Muggle Year
by Virgi Ca

Author's Notes

Before I start rambling on about the pain I've gone through over the past fifteen months, Virgi Ca here by gives every one of my respectable reader's a big bow.

Phew, it's finally finally finally OVER!! I thought I'd never make it to this point. You finish a chapter and then you start to hate yourself for putting yourself into this kind of shit, but when its all over, you feel content because you've finally finished something, completed something.

That, I have not felt for over three years.

So, in this author's notes, I would like to talk about a few things that reader's might want to know about, because you may see that I'm not really a very 'chapter author's notes' writer and I'm pretty much a mystery to most of you readers out there. So, here we go...

Issue # 1: Updates
Why oh why do you never update on time Virgi Ca? Well, I'll have to apologize for that. Basically, the reason why I don't update on time is like every other fanfiction writer out there. I've got a real life to keep up. But hey! Give me a break, good fanfictions are hard to write too you know!!

Issue #2: Writers Block
Well, I may not complain often, but during times when I don't update for over two months, that means I have writer's block. I know it is sometimes a very lame excuse, but having writer's block is like having a serious influenza for a serious writer, I'm trying to do my best here!!

Issue #3: Betas
Get a beta you sucking author, you have typos all over the place! Well, I actually got criticism for my spelling, and I do admit that some of my spellings and grammars are out of place. I do have betas, but they have a life too so I don't hurry them. I only proof read my stuff once because it's too frustrating. When my betas finish the proof reading of the whole story, it will be reposted. Hopefully by then I will have less complaints about this issue.

Issue #4: Tragedy
It's so depressing Virgi Ca, can't you make it a happy story? Well... sorry I can't for this one. I'm a depressing person in real, so my stories party reflect how I am, especially Ginny Weasley's characterization. I do realize that the inner agony of Draco and Ginny illustrated are quite depressing and that's really my point. In a world so complex, their mental state is a very nice theme to develop, and I just happened to develop the negative side of it. I know people wanted to kill me when they thought Ginny was dead in chapter 29, but I did give a better ending to it didn't I? ^_^

Issue #5: Plot
In my reviews, I got comments of how good by plots were and I do admit that to some extent I have the talent. The plot was thought of when I was watching Moulin Rouge and later Coyote Ugly, which most of you people may have figured out. Putting dance and theatrical elements inside a magical world was a try for me, and it does seem acceptable to most people. You can see that throughout the story, a lot of materials intersected and were referred to over and over again from the Prologue to the Epilogue, that is, what I think, makes a good storyline.

Issue #6: Drawings
You draw pretty good! But it feels more Anime style. Yeah, I draw more to the Anime side which may not really suit Harry Potter, but I just wanted to give people a brief idea of what people in my story looked like. I know J.K. Rowlings does that too, but of course on a much higher level.

Issue #7: Funny signs
Okay, that was a problem I dealt with from the very start of posting. I suppose it has to do with me changing the versions of my html editor and my microsoft word, and it really is my computer's language problem, my OS is Chinese.

Issue #8: Writing skills.
Please excuse me if you think that they're not perfect... because English is NOT my first language, although I'm more familiar with writing in English.

Issue #9: Characterization
One of the most attractive element of this story, as I am often told, is my characterization of 'Virginia' and 'Draco'. I must admit that I love writing about their inner thoughts, especially when it has to do with the two of them separated (yeah, I'm a freak). There's just too much to develop from them, I don't like giving Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley focus because there's basically nothing to write about, J.K. Rowlings has already done such a magnificent job.

Issue #10: Feedbacks
I'm really happy to have received so many reviews from, email and the Wild Imagination Workshop ezboard. I have to thank all those whom have reviewed constantly on, including:

Arlyta, whose reviews were so long and useful that I could keep reading them over and over again just to make myself keep writing.

Draco & Ginny Forever and SlytherQueen87, where her reviews are short, but reviewed every chapter.

Elenya, Evil*Fairy, Colibi, DMalfoysMistress, Mionee, Moon Angel, Razzie Dazzle, Satans Little Princess and SAngel for keeping up with this story for so long and have bothered to review from the starting point of this story.

Karen and Kitycat87 for asking questions which I never answered, but made me think through the plot over and over again to make it good for the eyes and the brain.

Blue Acorn for suggesting a way of getting rid of the signs where at one point, it did work until stupid me decided to change computers.

Alodia, my loyal reader yet annoying friend whom constantly keeps nagging me about updating and calling me even during my public exams to give Draco and Virginia a happy ending. She actually threatened me... no good no good...

