Chapter 1: Meeting

Zuki was nervous. Of course she would. She was a transfer student at a new school, in a new town, in a new country. Of course she ought to be nervous. She had moved to Japan from America because her parents were murdered. This was home as well. Her mother originated from the very Tokyo city. Her father was from New York. That's where she lived until now. And she had been so happy. She was also the famous Lucifer's Sakuya's sister. Only he didn't know.

Zuki's grandparents had contacted a man that went by the name Sasaki. Zuki and "Sasaki" were to meet when she was expected to come out of the airport. And as expected as soon as she grabbed her luggage at the exit there was a man with a sign that had her name on it. "Zuki Grazer" the man looked to be almost forty years old. And he was tall.

"I take it you are . Am I right?" the man said. She took a second's hesitation before nodding.

"Follow me then Ms. Grazer." The man began to walk away and Zuki quickly followed. Outside there was a man no older than thirty was beside a limo.

"Where are you taking me?" Zuki asked. A smile ran across the man's face. "I'm taking you to Jupiter Records. You will meet the person that will take care of you from there on." She wondered who that person would be. She barely understood why she couldn't stay with her grandparents, but they had told her that this would be a good experience for Zuki. She had accepted that reason. No more explanations.

It felt like hours passed before They had reached Jupiter Records. Zuki realized how nervous she had been. Zuki got out of the car when they opened the door for her. The man that had smiled at her was already standing in front of her. He walked in and she followed.

"Can I ask your name?" Zuki asked.

"Mr. Sasaki." So that was the kind of person her grandparents had contacted. She was silent the rest of the way until they reached Studio 3. She could hear the faint music. Mr. Sasaki walked in. She did too. It was a band that was playing. She was good at singing and playing the guitar but… this was just amazing. The singer was incredible. Everything was. Mr. Sasaki interrupted them.

"Sorry guys. Could all of you come out here?" He asked. All of them were confused. But they did as Sasaki told them. When they all came out. Surprise was all over their faces.

"Sakuya, believe it or not, this girl right here is your sister."

Sorry if this is too short. I dont own any of the characters, only Zuki Grazer. This is not like the original story. The only thing I own is the plot and the made up character Zuki. hope you all liked it. I'm looking forward to publishing another chapter soon.