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It was known throughout the world as Z-Day. The day where reanimated corpses reeked havoc upon the living all around. It was a day that Takashi Komuro would never forget. The day the virus began to take a grip on the civilization once known as Japan. It all started at the school at exactly 9:00 am…..

Takashi Komuro walked lately into class, yawning as he sat down lazily at his seat. He had a bad tendency to usually be late, and honestly didn't care. He rubbed his eyes slowly as he leaned back in his chair and brushed his hand through his wavy brown hair. He turned to see his classmate, Rei Miyamoto frowning at him slightly. He gave her an "I don't care what you think" look before he put his head on his desk and began to sleep. Rei's eyes began to twitch slowly before she chucked one of her textbooks at Takashi's head. The book made a huge thud as it ricocheted off Takashi's head and landed next to him on his desk. He sprang up suddenly and picked up the book from his desk and dropped it loudly on Rei's desk.

"What the hell is your problem?" Takashi screamed, slowly rubbing the back of his head. Rei gave a small grunt as she stuck her nose in the air and closed her eyes.

"You need to wake up and pay attention Takashi!" Rei yelled. "You must think you're awful smart if you can sleep all day and not do anything!"

Takashi angrily sat down and turned away.

"Why would you give a dam what I do anyways," he muttered. Rei heard the remark and tried her hardest to ignore it. But she couldn't.

"Shut up Takashi!" she screamed. "You are such a boring jerk!" Takashi jerked as he heard "jerk" and "boring" in the same sentence.

"Hey, come on now, lets calm down," a voice said behind them. Takashi turned around and seen Hisashi Igo standing behind them, sipping on a small juice carton. Takashi snickered and stood up.

"Whatever, I'm going to the bathroom. Later Hisashi," Takashi said with a dark look on his face. He walked out the classroom quickly and began walking down the hall. He purposely passed the bathroom and kept walking until he seen a small door with a balcony out front. He decided to stay out here until homeroom. He walked out onto the balcony and the cold, fresh air hit his face. He leaned against the balcony, thinking about Hisashi and especially Rei. Takashi and Rei had once in the past gone out for quite a long time. But suddenly Rei had said he was boring and too much of a juvenile, so she dumped him and went out with Hisashi. Hisashi was a straight arrow, a one of a kind guy. He was charming, smart, and always knew what to do or say in a bad situation. When it came down to a comparison between the two guys, Takashi himself knew he was outclassed thoroughly. He always wondered if there was anything between him and Rei anymore, if they maybe had some sexual tension. But usually, all Rei did was scold him for being who he was and not Hisashi. They had known each other since kindergarten and she had even promised to marry him. But no matter how hard he tried, Takashi could never admit his true feelings he had for her. As all of this went through his head, all Takashi could do was be depressed. But for some reason, he couldn't shake off a bad feeling. All morning, he felt as if something just wasn't right today. When he had walked in the school, he had seen two teachers fighting someone or something. Also, when he had just walked out the classroom, there was no one in the halls, which are usually full. Takashi began to wonder if maybe he was just over thinking things as usual. He heard a noise behind him and he quickly turned around.

"Oh it's you Hisashi," Takashi said, overjoyed to seem him. Hisashi gave him a kind smile as he stood alongside Takashi on the balcony.

"So, how is everything going?" Hisashi asked, a big smile on his face. Takashi stood there quietly, looking over the balcony at the huge city.

"Hey Takashi," Hisashi said, touching Takashi's shoulder.

"Stop it!" Takashi screamed, jerking away. "Stop acting like we are friends or something."

"I like to think we are friends Takashi," Hisashi said, an innocent look on his face.

"You know what, kiss my ass Hisashi, Takashi said bluntly as he turned around and head=He ed for the door.

"You know it's your own fault right?" Hisashi said behind him. Takashi stopped in his place.

"You could have had her if you had been a man and admitted your true feelings," Hisashi continued. "Admitting your feelings is not a sign of weakness, Takashi."

Takashi balled his fist and turned around quickly and grabbed a handful of Hisashi's collar.

"I said shut the hell up Hisashi," Takashi said slowly, trying to keep himself cool. Without any warning, a hand shot out of nowhere and slapped Takashi in the face. Takashi let go of Hisashi and went to where the hand slapped him. He turned and seen an angry Rei looking at him.

"You are an idiot," she growled, keeping her hands to her sides. Takashi shrugged and tried to get past her. Rei jumped in front of him and poked him in the face with her index finger.
"Who the hell do you think you are huh? Rei yelled, getting red from her anger. Hisashi went behind her and gently put her finger down.

"Now calm down Rei," he cooed, holding her gently. "It was my fault. I completely provoked him, so if you get mad at anybody, it should be m…"

Hisashi's sentence was interrupted by a loud bloodcurdling scream. Takashi turned around as he seen a girl in the hallway being chased by a gruesome looking teacher. Rei turned around as well as they all looked and seen that the school was in panic mode. As they walked in, many students were running down the hallway in fear, many of them dropping their books and pencils, so papers were flying everywhere. Hisashi tried to stop one of the people running, but it didn't work. Takashi sighed in frustration and grabbed the next person who passed him.

"What the fuck is going on!" he screamed in the boy's face, which was obviously spooked by something.

"M-monsters," the boy stammered. T-the teachers are becoming something out of a horror movie. They were eating students!"

Hisashi and Rei gasped as Takashi got a stern expression on his face. He had just had that feeling something was wrong, and now this is happening.

"We need to check homeroom, follow me!" Hisashi screamed as he and Rei went running towards their classroom. Takashi sighed as he rushed to follow. Something told him this was going to be a bad day.

As Saeko Bushijima walked from a morning exercise at the gym, she threw a towel over her head and put her kendo stick at her side, so she could replace it back in her locker, being her own personal one. As she walked down the hallways, many students ran past her, screaming loudly and throwing papers around.

"What in the world…?" Saeko started as she watched havoc unfold around her. Suddenly, a man came walking down the hallway slowly. But this wasn't any ordinary man. His flesh had become a light gray, his face shriveled and deformed. His skin fell loosely off his face like fading paint. His eyes were dim and black, no life in them at all. He was covered in blood, and seemed to be chewing on something that was covered in blood and very chewy. Saeko looked at this man, her eyes wide with fear as he began to put his nose in the air. With this he looked forward, directly at Saeko. Saeko threw the towel off her head and readied her kendo stick. Unluckily for the monster, Saeko was an expert at the fighting style bokken. And with this knowledge, defeating a monster of this magnitude seemed too easily. She waited until the monster was in a certain range, holding the staff in one hand. The monster edged closer, its arms out as it smelled flesh. When it felt it was in range, the monster sprang forward, its mouth open as it came in for the kill hungrily. Saeko was more than prepared for it, and when the monster jumped at her, she countered by slamming her stick directly into the monsters temple, pushing it back easily. The monster, who was not even fazed by the attack, took a minute to recollect itself and went forward again. Saeko grimaced, hoping that last attack would have at least neutralized it for a second. She didn't want to have to kill it until she figured out what was going on. With no other options, Saeko turned and ran away.