's face was an inch away from his.

"Do not call me that," Her voice was soft and dangerous. "Remember what I said about paperclips, Tony?"

Tony swallowed and gave a nod, remembering their previous conversation vividly. Eighteen ways to kill someone with a paperclip; he hardly dared to think about it.

"Good," she smiled somewhat flirtatiously, before softly slapping his cheek and retreating.

"You'll do well to remember that, DiNozzo," Gibbs stated, taking a sip of his coffee.

With a slight moan, Tony returned to his report writing. More than ever he prayed Gibbs' phone would ring and they'd be given a case. While the death of a Naval Officer was nothing to hope for, being out in the field certainly beat desk work. Little did he know, his wish was just about to come true. But not in the way he expected.

The rest of the day passed quickly, despite the lack of phone calls. McGee disappeared down to Forensic Specialist, Abby Sciuto's lab for a few hours over lunch and not for the first time Tony suspected there was something going on between the two of them. Finally, his report of their last case was finished and Tony could leave.

"I am done!" he proclaimed triumphantly, placing the report on Gibbs' desk. His boss merely glanced up at him and they shared a look for a moment before Gibbs nodded in the direction of the elevator; a clear "Go on, get out of here," gesture.

Tony punched the air and turned to mock Ziva, only to find her desk empty. Gibbs gave a weak chuckle. "She left an hour ago, DiNozzo."

"Without saying goodbye?"

"Gee, I wonder why that would be," McGee said, looking up from his computer.

"McGee!" Tony protested. "Did you hear that boss?" he turned back to Gibbs, but the older agent merely shrugged.

"You'll see her tomorrow anyway," McGee said. Tony hummed, clearly not impressed or convinced.

"Whatever," he muttered. "I'm outta here."

"Me too," McGee said, standing up and stretching his fingers. "Boss, I emailed you that report you wanted."

Gibbs nodded a thank you, knowing his youngest agent would be impressed by his newly learned computer skills of opening, reading and even writing emails. It didn't take long for the two of them to pack their gear up and head towards the elevator.

"Night, DiNozzo, McGee."

"Night, Boss!" they chorused back, before leaving the squad-room empty, save for Gibbs.

"So, McGee," Tony began as they left the lift and walked across the carpark towards their respective cars, "you enjoy lunch today with a certain gothic forensic scientist?"

McGee shot him a glare, before replying, "Of course I did."

"Reeeaaalllly?" Tony drew the word out, obviously implying it was something more than just lunch.

"Tony..." McGee began, before being cut off by the sudden gunning of an engine and the squeal of tires. The two agents glanced at each other, frowning. Seconds later, before they could react, headlights were blinding the pair as they stood in the middle of the empty carpark.

"Tony! Look out!" McGee shouted and launched himself at his partner, pushing him out of the way of the rapidly oncoming car.

"McGee!" Tony watched in horror from his place on the ground, where McGee had shoved him. He thought of shouting another warning, not that it would have done any good; the car was too close and accelerating. Not even Gibbs would have had the reflexes to move now. Scrambling to stand again, Tony stumbled backwards into somebody. He only had a moment to comprehend this before he felt cold metal being pressed against his neck and the electricity shot through him. He was unconscious in an instant.

The edge of the car hit McGee and he was unceremoniously thrown down. The last thing he heard before his head cracked into the concrete was the screech of breaks as the car stopped and the opening of a car door as someone got out.