An Unusual Encounter

Misaki really wanted to leave after what had just transpired between himself and Shinobu, before any other embarrassments. It would be far worse to be discovered, heard or even seen in the situation he found himself, by his elder brother, Takahiro. Even though his brother was fine with him liking another guy, he didn't need him to know about how far they'd gone and in such a short time of knowing each other.

It was all Shinobu's fault, making him make sounds like that, making him feel all those naughty physical things.

Glaring at Shinobu, he realized the other had no remorse, no regrets and definitely no embarrassment over what they'd just done in a public place.

He thought he'd be safe in a restaurant instead of one of their homes, but he'd been very wrong. The terrorizer was just going to continue his path of perverted madness for the world to see.

Maybe Shinobu was an exhibitionist?

Oh Kami, he hoped not. 'If he is, then this will have to end, right here and now.'


"Yes Misaki?"

"Uhmn... are you... an... e-e-exhibitionist?"

Gray eyes blinked as they looked into green, "No. I mean its exciting that we might be caught, but that doesn't mean I get off on actually being seen." He leaned forward and smiled, "Unless its by you."

"Shinobu!" He hissed between his teeth, casting a superstitious glance at the booth behind him. Their conversation was something he didn't want or need Nii-chan to hear, nor Nii-chan's friends either for that matter! Not when everything was so new and confusing to him.

Shinobu sighed, "Misaki, don't worry, I'll be sure to take care of you and respect your wishes as far as no one finding out about us."

He could hear the slight sound of hurt in Shinobu's words and the disappointment, but he wasn't ready for their relationship to be known by others. That was, if it was even a relationship considering how quickly things had taken place and he wasn't certain of his own feelings.

Behind him, he heard his elder brother speak and what he said had his face burning.

"My little brother has found someone he likes."

Another voice, sounded like that of his brothers affluent friend, Usami Akihiko.

"Oh, and who might the lovely young lady be?"

"It's not a young lady Usagi."

"An older woman then? It's nice to have an older lover."

A third man chuckled, "I'm glad you think so Usami-kun, otherwise I'd be very disappointed."

Shinobu leaned over and whispered into Misaki's ear, "Are you alright Misaki?"

Startled, Misaki turned to gaze into worried gray eyes.

"I'm fine Shinobu." He just didn't like that his brother was going around and telling others about his love life. It was so embarrassing!

Even more embarrassing, with what Nii-chan told them next.

"It's not an older woman either. It's a young man around his age. I believe he may be no more than a year younger than Misaki."

With that, Misaki wished the floor would open up beneath him and he could just disappear forever from existence.

'Nii-chan! They don't need to know every little detail!'

The jingle of the bells rang out as someone entered into the restaurant. At first, Misaki didn't care who it was. Not until he heard the new arrival speak behind him where his brother and his brothers friends were sitting.

"Takahiro, what are you doing here with him?"

Misaki peaked over the back of the booth and through the vines hanging down from the ceiling to see one pissed off looking, dark blue eyed man in glasses pointing at the silver haired author.

"Haruhiko..." Takahiro stood up, "they're my friends. I know you and Usagi have an ambiguous relationship, but you can't dictate who other friends are."

"And I told you, I want to be more than just friends."

At that, Misaki's pupils dilated, his mouth growing slack as he turned in his seat to stare across at Shinobu. His mind felt as though the gears in it were overworked as he assimilated this new information. There was a man after his Nii-chan. A man moreover who was Usami-sensei's brother!

He heard Haruhiko grumble and Takahiro give his apologies to both Usami-sensei and Miyagi, as he had matters to take care of.

'Nii-chan, don't go! It's dangerous.' Yet he was unable to get up and scream after his brother, frozen as he was to the spot he was sitting.

One of the older men, sitting in the booth behind him, stood up to use the restroom, but stopped upon seeing the two young lovers.

The dark haired man smirked at the pair. "Usami-kun, it looks like the two lovers we saw at the library the other day have been sitting behind us this whole time."

As he headed for the restroom, the silver haired novelist got up to walk to the booth where sat one Takatsuki Shinobu and one very perturbed Takahashi Misaki.

Gray eyes shot up to gaze into violet. The young sandy haired blonde scowled at the older man.

Misaki hadn't noticed Shinobu shifting from where he sat, to right next to him. Not until he felt a protective arm wrap around his shoulders.

"It's rude to bother people who want to be alone, Usami."

That however was simply ignored by the novelist.

"You know, your friend has pretty eyes. He seems familiar."

Misaki glowered at the man, "You're Nii-chan's friend. I don't know how or why, but you'd best stay away from him! Your brother too better not do anything to my Nii-chan."

The man still standing, looming over them, blinked. "You must be Takahashi Misaki. It's been awhile since I last saw you."

When the man smirked again, Misaki leaned back against Shinobu. An ominous shudder went through him.

"Of course, the last time I did see you, though I didn't know you were that Misaki, was at the library. The two of you making sounds enough to fill any mans head full of wet dreams."

The authors partner had returned by then, smirking at the two young men seated in the booth. "I particularly liked the feisty one, a mini-seme."

Shinobu's cheeks flushed, even his ears were red, for once at a loss what to say.

Misaki's eyes rounded, his expression growing grim, his brows furrowing as he pointed at them and practically growled. "You can't have Shinobu. He's mine, you jerks. Why don't you go away and play by yourselves."

The violet eyed man continued to smirk and glanced into his partners midnight blue eyes, "I like Misaki's spunk, telling us where to get off. They'll make excellent fodder for the inspiration of my next BL series, don't you think, Miyagi?"

"I imagine everyone would get a kick out of two uke looking characters getting together. I was wondering, could we take them home and keep them?"

"We could."

Shinobu and Misaki yelled at the pair of them, together, "You won't you stupid old men!"

Miyagi mock lifted his hand to his heart and pretended to cry, "Ouch, I'm wounded."

"These brats don't know what they're missing," the author murmured coolly before taking the hand of his lover and dragging him off to some dark corner of the restaurant.

Misaki, shaken whispered to Shinobu, "I think we should get out of here, before they come back."

Shinobu nodded silently, flagging down the waitress so as to pay their bill and left a two-thousand yen tip.

The pair of them gathered their bags and books and escaped the restaurant before the return of the two older men.

Misaki wasn't about to let either of them have his Shinobu, he thought on their way back to his place. Shinobu had insisted on seeing him home, it still irked him that the other treated him like some girl in need of protection. This once however, he'd let it slide, considering they'd been in what he thought was some very real danger from those older perverted men.

He blinked however, when he repeated in his head that Shinobu was his. Hearing himself think that, he buried his face against his book bag. 'I don't own him, but... I didn't want them, or anyone... to touch him. Does that mean I...'

Shinobu snapped him out of his train of thoughts, before he was able to come to any conclusions. "...saki... Misaki."
Looking at him, he asked, "What is it, Shinobu?"

"We're at your place. Don't worry about the cab fare, I'll pay it, you just get inside and lock your door, okay?"

Not about to argue, at least for the moment due to his muddled thoughts, he nodded and left the cab. The taxi didn't pull out of the driveway till after he was inside and the door closed and locked.

He waved out the window to Shinobu, who waved back from the open window of the taxi.

With a weary sigh, he sank down into the couch.

'Everything's happening too fast.' For some however, things did happen fast, but whether or not they'd last was up for debate.

Tired, from the days events, he closed his eyes and drifted off to the land of dreams.