The Love of War

Lovers of War

By The Mighty Lu Bu

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AN: I've made deliberate alterations to the Egyptian Myths, its fiction folks not a documentary.


The green eyed lioness of the Egypt as she was called, stood inside her temple in Thebes. She was waiting for someone. Her strong muscular body was covered with a see-through robe that showed off her godly breasts. This would get the attention of the dark God that she had wooed.

She was Sekmet, the Goddess of War and protector of women in Egypt. One of the most feared and powerful Gods in all of Egypt. Yet, when she felt his hands, she just melted before him. Yes, it was against the will of Ra the Sun God and King of the Egyptian pantheon, to have a relationship with a Greek god, or any non-Egyptian God. After all, they were beneath the Gods of Egypt who have been on earth so much longer.

The temple door opened as Sekmet turned around, her heart leaping for joy inside her tough exterior. In walked the dark man in his leather with one hand behind his back. Sekmet wondered what it was he was hiding. If it was flowers she'd cast him as far as she could throw him, and being a God she might be able to throw him all the way back to Greece.

Sekmet cautiously asked as the God got to one knee, keeping his hand behind his back, "Ares, what is that you're hiding?"

Ares looked up with his dark eyes staring into the green eyes of Sekmet as he said, "A weapon from one of Greece's great warrior tribes. A crossbow from the Amazons."

Ares reached forward with the hand that had been behind his back and showed the crossbow. Sekmet felt faint. Being both a Goddess of War and Protector of women, this gift was perfect. She had always admired the amazons for being both women and warriors, something uncommon in this world. She took the crossbow and held it with one hand aiming it at the God on his knee before her.

She playfully pretended to fire the weapon at Ares as he fell over pretending to be wounded, placing his hand over his heart. Sekmet carefully placed the weapon on a table and then loving sat on top of Ares as he pretended to be dead.

She felt the response of his penis to her well placed seat as she bent down and licked the lips of the seemingly unconscious god. She mused warmly, "Tastes sweet." Ares Suddenly came alive as he turned and flipped her over laying her on the temple floor as the Goddess giggled. She said, "Ares, I can tell your getting into this. Your crotch is giving yourself away."

Sure enough his crotch closed in on her own as the God smiled lustfully at her saying, "My dear Sekmet, I'm only responding to your desires." Sekmet smiled as she felt the hairs on his chin as he bent down and kissed her on the mouth.

She had her God in her favorite place to have him, between her legs. This strong powerful dark God of War from Greece. This powerful ruthless being that other gods did not dare to disrespect. This bad boy of the Greek pantheon. He was here, in Egypt, on top of her lying on the floor of her own temple. Life was good for Sekmet


The devious Anubis watched from afar, hiding his weasel face. Sure he was enjoying the show as he watched the Greek God begin to penetrate Sekmet. But the sniveling little bastard Anubis had others ideas aside from being a peeping tom. He wanted Sekmet to himself and he wanted to have power over this woman and make her his. He smiled as he thought about how easy it would be to win control over this powerful goddess. He knew that Ra had forbidden any but official relationships with Gods from other pantheons. This was in clear violation of Ra's orders.

Anubis would get his piece of Sekmet or Ra would come to learn of what was transpiring on the floor of Sekmet's temple. He could only smile at his own deviousness but fought a laugh so that he wouldn't reveal himself to the two gods that were deep in colitis with one another. One day he swore that he, Anubis would be the one between her legs.