Small Strife


Cloud Strife was fighting heartless in Radiant Garden, and not just any heartless. They were Rouge Book Heartless. Now, as you, the reader, may or may not know, Rouge Book Heartless are remnants of Zexion's own powers, and therefore knew a great many spells that one would normally only find in Zexion's own spell book, or Merlin's. As you can probably gather, heartless with a low IQ throwing around spells in defence (or offense) and our blond fighter that can never successfully dodge invisible spells, especially when his back is turned, is never a good mix.

Said unsuspecting blond fighter with spikey hair was hit by one of these invisible spells and dropped his sword as he blacked out mid swing. He never remembered what happened after that seeing as he dropped to the ground unconscious.


I know it's short but it's supposed to be! This is the prelude.

This story was collaborated by myself and Sugarbutter last christmas, so it's been in the making's for 12 months. :) Hopefully you all enjoy it! ^_^