Muggle Year
by Pisces Miles


A/N: Hi, I'm Virgi Ca. This is my very first Harry Potter Fanfiction, dedicated very much to the series itself. I've been famous with long fanfictions because currently I'm writing a fanfiction on Slayers, an Anime, which is estimated to about 60 chapters long. This fic is centered around Draco Malfoy and Virginia Weasley, with subplots of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, along with a few other minor characters and on major that will be created by me. I haven't really planned the whole thing out yet, I'm just putting the prologue on for a testing, to see what reaction it would have, and hopefully I'll get enough reviews and comments to continue with it. Well, show time!

The normal version without any weird signs (if any) and pictures drawn: ;

'Sod off you bloody git!'

'You sod off mudblood lover!'

'Say that again!'

'I can say it anytime!'


Virginia Weasley clutched her books tightly before rounding the corner, rolling her eyes at the conversation she was hearing right on the other side. They were at it again, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy, along with Harry Potter, the famous 'the boy who lived' and the most clever Muggle born Hogwarts has ever had in years, Hermione Granger.

The whole school was already used to the arguments Ron and Draco had, but this time it went over the edge, Virginia could feel it. Their arguments had never bothered Professor Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, but it didn't mean he was unaware of them, and now, with Dumbledore around the corner, with the two troublesome students in front of him, Virginia was sure that they were getting detention, or worst……

Virginia peeked around the corner and blinked in surprise. A whole lot of students were surrounding the two. Hermione had an expression of disgust on her face, her books at her feet. Harry was glaring at Draco while Ron had his fist clutched so tight that his knuckles were turning white and Virginia wouldn't be surprised to see blood dripping from his palm.

'Draco Malfoy, you say that again and I'll ripe your tongue out.' Ron seethed, glaring at him with fire in his eyes.

'You mudblood lover, everyone knows about it.' Draco smirked.

Ron lunged forward and grabbed him by the collar of his robe, 'your no better, you future death eater.'

Draco narrowed his eyebrows in anger and punched Ron right in the jaw, stunning all the other students, including Professor Dumbledore and the deputy headmistress, Professor Minerva McGonagall.

'That's enough Draco!' Dumbledore roared, 'enough with the two of you.' No one had seen Dumbledore yell at students, he had the reputation of being a very kind old man, especially to his students.

Draco just glared at his headmaster, then at Ron, who was holding his jaw while Hermione was clutching his arm. 'Be careful, or you'll regret, especially you Potter.' He turned and stalked down the corridor and stopped right in front of Virginia, who was standing in the middle of the corner. Draco glared at her and then pushed her away violently, causing her books to fly out of her hands.

But before he could take another step, pain struck through his body and he collapsed to the floor, clutching his forearm painfully.

'Malfoy!' Virginia cried, kneeling down, but Draco just glared at her and tried to push her away

'Quick, get Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Weasley to the medical wing now!' was all he could hear before his world went black.


'Ron, you shouldn't have grabbed him like that.' Hermione scolded, sitting at the edge of his hospital bed. Ron snorted and turned his head away from her.

'He deserved it Hermione.' Harry argued, 'that bloody git just called you a mudblood!'

Hermione looked down, 'I know, but what can you do? I mean, it's his mouth, he can say whatever he likes, we can't control that, and you definitely can't control it by using her fist.'

'But – '

'I'm I interrupting anything?' The three of them looked up and saw Virginia lift up the curtain that separated the cubical from the medical wing lobby.

'No Ginny, come in.' Harry said, smiling at the redhead.

Virginia nodded and let the curtain fall behind her, holding up a silver tray that was holding a goblet that was steaming.

'What's that Ginny?' Ron asked, wrinkling his nose in disgust.

'A potion that will get that bruise on your jaw off.' Virginia said dryly, handing it over to him.

'Potion? Did Snape do that?' Ron asked incredulously, looking down at it suspiciously.

Virginia rolled her eyes, 'no, I did it myself, with the permission of Madame Promfey, but the formula was from Professor Snape, so I don't guarantee anything.'

Ron shrugged and took a sip, almost spitting it out the next second. 'What in the bloody hell is this?' he exclaimed.

'Language Ron.' Hermione said.

'I told you, and if you don't drink that, the bruise you got won't go away for the next two weeks, you choose.' Virginia said flatly, then turned to go.

'Hey, how's Malfoy?' Ron smirked, taking another sip from the disgusting liquid.

Virginia shrugged, 'Don't know yet, I'm going to check on him now.'

'What?' Harry exclaimed, 'but he's……'

'Apparently you don't quite understand what's the meaning of being a medic.' Virginia said, looking at Harry with narrow eyes.

'Sorry.' He muttered.

'Gin, it's not like you're a real medic, your just a helper in the medical wing.' Ron reasoned.

'Ron, your hopeless.' Hermione exclaimed, Ron just shrugged and continued his Potion.

'Brothers.' Virginia muttered, lifting up the curtain.


Virginia stopped in front of Draco's cubical when she heard voices.

'Please Professor, I really……'

'Do you really wish to stay here over the summer?'


'I haven't let students stay before, and I certainly can't without a teacher to guard you over, Hogwarts is not as safe as it seems.'

'Well, at least safer than my house.'

'Right… I'll see what I can do, hopefully I'll find a teacher to take charge of you, but no guarantees.'

'I understand Professor.'

Stay at Hogwarts? What's going on with Malfoy? Virginia wondered.

End of Prologue

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