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When I was little, my mother used to tell me, "Kagome, when you truly fall in love, your heart starts to beat rapidly". It seemed reasonable and so true when I was just a kid up till now. However, mother was wrong in some levels. My heart thudded like it never did before when I first met him and now, I think it just stopped beating. The 'love' of my life was sucking some whores face, touching her as if she was some drug, shamelessly right in front of me. He knew I was there and did nothing to acknowledge my presence.

I never did think before acting. I knew I would end up crying, hurt while they walked away smirking. Still, I couldn't help it.

"You asshole! How dare you?" I screamed, stomping into the room. I heard him growl, clearly annoyed. The woman beneath him cursed, glaring daggers at me.

"Can you not see we are busy" Was his reply. I tried not to focus on his silver mane framing his beautiful face as he started back with cold amber hues.

Was this really the guy I fell in love with?

I scoffed. He actually said that. "You know what, fuck you! Go screw your whores if you want, see if I care. Don't come crawling back to me when she steals your mo-"

I never got a chance to finish my sentence. The sting on my cheeks burned as if put on fire. Not only did he plainly throw me off, he even dared to slap me. And he did it again.

And again

And again

And again

Then, there was nothing left to hit. I dropped to the floor. Cuts on my cheeks, blood dripping from the corners of my mouth. Once again I find my self wondering…

Was this really the guy I feel in love with?

He went back to his whore, continuing from where they left off while I was still on the floor bleeding. Mother, how could you be so wrong? Staggering onto my feet, I left sparing one more glance wishing it wasn't true. Too bad it was.

He wasn't just any man, he was the man. Rich, power, looks, intelligence and one hell of a sweet talker. He knew exactly what to say, he knew what he was doing and he knew what the outcome was. I chuckled bitterly. Maybe that's how he got me. He planned it all. From the phone call, to my distraction, the car and his coincidental timing when he saved me from near death. He was a force to reckon with. He was ignorable. His presence demanded attention. His mere name demanded attention.

I let the cold wind slap me as I walked down the street. I think the sky had sympathised with me as it lost its sun and blue sky. Grey clouds seethed angrily and then, they cried with me. The rain mixed with tears washed away the blood. I walked furiously with hurried steps to God knows where. Soon, I was running. I didn't care if I ran into rushing people. I didn't care if I slipped. I didn't care if I unknowingly found myself in the dangerous parts of Tokyo. I didn't care when someone grabbed me, pulling me into the ally way. I didn't care when my back collided with the brick wall harshly. But, it did hurt, just nothing compared to the slaps.

Sobs wrecked through my body.

"Hey baby, what's wrong?" some guy slurred, the stench of alcohol strong from his person. I tried to get away with failed attempts. And then, just like him, the drunken guy was slapping me.

I think it was then, I gave up. What use would it do? The one I love won't come for my rescue. He wouldn't give a damn if I got raped right then and there. Feeling helpless and dizzy, I couldn't hold up anymore. The guy's rough hands ripped up my clothes leaving me bear. We weren't safe from the rain, so I wasn't surprised went I shivered vigorously.

His slobbery kisses and amateur touches disgusted me, yet I couldn't do anything. At that moment, the drunk was stronger. And, when it couldn't get worse, it did. A sharp pain filled my body at the lower region. He pounded into me without a care, satisfying himself.




Mother also said, "Kagome, your body is like a shrine. Always keep it pure until you find the one you love". I kept it pure for him, just for him. When I was going to give it to him, he was with another and now, it was taken by some stranger. Some fucking drunken stranger!

When the guy was done, he left me in the ally way bleeding and naked. I cried. Who cared if anyone heard me. Why did this have to happen to me? I never did anything wrong. Why did it end this way? Suddenly I was laughing. I remember the time where he said, "A man that makes you cry is not worth it". Does that mean he isn't worth it? Did he know? Then, I was crying again.

"Miss, are you okay?" I looked up with my blurred vision.

"Sesshomaru?" I hated myself. Even then, I had a sense of hope he'll come back to me. But, no, it wasn't him.

It was someone else…


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