Also: *karly*, A2000zelda, Adria, AileenR, Aimee, Aislynn, Alice, Allison, Amanda Macini, Ami, Amythest1001, Angel black, Angel Malfoy, Angel of Mercy, AngelStar88, Angle Black, Anjelline, Anji, Anyanka, Artificially flavored, Ashes of Angels, Ahsti, Avaka, Babooshka, Becky, Beki, Berrys, Bexchick05, Bitch, Black Tenshi, Blackrose, Blue Rain Cloud, Bunny, Butterfly kisses, Bynkee, C.P., Carebear19, Carolyn, Cat, cgrwchick631, Chanita, Charismatic, Cherries, Chimerical, Chirleep, Christa, CIAcutie, Claire, Carinelf, Coffee, Conspirator, Cooldot, Crazy, Crazy Courtney, Crystal, danie, Dazma, Depth, DiagonAlley, Dodo, Dorothy, Darciella, Darcina M, Dracos-gurl, Dragon Guardian - Vampire, Dragon Lover, Dragongry188, Drama Queen, Dreammaker128, Elen, Ellie, Elvishstar, Elyse-sierra, Em, Emerald Quill, Erussee, Evlasha, Fairy Fire Eyes, Fernanda, Fooch, Georgethegreen, Gin, Ginny's so cool, GinnyYvetteHermione, Gohansfan, Gothic-dragon, Gray Frog, Greece talking..., Griffy, GundamNymph, HarryPotter1Fan, hasapi, Hazel Hiragizawa, Heaven and Earth aka Sheeni, Hermione Granger, Honey Bear, HPReader4L, Hunter, I Love Ben, I LUV Ginny, Iiiiice, Imp, Incognito, Insane4Draco, Irish Luck, Jami Radcliffe, Jen Jenny, JerseyPike, Jewel Giovanni, Jiana Weasley, Jie Jujubee, Jumpinmunkie, Katy Kat, Kaze, Kimberly, Kmc, Korinna Myorin, L, Lacrimus Argentum, LaDee NigHt, LadEe SaKuRa eVeNSTaR NigHt, Lady in White, Lady Siri, LadyClectic, LadyofSlytherin, Laverne de Montmorency, LdyLazarus, Leibling, Leimo, Lila Mae, Lily cat, Lina, Little One, Louise, Luna Writer, Lupe Silverwing, Lyn, Madame Mooney, Mage of Fire, Agichg, Mairead, Malfoy Malfoy Princess, Manissetan, Marijane101, Marsgurl, Mary Potter, Mecheme, Mechemi, Meg, Megan Drew, Mez, Milkyweed, Minute, Miss Marauder, Mokourin, Myne, Nanashi Barton, Natalie, Nimloth, Nissy, NOrmandy, Norweigianne, Ohepelss Ormatnci, Othiris, Phantasm, Phoenix, Pimptress, POchie, PotterStalker, Pouchie81, Princess of Mordor, Pseudonym Sylphmuse, Psychoteenybooper, Pure Blood Gryffindor, Queen of Roses, Rachel, Raven Eid, Ray, Rayyen Blackwood, Rebecca, Rebuky, Ri, Rikku, Rose, Rvue, Sabina, Sarah, Sassw14, Sayo, Scary Italian Hippos, screamer1304, SeekerPeeker, Shandrith, Sharem, Shattered Destiny, ShellyK, Shinomori Kibou, Silver Arrows, Sly Riddle, Slytherin badness, Sovia Noventa Denmark, Star, Star Girl, Starbrite, StarryNight, STella Surreal1, Taika, Tara Potter Malfoy, Tatiana Isabel, The Devil's Daughter, The Fire Goddess, The Forth Horseman, The green smurf, Twinangles, Twistie, Txt_eva, Vettiegrl, Vicci, Whats-their_name, Yin, Zara

I also have to thank those who bothered to email me, including:
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To my ezboard reviewers:
Sailor Lillian, Song for Holly, sillynissy, menotyounothenotshe, babIboOangeL, Astaire510, Ruthie Granger, Courtney, Jessica, I hate cheese, VBGirl03 and Shokatshin

I would also like to express my gratitude to my three betas: Natalie, Risha and Angel.

Issue #11: Sequel
Now, I know I've said I may write a sequel, but now I think I'm going to write a sequel.

Title: Muggle Year II: Dark Materials
Rating: R (which may contain some mature and violent contents thank you very much.)
Summary: With Lord Voldemort's powers rising every day, the key to his arrival, Draco Malfoy is being haunted down by his father, Lucius Malfoy in order to resurrect the Dark Lord. As the inner fear within this destined one drives him to seek comfort from the one he loves, the fate of Lord Voldemort lands in his hands.
Note: Will not be up until mid or late July because the Order of the Pheonix will, with no doubt, catch everyone, including my, attention.

Issue #12: Wild Imagination Workshop
Yup, that's my workshop, you can find it at . To be exact, Muggle Year is part of this workshop I've created. There, you will find my future fanfiction plans all listed out.

Well, that will be all for me, I hope people around will still read fanfiction when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is out, fingers crossed everyone!

Joy and Harmony for everyone!

Virgi Ca