Ginny Weasley stood patiently inside the Quidditch supply shop, waiting for her son to finish his dialogue with the shop's elderly owner about the newest broom in the market.

Luke was positively giddy with excitement when he finally came over to her.

"Mr. John says that I'm going to be a great quidditch player mummy! He said I'll make you proud one day!" stated six year old Luke, his grey eyes huge and shining with excitement.

"I'm sure you will sweetheart! Now wave goodbye to Mr. John, it's getting late and we have to get home soon." Smiling down at her son, she lovingly tousled his white blond hair, as they made their way out of the shop and into the crowded streets of the wizard market in Birmingham.

"I'm going to be a seeker mummy! Mr. John told me that the seeker is the most important player on the team. Would you like that mummy?"

So much like his father, Ginny thought wistfully. Luke was indeed the spitting image of his father with his platinum blond hair and mysterious grey eyes in a face that gave indication of a strong jaw and chiseled aristocratic features, even in the roundness of childhood. So much so, that when he had first been born, Ginny had been at a loss, searching for any resemblance to her or her family in his tiny little face. He had been the kind of baby that people, magical and muggle alike, stopped to admire and coo at while in his pram. She soon grew accustomed to exclamations of what a beautiful son she had, and how he would grow up to be a fine young lad. And being the proud mother that she was, she wholly agreed.

Ginny had long since accepted the fact that her son, her little Luke as quite undeniably a Malfoy in every way. From his attractive aristocratic features, to his sharp, quick intelligence and proud, perfect manners (which Ginny took credit for, thank you very much!) and the rather annoying, but adorable smirk, he was every bit a Malfoy. And although he did at times show a clever and very mischievous streak and a tendency to get into trouble, which reminded her strongly of her twin brothers, she couldn't help but be a tad bit miffed that her son did not posses any features or traits that would show him to be her son, a Weasley!

She was brought away from her musings by a sharp tug at her hand. Looking down, she realized that Luke was still, rather anxiously awaiting her reply.

"Of course I will love it darling! You will make a superb seeker." As she quickly assured her scowling son, Ginny couldn't help but notice that he looked exactly like his father when he did that. She smiled as he beamed happily at her words, her heart swelling with love for this little person holding her hand. He was her world, her everything, and it never ceased to amaze her just how much love she felt for her son.

Seeing that they had arrived at the public owlery, she made her way inside. Telling her son to stay by her side, she let go of his hand to reach inside the little purse that she carried to retrieve the letter she had written to Luna last evening, and began the task of choosing an owl. The usual messenger owls wouldn't do as her friend was holidaying in France at the moment. She thought fondly of her rather odd friend, her heart filling with gratitude for the young woman who was her only companion and remaining friend and confidant from her old life; her rock and source of undying support.

Finally choosing a long distance owl and tying the letter to its leg, she sent him off and turned around to take her son's hand and head home. The only catch was that he was no longer there with her. Panicking, she ran out of the owlery, looking frantically all around, searching for the platinum blond head of her little boy.

She soon found him in front of the wand maker's shop, calmly observing a young boy as he shot colorful sparks out of his obviously new wand.

"Lucas Draconis Malfoy! How many times do I have to tell you not to run off like that? Do you have any idea just how much that scares me young man!" she exclaimed, clutching her son to herself.

"I'm sorry mummy, I was just exploring. I did not mean to scare you!" Luke assure her, eyes wide and expression rather innocent. Ginny melted immediately.

"I know sweetie. Mummy was very worried. Just don't do it again!" she pleaded.

"Of course I won't mummy" her son dutifully replied.

" that's what you say every time Luke!" Ginny admonished.

"I know!" her son deadpanned, the infamous Malfoy smirk gracing his features. Ginny shook her head and smiled indulgently at her son, taking his hand and leading him away.

In her relief, she did not notice the dark skinned man standing near them: a face she would have found extremely familiar, had she paid any attention.


Blaise Zabini made his way to the inn he was staying at, the wheels in his brain turning rapidly. This was interesting. Very interesting indeed. He had just seen the Weasley girl with a boy who could very well have been Draco's twin at that age. And what's more, Weasley ha d called the child's name rather loudly. Lucas Draconis Malfoy!

So this was why she disappeared so suddenly. Unable to wait any longer without breaking the news to his best friends, Blaise packed is belongings with a flick of his wand.

It was time to return home.

Boy was Draco Malfoy in for a surprise!