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Warning: As this is an AU the characters may not be 100% true to their original personalities, but I've tried to keep them pretty close.

Non-canon pairing of Takatsuki x Takahashi.

Some chapters are rated M/A (NC/17)

A Destined Meeting

The young brunette wondered, as he stared down with worried green irises, 'How am I going to get into M University, with scores like this!?' He crumpled the paper in his fist, bending his head in defeat, gritting his teeth. 'There has to be someone who can help me!' Although he wondered who would have the time, the patience to tutor him. He feared even showing that slip of paper to his Nii-san. Even though it was only a mock exam, but, for the sake of his brother he just had to get into Mitsuhashi University, if not there he didn't want to go anywhere.

Not paying the slightest attention as to which direction he hurriedly walked in, not even stopping to look around the gates in case someone was walking by with his head bent down, a tear clinging to his lashes, he bumped into something.

Misaki's hands flailed as he fell back, his ass hitting the pavement with a loud thud and he groaned, wincing in pain as his eyes shut tight for a moment, "Ow...ow..ow.." overhead he heard someone cough. Slowly his eyes flickered open, tilting his head back to look into a set of gray eyes. His heart skipped, not because the person was good looking - although one couldn't say that the other wasn't, but his heart had skipped, because of that frightening scowl. He hadn't even realized that in the process of the fall, the crumpled paper had floated out of his hand as the wind swept it up, bouncing off the other young mans face.

The blond teenager, about Misaki's own age, arched a brow over narrowed gray eyes, lifting his arms and crossing them over his chest, the corners of his mouth etched into a deep frown. "Are you an idiot, that you can't watch where you're going?" He sighed wearily as he bent down to pick the offending piece of paper up, and as he did so the wrinkled sheet unraveled to show him the scores. The corners of his mouth twitched, he couldn't help but laugh. "How pitifully stupid can you be, to get such horrific scores?"

Misaki could feel his face heat, turning red from embarrassment, as he hastily stood up to snatch his score card away. "I-it's not any concern of yours i-is it!?" He was unable to meet the other boys eyes as he mumbled, looking away, "S-sorry for b-bumping into you."

The blond stood back, hands to his hips, "Yeah well, make sure it doesn't happen again. And if I were you, with scores like that, I'd be trying to get into some other University. This place isn't for brainless idiots who can't even understand the questions they're being asked. There's no way you'll be able to get in."

'Who the hell does this guy think he is!? Just standing their insulting me. I mean sure... my scores are bad... I know that, but still... I want to go to Mitsuhashi... I just can't... give up...' Holding his score sheet between in his trembling hands he looked up with narrowed eyes at the other boy. "What do you know! I can get in, I have to! And its not like you could do much better." He tried to hurriedly pass the other exam student, but suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder whirl him around, a sheet of paper shoved into his face.

"Unlike you, I will be able to get in, I have the brains to get in. So don't just go off spouting your nonsense without knowing the facts first. That's why idiots like you will never make it other than in a dead end job at some convenience store or fast-food chain."

His heart thumped in anguish at the very idea that he'd be stuck in such a horrible life, he wanted to scream at the cruel bastard for shaking his determination. Although when his eyes focused on the other young mans grades, he felt like his prayers had been answered. Surely, this here was a sign, an opportunity, even if the guy was a jackass, but he needed someone to tutor him so that he could make the grade.

Without thinking he grasped the blondes hands in his, causing the score sheet to be crumpled between them, gray eyes widening as green gazed into them, shimmering with what appeared to be relief. "Oh, please, would you be willing to tutor me? I really want to get into this University!"

Gray eyes continued to stare at him, an awkward minute or two ticked by, before the other man took a deep breath, opening his mouth to reply a firm sharp, "No." He shook Misaki's hands off of his, but before he could sidestep around him the other grabbed onto his arm with both hands.

"Why not?" Misaki was truly desperate, he wanted to make his Nii-san happy, to get into the field of economics in the very University he'd been accepted to ten years ago. A place his older brother hadn't ever even gotten the chance to attend thanks to having had to raise him, because of the fatal accident their parents had been involved in. Somehow, he had to get this super smart blond to tutor him so that he could achieve his goal of getting into Mitsuhashi.

