The Choice

What if god was one of us? Would they screw like wild rabbits in heat too?


Ra stared coldly at Hathor, his became dark, "How dare you." Hathor shrunk back in fear of the power of Ra. He continued, "How dare you. You set up your own sister to be raped. You're punishment shall come, for now, await me at my castle. Do not leave or your punishment will double. Go now!" Hathor disappeared.

Sekmet looked upward to the powerful King of the Egyptian Gods, "Father…"

Ra's eyes fell on his daughter Sekmet, but his voice remained cold, "Quiet. I loved you, preferred you over so many of my children, and you do this to me. You know the rules."

Sekmet lowered her head, "I do father."

Ra's voice thundered, "Why did you disobey me!"

Sekmet hoped that maybe if she told him that maybe there could be some understanding, "Father, I love him, more than any other that I've ever loved."

Ra continued, "Do you know the purpose of the rules?"

"To prevent the possibility to the other gods from taking over our realm."

Ra added, "Because we are besieged on all sides. My own Gods oppose me, Horus, Osiris, not to mention that evil bastard Set. Then there are Sumerian Gods, and the wild gods of southern Africa, All want Egypt's power. Why is this?"

"Because we hold the greatest concentration of all godly power."

Ra then asked, "And why is that?"

Sekmet replied, "Because our people were first to be civilized, the Egyptian built the pyramids and the empires, and through them we gained power, and built our power, all when Zeus' people were nothing but wandering tribal barbarians and the Sumerians were self-destructing in civil war."

Ra continued through his speech, "I've worked with Zeus and have tried hard to foster him as an ally, someone outside our realm we can depend on, we both know that if everything is kept on a professional level and does not become personal then it won't become a focal point for a feud between us Gods.

You have endangered that work, you and your toy. I hereby state that you shall not ever see Ares again. You will not meet with him even on an official manner. Ever, this relationship is over, right here and right now." Ra turned away from his daughter in shame of her.

Tears welled up in Sekmet's eyes as she hit her knees. All her love had been taken from her. She would lose him, forever, an eternity without him.

Ares could see her hurt, against all wisdom he spoke up, "Some father you are, see what you've done to your daughter, how you are tearing her heart from her chest."

Ra turned around facing Ares down shouting in rage, "You are a guest in my realm Ares, and you have no rights here. Now leave!"

Seeing Ares stand up for her, Sekmet finally gained the courage needed to speak up herself as she returned to her feet, "Father. I'm going with him."

Ra and Ares were staring at each other angrily but both had stopped and turned to her in surprise. Sekmet shouted, "Father I love you, but your one cold son of a bitch. Your feud with Osiris would end at the drop of a hat if you just talked to him. I love you more than any of your children and I defend you from those who would oppose you. I've spent endless energy keeping gods from joining up with your enemies.

I want one thing for myself. One person who makes me happy, who loves me for me, who understands just who I am, and you say no, you can't have it because you're afraid of what could happen. I won't stand for that. I resign my position as Egyptian God of War, and further declare that I shall leave the pantheon of Gods and live with Ares. Maybe Zeus will be more accommodating than you."

Sekmet stood beside Ares and clasped his hand with her own as she stood now against her father, resolute and determined. Ra stated in shock, "Sekmet… honey, you just don't understand…"

"No you don't understand, I've given up everything to protect your throne, and all I want is someone that will make me happy, I want family, I want love. I find that in Ares. I want him and I will take him anyway I can get him. And if you don't allow me, good luck defending your throne when I'm gone."

Ra reluctantly stated, "Well, maybe there is a way."

Ra stood there for several minutes deep in thought. Then he asked, "Sekmet, is this who you want more than any other, as in you want him and no other god?"

Sekmet stated, "Yes father."

Ra then looked at Ares, "Ares, are you really in this for love, or for lust. Do you really love her?"

Ares replied, "Yes I love her."

Ra paused, then finally as his voice dropped for a moment he reluctantly stated, "I will allow this under two conditions. One, it's a onetime only arrangement. Meaning if your two fall apart, you will not be allowed to date, say Apollo for instance. The other, any children the two of you conceive will be made mortal at birth."

Sekmet replied, "Father."

Ra continued, "I love you very much my darling and I don't want to lose you, but if you don't agree to this, you'll either have to leave Ares, or Egypt. Make your decision."

"I agree."

Ares then stated, "I agree." Ra then said, "Two things, one, my darling Sekmet, enjoy your time with him, the other, don't you dare call me a son of a bitch again or I'll beat you from here to the Nile."

Sekmet nodded as she said, "thank you father, I love you." Ra groaned as he disappeared.

Sekmet turned to Ares and Ares turned to Sekmet, she smiled at him. He glanced back at her, a smile covering his own face. Sekmet stated, "We don't have to hide anymore. You thinking what I'm thinking."

Ares replied with a smile, "If it involves hair raising sex in your sister's temple, than by all means yes, and let's get on with it."

Sekmet grabbed onto Ares, pulling him close, the two meeting together to plant a solid kiss on each other's lips, then pulling back to speak she said, "Yes… lets."


The End… but not really. Maybe one day their could be a sequel (reviews help)