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Bloody prat!

Exactly who did he think he was anyway? Ginny glared at the piece of parchment clutched in her hand, the words on it, written in Draco's own personal calligraphy sent her temper up another notch. A remarkable feat indeed!

"Umm Ginny… you might want to start packing. He did say he would be here this evening."

"And obviously that would mean that I should bow down to his will and become his little puppet! Aaargh! He makes me sooo mad Luna! Popping up out of nowhere, and going straight to ordering me around! Who does he think he is?"

"The father of your baby who, by the way, you kept in the dark for seven years maybe." was Luna's calm reply.

Even as she shot her best friend an icy glare, Ginny was forced to acknowledge the truth in her words. He did have the right to demand time with his son. To love him; to get to know hi;, and get him to except their bond. She had, after all deprived him of seven years of his son's life. And therein lay her answer.

"Not one word Luna" knowing her friend would remark on her sudden change of mind, Ginny quickly made her way to her room, checking on her sleeping son on the way, as Luna made her way after her.

Two days ago, when Draco had left with the poorly veiled threat, Ginny had panicked and immediately called in reinforcements. After all, Draco did have Blaise, it was only fair that she had support too. Especially if she was expected to abandon the comfort of her simple home and relocate to the grandeur and almost suffocating 'Malfoy-ness' of the Manor in Wiltshire, she would need somebody to go over battle plans with.

Ginny knew that Draco had no intention of being distant, nor was he going to allow her full custody of their son. And truthfully, that scared her more than just a little. Draco Malfoy may seem harmless enough compared to Lucius, but it was also true that he could be as ruthless and persistent as his sire. He knew what he wanted and he wouldn't stop until he had it.

So Ginny feared that she would lose Luke to Draco, and that was a possibility that she did not even want to consider. It was true that Draco would never let his son go, but it was also true that Ginny was prepared to give him as good as she got. She would go to Malfoy Manor because she wanted her son to have the comforts that being the Malfoy heir had to offer, and also because she owed it to both her family and Draco's.

That was another factor that had her crippled with fear and indecision. Her family was going to be a nightmare! Merlin knew they would stifle her the moment she was within reach. In fact, she wondered what it was that Draco had pulled in order to ensure that her father and brothers had not broken down her door and locked her up in a tower already. Whatever it was, it sure was effective.

Seeing Ginny's troubled state, Luna shooed her off to sleep with the assurance that she would get everything done. The fact that her fiercely independent friend did not make a sound in protest showed Luna just how the whole matter had shaken her. Luna was not a Gryffindor, but she was as loyal as they came and she vowed to herself that she would stick to Ginny and Luke's side even as they entered the dragon's lair. After all, it was only fair that Ginny had her own Blaise.


Meanwhile, at the Malfoy manor, preparations for the impending arrival were going on at a dizzying pace, spearheaded by none other than Narcissa Malfoy. Mrs. Malfoy was sparing no expense in making sure that their home was ready for her grandson's arrival. In doing so, she had put her considerable talents at planning and ordering people around to very good use.

Her son and husband had tried numerous times to curb her more outrageous plans; all in vain. Apparently Luke's room just had to have a ceiling bewitched like that at Hogwarts. And the seven year old simply must have his own selection of purebred stallions, not to mention state-of-the-art brooms and his own army of servants and house-elves to command.

Seeing his mother prattle off another set of orders to someone else, Draco felt his eye twitch. Oh yes! Ginevra was going to kill him. No two ways about it.

He could only hope that she would choose to give him a merciful end. After all, he had tried to stop his mother. Severus would vouch for that. Hopefully she would have forgotten the bat-bogey hex.

Sighing, Draco made his way to his study; he too, had things to do before his son came home.

This was going to be interesting.

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