I was listening to English dubbed and the original japanese at the same time and I thought of this story I thought this would be such a great story write so here it is. My mind suddenly turned on and now here it is being written out. I hope you all enjoy it. -OneWhoNeverStopsCrying

On a little cottage next to the sea lived a lonely old woman and her maid. The woman had a young son but he has moved away with a young wife and started a family of his own. The boy never knew of his mother's past or of his father. Once when he was small he asked her of his father and what has happened to him. Just the mention of his father put his mother into tears. He regretted asking, for he didn't like to see his mother so broken. When the maid took him away and put him to bed. His mother went out to the shore and screamed his father's name. The maid watched her mistress break down from the proud woman she once has been before.

One day the maid and the old woman went out that day to watched the sea from the cliff next to their home. Before the story starts truth be told though the woman isn't that old. For a woman with a twenty-one year old son she is very young to have a son his age. Her hair was long and blond for she never wanted to cut it after her Dearest died. Just for him she wears a white bow on top of her head as her hair was draped over her shoulder. Her skin was fair and her face was matured and beautiful. Her bright sapphire eyes looked across the sea longing for someone long away from her. She hummed to herself as she looked out towards the sea.

" I hope you can see me here my Love. I miss you so dearly. The love that was brought to life, our loving son, now has his own family and left me behind with only Sophia, Darling." She laughed talking to someone unseen. " His wife is gorgeous and you would be proud of him and just as I suspected when he was born he looks just like us so much." She said as tears streamed out of her eyes. She wiped them away when she heard the maid, Sophia, come closer with a lunch tray.

"My lady your lunch is served." Sophia said setting down the lunch on the table next to her mistress. Her mistress looked towards her maid as she sat down next to her.

" Sophia may you please tell me that story again of the twins. The little queen that once ruled the kingdom and of her twin servant that spread fear across the the lands." She asked as she always did on this certain day. Her maid nodded her head as a tear ran down her face for the story was a sad one.

" Yes, Mistress." She said as she cleared her throat. The old woman just kept watching the sea getting ready to hear the story.

" This is a stroy from long ago when two dark hearted twins reigned the country. The youngest was a girl and she wore title of Queen. The eldest was a boy and he was known as her servant. He did all her biding no matter what for he loved his mistress." She stopped knowing her mistress was remembering on her own. The woman sitting in the chair began to close her eyes journeying back to those days.

" Have a pleasant trip my dear Queen Rin." Sophia said as she waled away going into the cottage to go clean the house and prepare dinner as her Lady reminising in the past.

-Thrity-two years Before-

A five year old Rin and Le were sitting outside in the garden of the beautiful royal estate. They both smiled ad laughed at each other as Rin made her darling brother a flower crown. From a little ways away a thirteen year old Sophia looked over her two peaceful and innocent charges.

" Len look I'm finished with your crown." Rin giggled putting the crown on her brother. He smiled back at her happy seeing his sister's smiling face. " We're both gonna rule the kigdom together aren't we brother?" Rin smiled towards her brother he nodded agreeing with her.

" Of course Rin, you and I will rule the coutry side by side on the thrones as King and Queen of the kingdom and by our side is Sophia who will still be our dear maid." Len laughed as the two looked towards their nursemaid as they both waved towards her and she waved back. Then a man clad in black came up to her and talked to her abit as she looked towards the two children.

" No Rin, Len run!" She tried warning the two, but they were to worried of their nursemaid to think of what she said as they both stood. Soon two people were on their sides. "NOO!" Sophia screamed. The two people next to the them started to pull the two appart.

" Len what's gonig on! Len!" Rin screamed trying to get away from her captor. Her brother mangaged to get away from his and ran to Rin and tried helping her.

" Let go of Rin you can't take her away!" Len screamed at the man holding his dear sister's wrist. The man swated Len to the ground with a thud.

" Len!" Rin screamed and finally got out of the man's grip and ran to her brother. As she helped him up again they were torn appart again. Both screamed for the other as their nursemaid was held there helpless to help her two charges.

That night Sophia was allowed to see Rin inher room. She was alone weeping on her bed under the covers crying her brother's name. Sophia sat next to Rin and patted her back as she kept crying.

" Sophia I don't want you here I want Len!" Rin shrieked and started fighting Sophia till she was pulled on her lap and she cried and cried tilll her eyes were puff y and red. " S-sophia when am I gonna see Len again?" She asked as Sophia shook her head for even she wasn't even sure when Rin would see her twin again.

The next day rin and Sophia were in the meadow outside in the barn where rin kept a white colt. Just a month before Len's horse Renata had the beautiful colt that Rin named Josephine. Len gifted his dear sister the fole for her to ride when she was older. As Rin petted her colt she finally put her foot down and told her nursemaid.

" I swear Sophia. I will never ever be weak again. I will become a strong independent woman and never let anyone be over me ever again." Rin said with confidence. Later one of the nobles of the castle came to the barn. " What do you want!" Rin said with venom in her voice.

" I'm sorry Lady Rin, but I have news for you. You are the new queen of the country. For your mother has past two days ago." He informed her. Rin glared at him and stood up passing him as she walked back to the castle. Each lesson, each day she became more and more cold as she was crowned queen. She became more smarter then her advisors making the kingdom very wealthy but she became very cruel.

-Five years later-

Rin's POV

I was in the study room one day when a knock came to my door. It must have been Sophia with my lunch fifteen minutes late. She knows how agitated I get when I don't get my lunch on time.

" Sophia how dare you bring my lunch so late! You know how I hate to wait for my meals!" I growled as I turned around and saw a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and a smirk holding the cart with my lunch.

"I'm sorry that I made you wait my Queen." He smiled. I brought my hands to my face and shook my head and started crying. I haven't seen him in years. I've missed him so much.

" Len!" I cried out as I jumped into his open arms waiting patiently for me to hug him. " I missed you so much!" I cried in his arms as he just stood then holding me tight.

" It's alright Rin I'm here now and we're never going to be apart." He said with a very light laugh.

Len's POV

My cute sister has grown to be quiet the spoiled little girl. I just had to come back to her. I couldn't help but here what's happened to my smiling sister. Now that I see her in front of my eyes she's turned into a cold and heartless girl. I can see it in her eyes those eyes that used to be full of light every second of the day turned hard and sharp. I heard what the elders had planned for her and are going to turn her into a scapegoat for what they've done long ago. I want to save my little sister. I want that wonderful smile back on her face and I will do anything to give her back that smile. If I have to I'll become the evil that stands between her and the rest of the cruel world just to keep her the same innocent girl I knew long ago so be it.

" It's alright Rin I'm here now and we're never going to be apart." I said with a small laugh. I felt her suddenly break down crying. She must have kept this in these five years. My poor Rin. I will always be by your side so please stop crying Rin. No matter what I'll always be here for you.

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