However that annoyed scowl that was directed at him caused him to inwardly cringe, a little bit scared and nearly letting go and running in the opposite direction. If looks could kill, he thought, then he'd surely already be dead. He really didn't know what he disliked more, that glowering scowl of the other exam students or the words he said next.

"Because I, do not have time to waste on idiots." Each word was like a single sharp sentence as each one was snapped out between teeth that clacked together, gray eyes seeming to bore into Misaki's hands where they continued to hold the other boys arm.

The brunette removed his fingers, laughing nervously, "I... I'm sorry..." however he continued from behind the other student, "But, I really need to get into the University. I just thought..."

The other whirled around to glare at him, "You thought? If you have time to think, then go study! Don't just be a laze-a-bout and expect to get scores like mine."

It was Misaki's turn to glower at the other student, "I don't laze-a-bout! I just don't understand the questions I'm being asked! Is it too much to ask for someone who is apparently smarter than I am to help tutor me on how to do better so I can get into my dream school?" His fists were clenched as he gazed up at the other teenager and then back at the pavement, trembling slightly.

The tears which had earlier clung to his lashes begun to fall, and with a sharp intake of breath he turned around, "You know what, forget it... I'll just... find someone else... to help me!"

However once again before he could storm away, he was spun around by a hand on his shoulder, the scowl on the other boy disappearing into a confused frown. The blond stepped back, holding his hands in the air.

"H-hey now, no need to be a crybaby, just because I don't want to be your tutor."

Wiping the back of his hands over his eyes, "Well you didn't have to be such a jerk about it either!"

"Come on, it can't be that bad, where you let just any stranger get you so worked up like that."

Sniffling, Misaki spoke brokenly, "Sh-shows wh-what y-you k-k-know. Y-you m-m-might b-be s-smart, b-but y-you know absolutely," he hiccuped, "nothing about how," he hiccuped again as he ran his hands over his face again, "to t-t-treat a p-p-erson. I-I've never met a-anyone q-quite so r-rude before!"

He felt a hand on his shoulder once again, "Hey come on, stop your blubbering before someone sees you! Wont that be embarrassing?" The blond boy groaned, his eyes darting around, glad that no one had witnessed their little bicker. With a deep sigh, highly annoyed by this he growled, "Fine, I'll tutor you, just stop your fucking belly aching!" He knew somehow, that if the other didn't stop, he'd burst into tears himself - out of frustration.

Green eyes blinked, head still bent down and staring at the pavement, but slowly he looked up, his tears thankfully having ceased, "R-really?"

Gray eyes gazed to the side, "Yeah, yeah, really." But then with an annoyed scowl he poked the other in the chest, "But you'd better be prepared, because I'll work your brain like no one else. Before I'm through with you you'll know more than you ever wished to know and possibly collapse from exhaustion with the regime I'm going to plan for you."

Misaki didn't seem to be listening to that, as his eyes widened further, the corners of his mouth turning upward into a relieved smile, impulsively wrapping his arms around the blond. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you!"

Just for a moment the blonds hands lifted, as though they were about to embrace the other man, the same way the other was embracing him. However before he did so the other sheepishly stepped back, muttering an apology beneath his breath. Sighing the boy in the orange sweater-vest shrugged, "Yeah well, your first session will start tomorrow. I have to go see my father, but first I think we should introduce ourselves," he held out his hand. "I am Takatsuki Shinobu."

'I've been so rude, not even introducing myself in the first place! He's probably looking down on me even more now because of 'that' and not just because of my grades.' His face reddened again as he took the other teenagers hand firmly shaking it as he told the other his name, "Takashi Misaki..."

After that the two parted, one turning toward the exit of the schools premises and the other toward the door that would lead down a hall to the Literature Departments Deans room.

Misaki once outside the gate, leaned back against its wall, and slid down, his knees too shaky in that moment to continue on home. 'What have I gotten myself into?'